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Unit 5 Research Proposal Level 6 Regent College

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Research is that which help company to collect the important information and data that help in making a effective strategy and decision that make them to attain their goals and objectives in right format too. Normally it is required by company to analyse the consumer needs and preferences which help them to make an effective management policy so that company can attain their objectives and goals in proper manner too (Hur, Kim and Woo, 2014). Research project is somewhere based on impact of customer preferences and taste on company. Assignment is merely based on Glaxo Smith kline which is established in UK and produce various product to satisfy their customer in better way too. There are various aims and objectives which do prepare for the basis of project. Researcher require various specification firstly and having an plan which should be followed by company. Along with this, research is very much important and has to follow agreed process by gathering information and data with wider sources as well.

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Chapter 1

1.1 Formulate the record possible with research project outline specification.

Each research is such which is being profit resulted which need to follow the researcher in proper manner as well. Moreover, in this report various specification is there which needs to be achieved some major aims and objectives in great manner effective way that is necessary to stay longer without making any influences. This project is somewhere based on:

Topic: “ To determine the impact of customer preferences and taste of organisation: A case study of Glaxo Smith Kline”.

Project is such which include the impact of preferences and taste of customer on the organization. Although they do affect company in great way and firm has to maintain and handle the various things in right context too. The framework is also maintained by determine the topic circumstances. The company Glaxo Smith Kline is that company who is producing various product in right manner and thus it is be like Sensodyne, Horlicks. Therefore, the company also produce and bring innovation for the customer in their product so that they can attract the maximum consumer towards their product and can increase the sales part too (Veloutsou, 2015). Moreover in this the technology is such which will help in working in right scenario and help to make better strategy and decision in great way. In the external environment there are various changes which is affecting the company to change their policy of working in various ways. Research is the only thing which make firm to predict the changes in market environment so that they can bring many changes in form only which directly help entity to attain their product and services as well.

“ Theme: To determine the impact of customer preferences and taste of organization: A case study on Glaxo Smith Kline”.

Even though changes in the preferences and demand of customer dos affect the company performance and their productivity too. It is best thing which will help in advantage and disadvantage that can be evaluated by the corporation in better manner. The organization has bought many changes with the time as they know that customer behaviour for preferences and taste can change anytime, so it is required to produce the product according to their requirement only (Hautz and et. al., 2014). Various criteria of working and policy thus always convert them to have a proper working too. Even though employees are the pillars of any organization as it is required to convert their thinking to work effectively in every situation and thus to manipulate them several approaches has to be used to have an proper working too.

Aims: It is that which involve the targets and objectives in business and have desire to have an achieving in real life for the effective services in right context too. Their is main aim the Glaxo Smith Kline has to follow the earning of maximum profit in right context too.

“To determine the impact of customer perception and taste on organization. A case study on Glaxo Smith Kline”.

Objectives: There are some guidelines which leas to follow the investigator properly and they will get some better result for the outcome of achieving target and goals for the organization. Glaxo Smith Kline objectives is such which based on aims:

  • To determine the impact of preference and taste of consumer on production department.
  • To determine the impact of consumer choices on company performance.
  • To identify the relationship between recent trends and consumer buying behaviour.

Research questions: Various general questions are there which mainly support the study in better manner and thus also achieve those goals which is of different level. Research questions are those which is having an maximising results and outcome accurately for engaging best suitable result in regard to teenagers health too. Glaxo Smith Kline has various question which is under as:

  • What types of impact are there on organization with change in perception and taste?
  • What impact would be there on consumer choice with company performances?
  • What relation recent trends and consumer buying behaviour share with each other?

1.2 Factors which mainly contribute with process of research project specification.

Research is not considered as the simple task which needs to be involved with diverse group of factors that generally help in maintaining the successful project. Normally, there are various different elements which needs to be included for the evaluation of the various outcome for earning with maximum profitability and productivity in proper manner as well (Khare, 2014). Glaxo Smith Kline is such which require to have evaluation of all other major factors that contributed in process of research project.

