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Unit 3 Manage Operational Plan Assignment

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In this competitive world, many company has to manage the operational criteria and thus working according to operational plan can help firm to attain their goals and objectives in effective way (Nikkilä, Seilonen and Koskinen, 2010). Moreover, it is quite necessary to handle the resource acquisition as well and need to have keen monitoring and required to go with review of operational performance too which does help in increasing productivity in right context too. Report is based on BBQ who is looking forward to maintain and to implement the e-commerce strategy to increase a market share in right context too.

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a.) Legislative and regulatory context relevant to BBQ.

Moreover, all the resources which is acquired and have operation undertaken in having accordance to have relevance with internal and external standard. Normally, legislation and have codes of practises, intellectual property (IP) also has rights and responsibilities with organizational policies and procedures. Hence, preliminary approval is such which has given amend in existing budget and also operational planning which do incorporate in with strategy. Some of the legislation which company follows in perfect way and those are as:

  • Privacy Act 1988
  • Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act 1991.
  • New Task system.
  • Work health and safety 2011.
  • Fair work Act 2009
  • As ISO 15489:2002 records management.

These act and legislation are those which needs to be followed and regulated and even though company do work according to such only in right context too.

b.) BBQ policies and procedure relate to operational plan.

An operational plan may lead to incorporate with range of policies and procedure. Although thus aim and action with course of action with influence decisions (Esper and et. al., 2010) . Even though the different policy and procedure is also having at various level of need. It has management issues which lead to represent more business orient focus on information target with day to day practical level too. Procedure is having an specific tasks or action which leads to have a policy outcome. It leads to have an procedure which do include the monitoring and maintenance of the desired outcome too.

c.) Role of an operational plan for successful implementation.

In BBQ the operational plan is used to have an implementation of e-commerce strategy on working to gain the maximum market share and thus plan is that which needs to operated in proper manner as implementing team should focus on same aspect and required to work as one so that they can attain the successful implementation in great way (Levy,Weitz and Grewal, 2012). Generally some factors needed to be considered while executing the strategy and those are as (Human resource, fiancial term and risk criteria etc.). Operational plan is taken as backbone for having implementation in better way.

d.) New operational plan for BBQ

Generally, the things are there which needs to be done in better manner and thus operational pan is such which help company to have an proper working in right context. BBQ is that firm who produce alternate plans and implement the better choice for having an proper decision and strategy as well. Hence, new staff will be recruited and exist staff and retrained and informed with e-commerce strategy too.

3.) Resource requirement for having implementation in e-commerce strategy.

It is required to determine resources requirement in e-commerce strategy in better manner and thus the human and physical even the organizational documentation is such with research in e-commerce. The different resources which is required for having proper implementation as:

  • Sales and Marketing manager.
  • Technological consultant.

Moreover, these resources are such which is required to have an smooth implementation of strategy in great way too.

4.) Assessor to participate in two resourcing consultation.

It is required to have an participation in the two resourcing firms and thus it help company BBQ to have implementation in better way and thus the team has to participate in right format so that implementation can be done in best criteria too (Arena, Arnaboldi and Azzone, 2010). Human resource with technology can help them to have an effective working in organization which can help them to have strategies implementation and can earn higher profit too.


a.) Discuss human resource requirement.

In organization like BBQ is such who needs human resource in great manner and thus they are considered as backbone of any company which needs to be maintained and handled with care so that smooth functioning of work in firm. Human resource is such who is an required element in great way. Human resource is such who does help company to attain their goals and objectives in great way by working in right direction and with increasing their performance as well. Sales and marketing manager is required in BBQ as they are responsible for increasing the sales and profit both in great manner.

b.) Physical resource requirement

Physical resource is such which is required over which human resource works, these resources include different asset of firm like (Machinery, furnitures and property etc.) all such physical resources is required even though raw material also required to have manufacturing too. Managing physical resources is such who needs to have an work in right context (Kanchev and et. al., 2011). Even though BBQ is looking forward to deliver the vehicles which is required to be acquired. Even though technological consultant is required to have an website in better way too.


a.) Physical resourcing with major steps.

