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Unit: 3 Human Resource Management Assignment Level 4

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Human resource management is the management that is related to the administration of human resources in the terms of planning, executing, organizing and formalizing programs for human resources in the company. It is mostly associated with an affluent utilization of human resource so that better results are achieved (Reiche, Stahl, Mendenhall and Oddou, 2016). An affluent Human resource management observance will be advantageous for both the employer as well as the employee. The research paper effectively explains the role of human resource management which is practiced in Kingfisher to achieve the different goals and objectives set by the company. The research paper also discussed about the effective impact of human resource practice and the role it plays in increasing the productivity and profits of the company.

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P1. The purpose and the functions of HRM, applicable to the workforce planning and resourcing in Kingfisher

Human resource management is concerned with the management of human resources in the context of planning, executing, maintenance and adherence of policies and initializing development programs of human resources in the company (Wilton, 2016). It is mostly associated with an affluent utilization of human resources so that better results are achieved. An affluent Human resource management observance will be advantageous for both the employer as well as the employee. Some of the key purposes are mentioned below.

  • Enhance the competence and usefulness of the work force
  • Establish healthy relationships among the management and the working force.
  • Individual development of the working force.

Kingfisher being a large retailer company must ensure that all the aspects of the human resource management are utilized properly so that the competence and usefulness of the working force is achieved to the maximum which will ensure that the company reaches new height of advancements and growth.

Job Analysis and Work Design

The job analysis is the procedure through which the recognition of the nature of the job of the working force is done which is estimated through the skill sets and capabilities of working force. The grounding of the employment depiction and employee specification is one the most essential part of the job analysis process. By the application of this process Kingfisher will be able to gain knowledge and understanding about the employee roles and responsibilities which will be helpful in recruitment process of the employee as per his knowledge and talents (Stone, Deadrick, Lukaszewski and Johnson, 2015).

Recruitment and Selection

The recruitment and the selection of the working force must be applied in a proper way such that the company is able to appoint adequate working force to working of the company. The human resource management in Kingfisher conducts the recruitment process for the organization in an effective manner such that only more affluent working force gets hired and recruited by the organizations. This kind of stringent recruitment process is carried out by the Human resource department of the Kingfisher Company to employ competent and useful employees who will help in the progress of the company.

Training and Development

Training is the procedure through which the proficiency of the working force is increased in the working place of the employees. Human resource development is termed to be an integral part which is responsible for the performance of the employees at the work place. The company lays stress on the improving the abilities and functionalities of the employees by providing training to the working force. The company organizes training sessions for the development of the skills of the employees at regular intervals in the company.


The working force is providing their services to the company with an aim to get paid and receive a good amount of compensation. The employees in Kingfisher are paid with rates keeping the competitive rates of the markets into consideration. The human resource management believes that the when the working force is provided with better remuneration and compensation deal the performance of the employees increases as a direct connection is seen between the performance of the employees and the remuneration of the employees. When the remuneration of the employee was increased there was an increase in the performance of the employees and with the decrease in the remuneration the performance of the employees also decreases (Purce, 2014). Hence the Kingfisher Company is concentrating on paying ale remuneration to the employees so that their performance does not decreases which will enable to increase the performance of the company as well.

Performance Management

This procedure deals with the supervisory role of the human resource management because of which the activities of the employees could be administered at the place of work. The management must take supervisory role and examine and evaluate the performance of the employees and provide training and instructions for the improvement in the working of the employees if they are not found to be working well.

Employee relations

The maintenance of effective employee relation is the most essential requirement to improve the performance of the working force in the place of work. The Human resource management at Kingfisher ensures that the employee relations maintained in the company is constructive in nature which helps the employee to perform well. In case when there is lack or inefficient management of effective employee relation from the management side the employee will not feel valued and his performance could decrease considerably.

P2: The strengths and weaknesses of different approaches of recruitment and selection used by Kingfisher

The Kingfisher is one of the pioneer companies which has established itself as major retail companies around the world. To maintain all the different branches and subsidiaries of the Kingfisher the company requires a large number of working force to attain the set goals and targets aimed by the company (Marchington, Wilkinson, Donnelly and Kynighou, 2016). The company applies both internal as well as external sources of approach for the selection process that is carried out in the company.