  • Introduction: This is considered as the initial project which has an major things in working and also describe the working in correct manner as well which does include in this report. Introduction is such which is very much useful and for providing for showing overview for every topic in better manner as well. It is consist of the theme and of various topic and project is all predicted in ideas and thoughts for aims and objectives.
  • Literature review: It is being considered as section of business project in literature review in which several things perspective are there which is examined appropriately. It is necessary to determine major factors and authors that are concern with study having better understanding of regarding topic too.
  • Data collection: It is based on collection of data process which is required information that disseminate in better manner. Somewhere on the other hand, collection of data which is based on different respondent which gives reviews and feedbacks on certain of the topic (Fennis and Stroebe, 2014).
  • Data evaluation: This is that part which provide an accurate interpretation and differentiation with comparison gets managed. Information and evaluation is that which provide the elements for contributing in maintaining effective profits as well.
  • Recommendation: In this various suggestion is provided to company related to the research which help to improve the working in better manner which aid the certain features.

1.3 Critically assessment all key references.

It is necessary to determine the different scholars and having various perspectives whether it is valid or not. This is such which does help company to attain the goals and objectives in better manner as well.

a.) What types of impact are there on organization with change in perception and taste.

There are various changes in with perception and taste of organization and thus it has an impact on organization performance and merely they are not be able to perform in better manner in the market. Moreover, the working in organization does gets changes and management also needs to bring various policy and procedure which help them to have an effective working as well. Various type of changes are there which needs to be analysed as this help in attaining the better performance as well of the company too (Babin and Zikmund, 2015).

b.) What impact would be there on consumer choice with company performances.

There are various affect on the company performances with changes in consumer choice as firm looks forward to analyse different choices of customer as because this make firm to change their working process and thus it leads to have an attainment of goals and objectives in right context too. Various strategies and decision are bought up in working so that right direction of work and achievement of target can also be seen.

c.) What relation recent trends and consumer buying behaviour share with each other.

Moreover today's world is such in which the company has to make an relation with consumer so that particular recent trends also affect the buying behaviour in great manner as well. Trend changes in instant basis or with the time as well and thus, firm has to make research of market on continuously basis so that they can come to know about the recent trends in market and manufacturing the product according to such only so that entity can earn higher profits as well. Glaxo Smith Kline is that which work in right manner and always look to have an better working too. Even though they always take care of relation in between buying behaviour and recent trends so that working can be seen in better way (Davis, 2014).

1.4 Research project specification.

Research project specification is such which involve aims and objective in better way and thus lead to analyse the creation of the hypothesis which needs to be done. Hypothesis statement is that which needs to be framed in proper manner and should have an appropriate result as well which needs to be gained. Hypothesis evidence is estimated in nature which needs to predict implementation in context. An organization needs to improve the determining specification in effective manner. It is being considered as most valuable things in implementation.

Individual aims is such which needs to framed on the basis of various objectives which needs to be prepared by analysing result and outcome too (Sekaran and Bougie, 2016). It is being included as research question that needs to be supported with designing questionnaire for having particular activity. Although it will help in defining the literature review where different authors which has perspectives for presenting different factors in proper way.

1.5 Appropriate process and plan for research

Each project is that which require the planning and procedure for developing the thing in better manner. For achieving the project specification and outline in effective manner and although it is necessary for framing plans and also regarding to all activities as it is better and having effective promoting too.

In this Gantt Chart as mainly with distribution activities and function into various different segment too. Network Diagram is such which is usually providing direction and path which lead to complete the work in effective way as well. Gantt Chart leads to direct the word with dividing and whole activity in correct framework with various date and ending time period too. It is considered as gaining and completing the project too.

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Chapter 2

2.1 Usage of resources to met with hypothesis and research questions.

Generally, in this several number of alternative and resources are there which gets apply in investigation and aids to create the hypothesis and also explore questions in better way too. Various research resources are there which use primary collection, secondary information (Öberseder and et. al., 2014). Moreover most of the population go with flow and also changes there perception and change according to time which affect the company in various ways too.

Even though, the primary source of information is such which do utilize the task with questionnaire approach, in this various questions are there which needs to get framed in project too. Various respondent are there which do include the assistance in making things in proper manner with legal and compare the assorted elements. The company Glaxo Smith Kline is such firm which apply and utilise the resources in having a better examination and thus lead to reach the level of possibility too. Generally, this is that study which needs to be analysed in appropriate framework for having a better and suited understanding with aims and objectives.

Hence, chances of having a outcome of getting maximize manner where having an estimation of dealing with customer in easy manner too.


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