Important step in physical resourcing is to create an inventory. Although, it is required to have group them together in better manner and needs to manage the items with some of the similar requirement or rather then individually. Physical resources has to be maintained in right context, as physical resources is such which are included as important aspect in perfect way as well.

b.) Human resource with major steps.

Human resource is such who include the various things in better manner and thus human resource is such who leads to have an recruiting, training and communication. Moreover, recruitment has to be done in company so that new skills and knowledge can help in completing the better working, training has to be provided to human resource so that they can work in right direction and can attain their goals and objectives too in better way. Communication should be done in proper way as this help in completing the task in accurate way and can lead to focus on some strategic work too.

c.) Timeliness and milestones.

Generally, e-commerce strategy is that which needs to be implemented in organization in right context, even though the team members should be focused and has to work as one which can help in completing the project within the time period in effective way and it is required to have milestones which are considered as set standard benchmark which needs to be attained in right context for the e-commerce strategy (Karky and Skutsch, 2010). Various policy and procedure is such that needs to be clearly defined to employees so that they can work according to such only.

d.) Consultation and communication.

In BBQ firm the human resource is such where all the staff members are informed regarding to the policy and procedure so that they can work in right direction and can attain the goals and objective of entity. Hence, the stakeholders are also included in this and thus their engagement is also being encouraged in effective way. Communication has to be done in proper way in enterprise which make them to have an smooth functioning of activity and task as well.

Appendix 2: Action plan template

Milestone: Action or the objective.


Person responsible

Budget or response.

Physical resourcing.


The management of company.


Human resourcing.


HR of firm.


Timeliness and milestones.


Different department of firm.


Consultation and communication.


Management of entity


7.) Performance indicators which develop operational plan with KPI's

In an organization whether its large or small performance indicators are there which help firm to gather information as how employees are performing in company and thus these indicators are there for the operational and financial targets for the effective e-commerce strategy too (Laudon and Laudon,2015). Moreover, balanced scorecard is having an strategy performance management tools and technique. It is mainly used by managers of entity to keep their execution activities on track by the hard work of staff. It is being used to measure and to provide the feedback in better way. Even though KPI is such which help company to collect information as how effectively the company is achieving business task and activity in perfect way.

Appendix 3: Balanced scorecard template

KRA (key result area)


KPI (key performance indicator)


Financial Part

To control the expenses in better manner and to use finance in right context too.

Proper balance sheet can help to judge the better working.

Finance is being used on right format and having proper balance sheet where profit is higher then the loss.


To attract them towards the company so that they can use the product and services of firm too.

Can measure with different technique which can make them to have an better work too.

Getting more and more customer toward the organization to have an proper working too.

Learning and growth.

To learn various new skills and knowledge which can help to work in right format and can lead to increase in performance as well.

If work has been done in various ways and also being gets completed on time which can result in right context too.

This can help in utilising the skills and knowledge in proper way which can result into attainment of goals and objectives.

Internal business process

To provide satisfaction to customer and shareholders.

By providing them extra bonus and various ways in right context too.

Happiness in the aces of shareholder and customer in right context too.

8.) Three risk at the time of implementation.

Appendix 4: Contingency plan template

Contingency Plan

Company name: BBQ fun

Name of person developing the plan:

Who was consulted as part of this plan?

Name Position



Risk identified:

1.) Employees underperformance

2.) Intellectual property.

3.) Breach of health and safety

Strategies/activities to minimise the risk

By when

By whom

Employees under performance

It will be done in between the working of the company.

The management of company has to look forward to have an under performance in great manner.

Intellectual property

It would be done after the work gets completed or before implementation of the working

It will be done by the top executive of the BBQ.

Breach of health and safety

It has to be undertaken by the manager of entity and thus also lead to have an best working as well.

This is being considered by the top executives in better manner and thus lead to have healthy and safety.



a.) Implementation of resource.