Internal source approach

Through the application of internal source of the working force is employed from within the organization that is already working in the organization but is at different posts and is handling different roles and responsibilities that are different from the current requirement of the position but are capable enough to apply for new roles and duties. The employees are transferred to the available positions within the company which saves a lot of time and efforts of the company. The company also uses referrals for the appointment of new entrants which are provided by the existing working employees of the Kingfisher Company.

Strengths of internal source approach

  • The internal source approach enables the human resource management to organize select procedure in an easy manner in less time.
  • When the interviews are not held for the internal recruitment process, the time which had been rendered on conducting interviews gets saved as employing the existing employees do not take much time and effort (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017).
  • The working force appointed by using this approach is found to more efficient.
  • The risk and challenges associated with employing a new entrant gets reduced to minimum.

Weakness of internal source approach-

  • The internal approach of appointing employees may put down the morale of the employees who are not promoted.
  • This kind of hiring may lead to the generation of discrimination.
  • The chances of appointing new and fresh talent get reduced.

External source approach

Through the external source approach the employees are hired and appointed from outside the company by the conduction of proper interview process by giving advertisements in different social platforms and newspapers. The procedure of external source approach is termed to a long process as well as time consuming but it is found that the results of such recruitment are good and beneficial for the company.

Figure 1 Extern al sources

Strengths of External source approach-

  • The external recruitment process helps the Kingfisher Company to hire and appoint fresh and new talents that are available in the markets which prove beneficial for the company.
  • The brand of the company will be effectively promoted outside (Cascio, 2018).
  • The Kingfisher Company will get to choose from a large pool of talents available and hire the correct candidate who will enhance the company’s growth with its new talent and skills.
  • The productivity and performance of the company will get increased.

Weakness of External source approach

  • The application of external approach for recruitment process needs a longer duration of time.
  • The cost required for the conduction of external approach process will be high.
  • The risk of hiring a wrong candidate gets increased in this approach.



The competent implementation of human resource management will be in favor of both the management as well as the working force. The research paper effectively covers the different aspects of the human resource management that the Kingfisher Company uses to attain the set of goals and targets that are aimed by the company. The report also covers the different human resource management practices that play an important role and are responsible for the growth and development of the company which increases the performance and productivity of the company (Brewster, 2017).

P3:Thebenefits of different HRM practices withinKingfisher for both the employer and employee

An affluent practice and implementation of human resource management is advantageous for both the management as well as the working force. The major concern of the human resource department is to sustain a competent work force at the place of work. In case if Kingfisher also implements effective human resource management the company will be in an able position to enhance the competence and usefulness of the working force. To increase the proficiency of the working force the Kingfisher Company has given the facilities of flexibility to the employees. The needs and requirements of the working force are appropriately taken care by the company and considering the different needs of the working force the employees are provide with flexibilities which ensures that the employees are working to the best for the growth of the company. The working force gets immensely contended which increase the productivity of the employee as well as the company also. Kingfisher Management Development Scheme (KMDS) ensures that the working force is provided with ample training opportunities and development programs which are essential for the personal growth and development of the employees. The management also lays stress on the improving the loyalty and increasing the morale of the working force which would help to enhance the performance of the working force. Even the provision of flexibilities is also proposed by the company (Bratton and Gold, 2017).

Hence it is fund that the company effectively employees various techniques towards the development and growth of working force motivation, engagement and dedication. The human resource plays an important role in the contributing towards the development and management of the company. The competent implementation and practice of human resource management will also help in the reduction of employee turnover ratio. The employee turnover is not considered to be in favor of the company as it increases the cost of the human resource segment as the human resource segment would have rendered huge cost, time and efforts for the recruitment of the working force and when the employees turnover gets increased the cost of the company considerably rises. To avoid such kind of situation to erupt in the working conditions of the Kingfisher company effective and competent human resource management process is carried in the company (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). If the sound and effective human resource management does not place a good and healthy relation will not get developed between the management and the working force because of which the productivity of the company will get reduced. The Kingfisher Company also recruits employees by using external approach which helps to promote the brand value of the company in the markets and inclusion of fresh and new talent in the company.

