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Unit 2 Issues in Human Resources Management Regent College R/508/0486

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Human resource management is an appropriate process that helps to build strategic approach in an organisation. It is helps to enhancing business approach to getting competitive advantages easily. This management process is basically designed to maximise employees performance and organisational productivity as well. In this, human resource manager analyse performance of their workforce to improve their skills and working capacity that helps to achieve future objectives and goals easily (Anderson, 2013). Main functions of HR manager is to design recruitment and selection program, training and development process, perceiving employees benefits, performance analysis and provide appropriate rewards as well as benefits. This project report is based on Unilever which is world's largest British transnational consumer goods organisation and was established in the year of 1930 by William lever. This organisation basically organised in Foods, beverages, personal care products and home care products as well as services. This reports represent issues in HRM and challenges in an organization and designing of Job description, person specification and different appraisal methods.

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1.1 Issues in HRM and challenges in an organization

In today's corporate scenario, Human resource management is determine as complex procedure that required accuracy in each HRM practices. Main objective of this procedure is to develop performance of each staff member in an organisation, build proper relation between employees and employer as well as properly utilising firm's resources or manpower. Through this Unilever can easily attain future objectives and goals in appropriate manner. Unilever is a largest organisation in UK that provide its products and services in several countries. For them it is require to using effective HRM practices that helps to raise organisational productivity and profitability as well (Aswathappa, 2013). HR manager of firm is responsible for design recruitment and selection program, training and development process, perceiving employees benefits, performance analysis and provide appropriate rewards as well as compensation. In this, HR department of Unilever faces lots of issues and challenges while implementing effective procedure.

Major issues in HRM -

Globalisation – This is an appropriate term that uses when organisation expand their business activities on international level. Unilever is a multinational organisation that serve its quality services and products in several countries. For this HR manager of organisation requires to create effective strategy that helps to integrate operational approaches into diverse culture. Globalisation has direct impact on an organisation and its workforce. So for this, Human resource manager require to build a impactful environment in their firm for diverse culture employees to manage effective understanding between them easily. Globalisation include different legislation and regulation which has adverse impact upon the HR policies. They have to consider different law to prevent themselves from penalty provision. It is consider as a major issues that has direct impact on business procedure (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017).

Technology – For a business organisation, it is require to adopt advance technology in their business activities to make desired modifications easily. Unilever is a multinational organisation that serve its quality services in several countries, so for them it is required to adopt digital technology to make positive connection with international customers by online dealing . Advance technology can be a major issue for Unilever if they not implement appropriate technique in their firm. For this organisation requires to conduct impactful training process for their employees to increase their knowledge and skills related to technological advancement.

Changing environment – Unilever is a global business organisation that deal in several countries for their food and services. For them it is required to create variability as per changing environment of several countries. These type of factors are directly impact on customer's demand and requirement for further things. Environmental alteration can be a major issues for firm if they not create appropriate strategy for this. For this HR manager requires to make liberal things with their employees by the changes of organisational environment.

Diversity and culture – This term is refer to a differentiation and similarity of various groups in an organisation. Diversity and culture issue arises while individual from cross culture is working in firm. In Human resource management several opinion, cultural barriers and conflicts, different management procedure and inappropriate interaction between employees can be a major problem that requires to resolve at a particular time. These kind of issues can build negativity in organisational environment, poor team work, communication barriers and others.

Due to different kind of issues Unilever faces lots of challenges that requires to be understand by HR department to performing well. These major challenges are -

Recruitment and selection – This is a major function of HR manager of Unilever. For them it is require to use appropriate method to reduce issues while conducting recruitment and selection process. For this they can use advance technology in recruitment process to invite different applicants through online procedure. These kind of activities helping to reduce extra work load from management process. For this HR manager requires to get appropriate training to use technological advancement in management procedure (Cascio and Boudreau, 2010). It can be a major challenge for Human Resource of Unilever to adopt advance technology in their recruitment procedure.