Implementation of resources has to be done in right prospect so that proper working can be seen in organization, even though the human and technological resources are such which needs special consideration and these two resource are such which can help in attaining the goals and objectives in great way. Smooth functioning is also been seen in company with better strategy and decision. E-commerce strategy is being somewhere implemented with reducing the risk factor in great way, which thus help in having right context of working too.

b.) Breakdown of cost.

Cost Breakdown analysis is considered as method of cost analysis in better manner, although the cost of certain thing with product and services in with various components, although it is known as cost drivers (Graham, 2012). Cost breakdown analysis is such which is a popular cost reduction strategy was there which is viable opportunity for the various business.

c.) Benefits to organization.

After having implementation of E-commerce strategy website in great way will make company to handle working in better manner as well. Therefore, company is such which can earn higher profit with this in great manner. Strategy is such which help firm to get stand in market and thus this is such criteria which benefit the organization in great way too.

d.) Different approaches.

There are various steps and approaches which help company in performance indicators and thus it is be like as:

  • Determine the company goals.
  • Measures to define them if met with goals.
  • What activities are there to undertake the goals.
  • Use such which has the great impact on goals.
  • How company will measure if the important activity is being carried out correctly.
  • Go with all the indicators.

e.) Risk to organization.

There could be risk of loosing the competition and although not be able to earn higher profit as well. Implementing e-commerce strategy can help company to have an attainment of their goals and desires. Risk is of many types which has impact on the performance of company in right context too.

f.) Outline the identified risk.

Various risk are there which is being underlined and has great impact on company and some of those are like employees underperformance level and one more risk which is related to intellectual property and last one is having breach of health and safety compliance. These risk are there which can affect the company in various ways too.

g.) Sources of information.

There are various sources which do help in having an collection of information in great manner and thus it can be done with internet research or through consultation and companies financial condition and projections can help firm to gather information for the implementation of e-commerce strategy in great manner too (Stephens, Millar and Collins,2010). These sources can help them to have such in right context too.

10.) Proposal approval by operation general manager.

The management of company make the proposal in such a way which include the benefits after implementing the e-commerce strategy and which risk could affect the company and how they can be manages in proper manner all such things are structures in proper way and thus to have implementation of the proposal, it is required to have an approval from the operation general manager then the work can be done over such in better manner as well.

11.) Portfolio of implementation document.

Generally in organization it is required to have an implementation document portfolio in great manner (Di Giacomo and Patrizi,2010). Some of the steps which can help in having an implementation of document in great manner too.

  • Set the Strategy.
  • It is required to win the executive support.
  • Moreover, it is required to build the implementation team.
  • Have collection of project data.
  • Evaluate the projects in better way.
  • Creation of portfolio.
  • It is required to test and refine.
  • PPM and have Roll-out in right context.
  • Learn and adapt in proper way.


2.) Plan and implement the physical resourcing.

a.) Physical resourcing

Physical resourcing is such which needs to be there in organization as this help in having a great working even smooth work is also being done and this is such which lead to have an attainment of goals and objectives in better manner as well (Binz and et. al., 2012) .

b.) All steps and strategies.

Moreover the company is such who include all the resources which is required in better manner and those resources that can help organizational development too. Plan and policies are such which can help firm to make better decision and strategies as well and thus it has to be attain the firm goals and objectives too.

c.) Risk management strategy

Even the company needs to protect their organizational intellectual property so that any of the third party cannot breach third party IP in proper way as well (de Leeuw and van den Berg, 2011). Moreover, the company has to make an strategy for the risk and has to be managed in great manner too and thus handling risk in right context can make them to attain their goals and objectives in various ways.

3.) Plan and implement resourcing.

a.) Human resourcing activity.

Human resource activity is such which needs to be done in better manner as thus review system of performance of employees should be strong and systematic which can help organization to rank them in better way as well (Hastings, 2010). Even though the activities are those which needs to be get completed on time.

b.) Steps to recruit people.