P4: The effectiveness of different HRM practices in terms of raising Kingfisher Plc. profit and productivity

The effective application of the human resource management is responsible for the developing good and healthy relations with the management and the working force. When there is strong bond between the different stages of management and employees the employees get motivated to work well so that the performance of the employees as well as the company gets increased. This will increase the productivity of the company and profitability of the company gets increased. Even the competent human resource management system practice helps in the reduction of employee turnover ratio which could negatively impact the working conditions and performance of the company. When there is high incidence of employee turnover ratio the cost of the company gets increased. The Kingfisher Company’s human resource department works efficiently to reduce the employee turnover ratio and increase the profit margins of the company. In this way the company is able to retain its experienced and skilled employees who have become an asset for the company and upon losing them the company’s performance and productivity will get seriously damaged. To avoid such conditions to emerge in the company the company provides flexibilities to the working force so that the employees are contended because of which the company experiences less employee turnover issues. Hence by applying such measures the human resource department can increase the productivity of the company and increase the profit margins of the company.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Kingfisher company’ human resource management team is progressively working increasing the profits of the company by reducing the employee turnover issues. The company also uses external approach for recruitment and selection process which effectively helps to build the image of the company and enables the fresh pool of talent to enter the company which will ensure that the company is moving ahead in a progressive manner (Albrecht, Bakker, Gruman, Macey and Saks, 2015).


P5. The importance of employee relations in Kingfisher with respect to influencing HRMdecision-making Employee Relation

The effective maintenance of the employee relations among the management and the working force is essential to develop a health and positive working environment which will ensure that the performance or thy employees gets increased and the productivity of the company also gets enhanced. The human resource department in Kingfisher ensures that a healthy and positive relation is developed between the different departments, managements and working force in the company so that the perforce of all the segments increases considerably. To develop a sound employee relation the company focuses on improving the certain factors of employee relation development which are mentioned below.


A proper network or channel of propagation of information must be developed in the working conditions of the company so that the effective communication of facts and figures could take place among the operations of the company. For instance when any new product is sold by the company the employees of the company must be well informed about the new arrival to the sales department so that they could develop effective strategies for the sale and promotion of the new product (Albrecht, Bakker, Gruman, Macey and Saks, 2015). When the employees are effectively communicated about the details of the new product the working force will be in a more able position to clarify the doubts and confusions of the customers and provide them with more product information so that the customers will also get to know the product in a proper manner. This will ensure that a sound and healthy relation is maintained with the customers which will prove to be beneficial for the company. Even the working force will also be able to perform in a more efficient manner.

Career Development Opportunities

The working force renders its services and works for the company for their own personal career growth as well as the growth of the company. Kingfisher also provides the employees with proper growth opportunities. The working force are promoted and given incentives and bonus as per their performance. The implementation of such measures motivates the working force to loyal to the company and the employee relation gets developed in a positive manner.


The company has set visions in accordance with the objectives of the company. Kingfisher ensures that the working force employed by the company is able to meet the vision and standards that the company follows.


The working force must be encouraged and kept motivated so that a god and healthy relation is developed among the different operating systems of the company. Kingfisher

Ensures that the working force working in the company is well motivated by giving them various benefits like incentives, increments, bonus, promotions, rewards so that progressive and healthy employee relations are well maintained.

Good health

To look after the good heath of the employee is also the responsibility of the employer. Kingfisher ensures that the working conditions of the employees healthy and progressive in nature, the employees are working on safe equipments and provide the working force with safe commutation facilities. The other utility sections of the company is also well maintained which ensures that the employees are safe and healthy. This increases the proficiency of the working force and the productivity of the company gets increased significantly.

P6: The key elements of employment legislation and the impact it has upon HRM decision-making

The human resource management department gets impacted by the different directives and legislations that are commenced by the governing bodies.

Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act 2010 is framed with the combination of two UK acts which are Race Relation Act 1976 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. As per the directives and provisions of this act the employees must be provided with equal opportunities to work in the organizations. There must not be practice of implementation of any discriminative activities which are depended on different gender, age, race, caste, religion and background of the people. Kingfisher Company also must adhere to the directives and legislations that are summoned by the law or else the governing authorities could exercise its powers and terminate the services and operations of the company on account of infringement of law (Albrecht, Bakker, Gruman, Macey and Saks, 2015).

Employment Protection Act 1978

This act states the organization should provide a certain structure of salary, working hours, pension or commencement of job. Kingfisher human resource manager should provide the employees with effective salary structure. Otherwise, the court can declare the company at the breach of law (Mullins, 2005).

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

It is the responsibility of the employer to provide safe and healthy environment to the employees working in the organization. Kingfisher ensures that the working force employed in the company is working under healthy working conditions so that their health status remains intact. The company also provides its working force with safe travel facilities so that the employee relations are well maintained by the company.

As per the directives and provisions of the Health andSafety atWorkAct 1974, Kingfisher ensures to maintain the below conditions in the working of the company.

  • Kingfisher must ensure that the working and the operational environment of the company are well maintained and healthy and positive work environment is promoted in the company.
  • The company checks that all the entry and exit points are well secured.
  • The company must establish provisions for primary treatment facilities in case of any emergency.
  • The company must provide efficient training to the employees regarding to the safety measures that can be adopted by the employees at the time of need.

Dismissal and employment Contracts

The right to termination is held by both the employer as well as the employee. The management uses the process of dismissal for removal from office and the employee’s uses the process of resignation for terminating his services. The conductions of both the process must be in accordance with the directives and provisions of the legislations. The employee prior to leaving the organization must give notice before stopping his services to the organization. The employers also must provide valid time period before terminating the employee.



P7: The application of HRM practices in a work-related context, using specific examples

The profile of an intern in the Human resource department at Kingfisher for the position of HR Assistant has been mentioned below.

Job Specification

The job profile of the employee showcases the different aspects of the employees. The educational qualification, skills and capabilities are mentioned in the job profile. The employees also mention their experience and the roles they had observed being working in the organization. The job description for the position of HR Assistant at Kingfisher is mentioned below.

Academic Qualification

  • BBA or MBA Degree in the field of Human Resource Management from a recognized University.
  • Personal Attributes
  • Young and energetic
  • Good communication skills
  • Leadership
  • In-depth knowledge about HRM
  • Good interpersonal skills


· Must have 3 years of experience as Assistant HR manager.

Physical Appearance

Must be of pleasing personality aged between 24 – 32 years.

Curricula Vitae (CV)

The curricula vitae for the position advertised.

Resume of X

Address: Postal Address must be mentioned

Email id must be mentioned

Mobile No must be mentioned

Professional profile

I have 3 years of experience working as an Assistant manager. I believe I am a hard worker and committed towards the work. I render professional approach towards the work and highly do the work as per the standards of the company.

Educational Qualifications

BBA - HRM Havard University

MBA - HRM Havard University

Associated Experience

  • Three years experience working in Tesco Plc as Assistant HR manager.
  • Other experience
  • Worked as a trainee for six months.
  • Key IT details
  • Microsoft office tools, digital marketing and SPSS
  • Other personal details
  • Interests include: travelling, reading newspaper
  • References to be included
  • Two references to be included

Interview Selection Criteria

The following interview process is applied for selection process

  • Educational qualifications
  • Experience
  • Communicationskills
  • HRknowledge
  • Languageskillsandmentalability
  • Physicalappearance

When Kingfisher uses these specifications for selection procedure the best candidate gets selected.

Evaluation of Process

The HRM applies effective tools to reduce the cost of conducting interviews and reduce the time and efforts of the people. The HRM will not allow the inefficient candidates tom enter into the selection process.

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The HRM at Kingfisher ensures that the employee turnover issues get reduced. The company also employs external approach for recruitment which increases the brand value of the company and lay emphasis on development of effective employee and employer relation so that company could grow properly (Albrecht, Bakker, Gruman, Macey and Saks, 2015). Get assignment help from instant assignment help australia


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