Communication barriers – This is a major challenge in an organisation while they implementing their business activities at global level. Communication barriers can be arises when organisation has different employees from cross culture. To reduce these barriers, HR manager of Unilever requires to adopt appropriate plan to improve communication skill of each employee. These kind of barriers can be a major challenge for human resource manager. These kind of barriers can be a major challenge for HR manager to manage positive communication approach between their employees.

Training and development – This is responsibility of human resource manager to analyse skill and performance of their workforce. This monitoring procedure helps to create effectiveness in organisation to achieve firm's objectives and future goals as well. After analysing employees performance HR manager requires to conduct effective training program to enhance interpersonal skill and working capacity of each individual.

1.2 Critical analysis of four challenges

Unilever is a British transnational consumer goods organisation that has various stores in worldwide. For them it is required to build effectiveness in their business organisation to getting higher profitability easily. All these procedures are very beneficial if HR manager make impactful strategy to face several challenges. These things can be based on organisation's future objectives and goals that requires to attain at a particular time period. Challenges always helps to find creative path to solve several issues in effective manner. In this, human resource manager of Unilever provide their own contribution in different way as -

Adaptation of modern technology – As per the words of Chelladurai and Kerwin, (2017) a business organisation requires to adopt advance technology in their business procedure to making creative changes easily. It can be a major challenges for such organisation that not uses advancement in their business procedure. Unilever adopt technology in their working process to perform well in target market. It can be a major challenge in front of human resource management of to adopt such things impact-fully in their firm because it is require appropriate skill and knowledge to implement these process properly. These challenges helps to analyse employees skills and working performance as well. Such Technology provide their contribution to improved training and development process in Unilever and also raise the performance of employees that aid to increased cost for firm.

Management changesAccording to CHUANG and Liao, (2010) it is required for a business organisation to make appropriate changes in their activities to adopt new challenges easily. In this procedure, human resource manager play a most important role in Unilever to make management changes properly to enhance their employees interpersonal skills and working approaches at several stages. This is a major challenge to make diverse changes in management of a firm. All these activities are very beneficial for Unilever if they organise in proper manner. Management changes helps to adopt new techniques and procedure for work differently. Through this an organisation can easily get desired outcomes of their future objectives and goals.

Workforce training and development – As per the views of Daley, (2012) training and development is a most important process in an organisation that helps to increase productivity of firm easily. Unilever is a multinational organisation that has a large workforce, so for this human resource manager of firm requires to analyse their employees working approaches to conduct impactful training program for them. It can be a big challenge to get proper information of individual's skill to provide appropriate training to them easily. Through this, manager can easily enhance worker's interpersonal skill and working capacity to increase their productivity and firm's future growth.

Recruiting talented employees – According to Fulton And et. al., (2011) it is major responsibility of human resource manager to conduct effective recruiting process to hire talented employee in organisation. Skilled and experienced employees always provide their contribution to attain future goals and objectives easily. Unilever is a largest organisation in which human resource manager require to analyse their firm's requirement to hire specific candidate as per their demand. Recruitment and selection is a typical challenge that requires to be done in proper way. Hence, it is difficult for administrator to keep balance between business operational activities and hiring experienced candidate at exact time.

All these challenges are very hard to manger in proper manner in a firm so for this human resource manager of Unilever require to use appropriate strategy and methodology in their business activities.


2.1 Description of Job, person specification and appraisal methods

Job Description

Job description





Requirement of finance manager

3-6 years Working experience




Person require to have proper knowledge of Finance and accounting management

Masters in finance management

Minimum 3 Years

Qualifications needed in educational sector



· Bachelors in commerce with A grade marks

· Master in Financial management

· Diploma in finance and accounts (Optional)

· Certificate in operations and finance

Strong experience in Financial management and its resources

A Grade

Personal skills



· Required strong communication skill

· Strong knowledge about accounting principles

· Understanding of different standards of accounting as per IFRS.

Candidate requires to have appropriate knowledge of Accounting and financial principles, Accounting law and legal aspects.

English(UK),(US) and (AUS), Spanish and French.