Some of those steps are:

  • Jobs and vacancies
  • Description of job
  • Person specification
  • Application pack
  • Processing application
  • Short-listing
  • Interviews
  • Feedback

c.) IP requirement

Human resources acquisition is such which also help in providing the protection of trade secrets and confidential information from theft, misuse and also unauthorized distribution in better manner and thus it has to be done in right context and thus it help in attain goals of company too.

d.) Appendix 4

Planning aspect



1. Type of interview

Structured interview


2. Objectives

To collect information regarding to the particular topic


3. Approach
and style

Face to face


4. Schedule

1.) taking appointment from the candidate for interview

2.) Calling candidate for the interview

3.) Giving feedback related to their performance in better way.

4.) Selecting the best option for the organisation.


5. Topics and questions

1.) Tell me about yourself ?

2.) Where do you see yourself after 4 years ?

3.) Why should we select you ?


4. Submit portfolio

Portfolio is something which do help the company to take various decision and strategy in better manner and thus in a particular portfolio various document is included in right prospect which lead to have an attainment of the goals and objectives in various ways too (Kingsford, Biggs and Pollard,2011).


2.) Monitoring performances from start.

Moreover, various techniques and tool are there which is implemented in various ways and thus they have to monitor the performances in great way and thus it leads to have an better working condition in organization and has to have an better working as well.



Person responsible

Budget or resources

Budgetary and financial performance


Management accountant

Better techniques and technology is required to have an effective working as well.

Productivity performance


Production manager

It is required to have an huge budget which can help them to use resources in right context.

Employee performance


Management and human resource management

Need to have an better performance appraisal system in organization



Management and top executives

Better techniques which help to see the performance in better manner.

Performance management


The whole organization is responsible for the performance management in right context.

A proper management and working of organization is such which help them to ensure that work is being done in effective way.


  • There are various areas where the employee performance doesn't work in better manner and thus it is required to have an precautions of employees performance and thus it is required to have an better working in right context. Although the better performance thus help in attaining the goals and objectives in right criteria too.
  • BBQ is that firm which has an policy to coach and the performance of underscoring employees and thus it helps in having right direction of working and make firm to attain the goals and objectives in proper manner as well and thus roles is being discussed and worked in better way too (Mingers and White,2010).
  • Moreover the assessor of the company do play an effective role and thus it is such which include the changes to plans, changes in the implementation of the plans and also changes in budget too.
  • Therefore the portfolio includes all those thing which needs to be there and thus they have implementation of work in right context and it is such that has included performance management and having monitoring schedule that has to be done in better way too.

Appendix 4: Coaching plan template





Date of session:




1.) Needs to learn new skills, knowledge and abilities various thing to perform.

2.) How to work with diverse group of people.


1.) Employees are performing as direction provided to them and not be able to increase their performance as because of not having proper guidance in organisation.

2.) Various employees are there who are not be able to work with diverse group of people in right context and thus looking forward to learn something so that can help to work with diverse group of people and in team too.


1.) They can learn new skills, knowledge and ability in great manner through the training and development in right context and such thing can help them to attain their personal goals with organisational goals too.

2.) An option available with this is can put the various people in working in with team so that people and employees can know about each other which will result into better working and completion of task can be there on time too.


1.) This will help them to work in better manner and thus lead to have an competition with other firms as well and thus BBQ is already an establishment in market and has various competitors. This will help them to attain them in right context too.

2.) They will also go with having there working in right context which can help in earning higher profit and income as well in great way too.


Appendix 3: Performance management plan template



Review period:


Reference from operational plan

Key result area

Indicator of success/

By when

Status report

Human resource

Helps in completing the work on time and even in great manner too and thus it leads to have an attainment of goals and objectives as well.


At the time of performing different task.

Learning in better manner.

Physical resource

Different physical resource is required as this help in performing various task in right context too.


Can be called in between performing various task in organization.

Bringing different assets in right context too.


Manager’s comments:






Staff member’s comments:







From the above sample report it can be said that, managing operational pan in organization is such which can help them to attain their goals and objective sin effective manner.

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