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Unit 17 Company Report Level 5

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Every sector and industry faces stiff competition in various markets. This has benefited customers as they get variety of products. On the other hand, increase in competition allows companies to reduce product quality in order to attract people. It has now transformed the way of doing business (Mishra, Mathew and Lau, 2017). Technology plays a crucial role in providing new methods and processes to produce goods. Innovation in technology has forced companies to invest huge amount in Research and Development. Thus, by providing new services and promoting it, people demands are fulfilled. In addition, rise in new companies has created a great impact on big firms. A new firm has to focus on providing cheap goods to people. Moreover, they are promoting goods with effective marketing strategies. However, in today's world, companies are taking help of Database Administrator to develop strategies through balance scorecard and strategic mapping (Paik and Zhu, 2016). It has enabled them to develop specific objectives according to organisation performance and capabilities. This has given positive results in terms of company growth and successful implementation of strategy. This report will show how Apple Inc. was able to grow using these two methods. For undertaking this assignment organisation selected is Apple Inc.

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Company Report

1) Complete critically evaluated situational analysis of current performance, productivity and competitive position of Apple Inc.

Business needs to develop different strategies to grow and develop in the market. It helps them to sustain for longer term and gain more market share. Strategies are the main pillars for company to grow. It provides them a way through which operation should be performed. Besides this, it is a blueprint that describes methods which help in achieving company’s goals and objectives (Suor, Sturge Apple and Cicchetti, 2017). These strategies are developed according to market conditions and current performance of the organisation.

Apple Inc. is a MNC that produces high quality goods to fulfil needs of people. They continuously make changes in their products to attract new people. Apple Inc. uses advance technology for producing goods (Karlin, Ford and Donnelly, 2015). Due to this, they are able to grow very rapidly.

The SWOT analysis of Apple is as follows :

  • Strengths- Innovative products is one of the strength of Apple. Through this they are have developed a strong customer base. Apart from this, design and technology of products gives Apple a major competitive advantage in the market. Another strength of company is brand equity (Mishra, Mathew and Lau, 2017). It is the first one to become a trillion dollar market value company in the world.
  • Weakness- Apple products are very costly that can not be afford by middle class people. Due to this they are not able to attract large number of people. Another weakness is that Apple products are incompatible with third party. This creates a great impact on consumer decision making.
  • Opportunities- With technological advancement Apple can develop more innovative products. This will enable them to attract large number of people. With this company can grow in developing countries like India. It is said that Apple is entering in auto mobile market. So there is great opportunity to expand business in different countries.
  • Threats – Apple can face threat from local companies in many countries. This is due to market penetration in smartphone market (Rogers, Walker and Devitt, 2017). The OS Android will captured major market share in coming years.

Current Performance- Presently, Apple Inc. is a leading technology company in the world. It has been involved in variety of products and services. It is now focusing on entering in new market segment where it can attract more people. Company’s current performance is very good. It is able to earn huge profits in different countries. Moreover, company’s profits are increasing every year. The focus and effective marketing of products in countries like India and China has enabled Apple Inc. to increase customer base as well as market share (Manning, Sciacca and Alford, 2016). Form its annual report, company’s quarterly revenue was $88.3 billion, an increase of 13% from previous year.

On the other hand, companies share was diluted with increase of 16 % that is $3.89 which is all time period. The CEO Tim Cook, of Apple Inc. said that company has reached a milestone of selling its devices reaching 1.3 billion in January,2018. This shows increase of 30% in two years. Along with this, Apple Inc. operating cash flow is very strong; it is around $28.3 billion. From this, $14.5 billion was returned to investors. This show how strong Apple Inc. current performance is. Furthermore, by launching new and high tech devices each year Apple Inc. has provided unique and high quality goods to people. Apple Inc. spends a huge amount on their Research and Development. This is done to invent technology so that it can be used in producing new devices ( Neton and Tomes, 2016). Apart from this, Apple Inc. current performance can be measured from data obtained from Fiscal Report of 2018-Second Quarter. It shows that revenue were between $60 billion and $62 billion. The gross margin was 38% to 38.5%. Operating expanses of Apple Inc. was between $7.6 billion to $7.7 billion. Other income was of $300 million. At last, tax rate was approximately 15 %. The Board of Directors declared that shareholders were given dividend of $0.63 per share. It was payable on 15 February 2018.