Time of reporting: 11.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Job specification


  • Bachelors in commerce with A grade marks
  • Master in Financial management with A grade marks
  • Diploma in finance and accounts (Optional)
  • Certificate in operations and finance


  • 3-6 years Working experience in appropriate field
  • Minimum working experience should have to be 3 years

Area of expertise

  • Proper knowledge about accounting and financial principles
  • Understanding of different standards of accounting as per IFRS.
  • Working Experience of accounting software

Number of vacancies




Unilever is hiring for Finance Manager

Post – Finance Manager

Qualification – Bachelors in commerce from acknowledged university

Master in Financial management

Diploma in finance and accounts (Optional)

Certificate in operations and finance

Experience – At least 3 year experience of well known organisation

If candidates are selected then they are called for personal interview round

Candidates needs to apply through Email or direct contact with HR.

Last date – 25th May 2018

Address – Head office in United Kingdom

Email id –

Person specification

Name: Mr. Shane Butler

Address: 501a Halfway Street,SidcupPost town, London UK


Mobile Number:

Carrier Objectives: To be a part of well known organisation that helps to polish ability, skills and working capacity that evaluate acquisition and knowledge.

Qualification of Academics:

  • Bachelors in commerce with 76% marks
  • Master in business administration( Specialisation - Financial management )with 73% marks
  • Certificate in operations and finance


  • Working experience of 4 years at Nestle


  • Ambitious
  • Punctuality
  • Strong Knowledge of computers
  • Microsoft ASP, Java script
  • Leadership and communication skill
  • Language knows English, Spanish and French.
  • Innovative and creative


I declared that all the above information are correct and true to my knowledge.


Performance appraisal method – This is a procedure that use to analyse strength and weaknesses of employees as well as their performance. Through this HR manager of Unilever can sailorly analyse their working strategy of their workforce to enhance them in appropriate manner. These kind of methods are basically uses to motivate employees to achieve organisational goals and objectives easily. For this HR manager can use different Performance appraisal method such as -

Traditional Methods -

  • Ranking method – This traditional method is uses by several companies in order to compare individual with others (Glendon, Clarke and McKenna, 2016). In this workers are ranked from the high level for excellent employees and low for worst as well as average ones. Through this other employees feel motivated to attain specific rank by their own performance.
  • Paired comparison – In this process, employees are compared by other employees as per their working attributes and working procedure. This is a improvement process in which organisation use different kind of methods to increase employees skills and traits. Through Paired comparison, workers perform in batter way as per their ranking.
  • Grading method – In this method, employees are divided in several categories as per their performance bases. These can be Outstanding, average and unsatisfactory as per their working approaches.

Modern Methods -

  • 360 degree appraisal – This method was developed by General Electric Company of USA in 1992. In this process individual is apprised by customers, supervisors and their co workers who helps them to suggest in their own working procedure. In this process, an employees can get ingestion with those people with whom they can interact easily.

2.2 Designs and significance of Job description, person specification and appraisal methods

In a business organisation different kind of procedure can be use to hire skilled and experienced candidate easily. This process can be -

Job description – This is a appropriate method that uses as a written statement of particular job role to hire a skilled and experienced candidate as per organisation's requirement. It consider position, duties, responsibilities, conditions and terms of firm for a specific job title (Purce, 2014).

Person specification – This is also a method that use to describe appropriate information of an individual person. It consider different kind of elements such as qualification, experience, skills, knowledge and trait of individual to perform for a specific job role. Through this an organisation can get information of candidate as per their requirement need.

Appraisal methods – This method is basically uses to analyse performance of their employees by different kind of techniques. These appraisal methods are helpful to motivate employees of a firm (Human Resource Management, 2018).

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As per the above report it has been concluded that human resource management is a most important process in an organisation that helps to build effectiveness in operational and functional approaches of firm. In this process, HR manager of organisation play a most important role who helps to solve issues and problems from organisation in effective manner. This project report is based on Unilever which is world's largest British transnational consumer goods organisation. For HR manager of firm, it is requires to use appropriate methods and strategy to build effectiveness in their organisation.


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