Productivity – In terms of productivity, Apple Inc , it has provided best products to its customers. It produces high quality and advanced technological devices. Apple Inc. does not compromise in productivity. By using advance machinery and making continuous modifications in their devices every year, a new and latest device is being introduced in the market. Company’s current productivity depends on change in technology (Schaufeli and Taris, 2014). It manufactures devices at low cost and sells it on high price. Due to this, company is able to generate high profits. It is observed that in countries like India, Apple Inc. products are being imported. This results in selling devices at high price. Furthermore, due to high quality goods, Apple Inc. has been able to gain high market share in consumer electronics. This is done to generate value of products. In addition, it led to an increase in market value of Apple Inc. iOS is an operating system used in all its devices. This operating system contains advance features that automatically attract large number of people.

Competitive Position – Though Apple Inc. enjoys a large market share in some major countries; it has been affected by entering of new companies (Maiga and Larsson, 2015). The biggest competitor of Apple Inc. is Japanese Company, Samsung. It is giving a stiff competition to Apple Inc. in many countries like India and China.

Along with this, Apple Inc. has been highly affected in the Indian market. This is because of entrance of new companies like Oppo, Vivo, etc. These companies have captured the Indian market by providing products at cheaper costs and have attracted a large number of people by an effective marketing. By creating attractive advertisements and offering various services, these small companies have gained a huge portion of pie.

In global world, Apple Inc. the toughest competitor in mobile technology is Samsung. Apple Inc. lost its position of market leader (Eccles and Krzus, 2017). Besides this, in PC’s, there are many competitors of Apple Inc. such as HP, Dell, etc. who has created a high impact on the market. Due to this, in US market, Apple Inc. has lost almost 10% market share. This has resulted in decline of their sales and profits. Company has acquired some other firms. In consumer electronics sector, Apple Inc. is growing at a rapid rate but it seems that there will also be an intense competition in coming years.

Therefore, from above analysis, it is observed that Apple Inc. will have to develop some unique products and marketing strategies to survive in the market. It must lower their prices so that middle class people can afford it. This will enable Apple Inc to compete with other companies. They can earn high profits by retaining customers. Moreover, company has to again lead the innovation industry by transforming the smartphone market.

2) Proposal for a future business solution through intervention of Balanced Score Card and Strategy Map Methodologies to achieve incremental value addition

Apple Inc. can use the Balanced Score Card Method for developing goals and objectives (Järvinen and Balling, 2016) It is a tool for strategic planning and management of system that includes communication, daily operations, products, services and prices and lastly to measure and monitor progress towards strategic goals. This method clarifies on its mission, vision and core values. Along with this, it helps in identifying key performance indicators through which company can achieve its goals and objectives.

From above figure it can be seen that Apple cash flow is being decreasing since 2015. so it is essential for them to increase cash flow. Apart from this, it can be seen that gross margin is also declining since 2105. Hence, they should develop goals to increase GM so that net income can rise. 

From figure it can be stated that Apple is having highest cash balance in the market as compared to their competitors. But there is little difference in revenues as other companies earning are rising every year. So Apple needs to focus on earning more profits. 

There are several terms in Balance scorecard that connects overall organisational values and strategies. These terms are as follows:-

Financial- Cost control and revenue growth

Customer and stakeholder - CRM and CEM

Internal process- Service quality

Organisation capacity and growth – Technology innovations 

Strategy map



Action plan








· Cost control

· Revenue growth

Cost reduction

Sales growth

· 5% in three years

· 10% in two years

Budgetary control

$5 million

Customer and stakeholder



CRM survey

To retain 3% customers in a year

Monthly survey

$1.5 million

Internal process

Service quality

Service time

Reducing waiting time

To interact directly with customer's

$3 million

Organisation capacity and growth

Technology innovations

Installing advance IT systems

2-3 New product every year

Developing products

$10 million

  •  Financial – It describes the financial performance of an organisation. It shows that how a company is able to maintain its position in the market. Apple Inc has a strong financial position in the market (Davis, Paige and Davis, 2017). It needs to maintain it by providing new products and services.
  • Customer and stakeholder- It views the organisational performance from views point of customers and stakeholder. Apple Inc. performance is decreasing. It led to a decrease in market share. The market value of this company has declined in recent time. Thus, it needs to maintain quality to improve it. Apple Inc. must ensure their customer's and stakeholder that company will perform accordingly for what it has been established.
  • Internal process – In this, quality and efficiency related to company’s products and services performance are viewed. Apple Inc. produces high quality products (Valukas, 2014). They have highly experienced employees that enables in developing new products. In addition, it resulted in providing new services to people. There is no doubt that Apple Inc. devices are of high quality and this makes it as the most valuable brand of world.
  • Organisation capacity and growth - It views organisational performance and capacity in terms of capital, infrastructure, technology, human resource, etc. Apple Inc. growth is now at a stable rate. It is growing at slower rate in recent times (Lawrence, 2016). However, the performance in terms of capital, HR, technology is very effective. Therefore, Apple Inc. has to focus on how to lower the cost of product in order to expand in countries like India.

Strategic objectives- It consists of actions or measures that are taken for continuous improvements in strategies. It will break down the mission and vision in simpler manner. Through this, it will be easy to move forward step by step. Therefore, by achieving strategic objectives a company’s goals can be easily achieved. For example – it can include increase revenue, reduce cost of product, improve efficiency of employees, etc. (Al-Kibsi, Woetzel and Noura, 2015) Apple Inc can focus on how to increase revenue by expanding operations in different countries. Moreover, another strategic objective is that Apple Inc. can improve customer's experience. It will help in retaining them by increasing their satisfaction.

Strategy map methodologies- It is a framework that is a subset of balance scorecard. It helps in communicating strategies in overall organisation. In addition, it monitors and strategy performance and execution. Generally, it is used with balance scorecard to analyse performance of strategic goals and objectives. Apple Inc. can use this for effective monitoring of strategies (Mishra, Mathew and Lau, 2017). The advantage of using strategic mapping is to ensure that company’s performance is increasing. It adds value to growth and productivity. It helps Apple Inc to focus on their strategy.

Strategy mapping- It is the most powerful element in balance score card. It helps in visualising and communicating how value is created. It shows a strategic map that contains causes and effects of relationship between strategic objectives. The overall process starts from business capacity in improving internal process and thus achieving stakeholder and financial objective. Along with this, it includes key performance indicators. They measure the indicators progress towards a desirable outcome. Apple Inc. can use this as a tool to improve their market value.

By implementing this, Apple Inc. current operations will be impacted. It will affect their product quality and employee efficiency (Karlin, Ford and Donnelly, 2015). The reduction in price of product will create a poor brand image in the market. It will result in decrease in brand value and goodwill of Apple Inc. Moreover, the major challenge Apple Inc. will face will be decline in capital. This will restrict company to invest in Research and Technology. With this, Apple Inc. will not be able to produce high quality goods. This will result in decreased customer satisfaction. In addition, there will be a decline in the sales and profits.

3) Against enduring value propositions for business to adopt Strategy Map Methodologies review the wider implications

From above strategic objectives and current market condition of Apple Inc., it is clear that the company needs to make changes in their goals and objectives. This will help in generating more revenue and improved product quality (Manning, Sciacca and Alford, 2016). If these strategies are not implemented, it will lead to a rise in some major consequence. It will have a direct impact on Apple Inc. growth and development. The wider implications on company will be on brand image and market value. Along with this, goodwill of company will be affected. Apple Inc is known for their high quality and advanced technological products. It has been a market leader for 18 years. However, with emergence of new companies the market shares of Apple Inc has been highly affected. The major affect is on vast opportunities market like India where Apple Inc. has just started to expand their business. Company has successfully captured attraction of youth towards their products. Organisation is providing extra services to people. Nevertheless, emergence of various companies in this market Apple Inc. has to compete against them. Companies are providing low cost products to people (Neton and Tomes, 2016). They focused on middle class people. This as affected Apple Inc. overall growth in India.

By analysing this situation and developed some strategic goals that Apple Inc. must follow and implement. It will help in redeveloping their goals and objectives by analysing their organisational performance. Apart from this, it will enable Apple Inc. to go on the right track. By this, they will be able to find out areas for growth and development. It will be beneficial for them as their performance will be enhanced; enabling them to beat their competitors and leading the market again (Morrison, Lee and Leskey, 2016). Furthermore, Apple Inc. can utilise their resources in more effective way. They can invest more in Research and Development. Thus, with the help of new technology, Apple Inc. can develop more advanced featured products. It can also diversify product categories. So providing people with variety of the latest products will help in increase sales. However, Apple Inc. will get make changes in goals according to market situations. By increasing customer satisfaction, Apple Inc. will be able to retain them. This can be done by providing more services to them. It will help in making loyal customers. In this way, Apple Inc. can maintain its customer base.

If Apple Inc does not adopt balance scorecard in strategy development then it will be difficult to measure the current performance. Strategy developed will not be proper and it will further add to expenses (Cliff and Bejaei, 2018). A strategy map methodology will show right directions to Apple Inc to focus on weak areas so that it can be improved. However, I think that analysing company’s performance will enable in reducing wastage of resources. However, if not it will result in failure of strategy. This will restrict expansion and decrease in profits will decline market value of Apple Inc along with this, company will lose their competitive advantage in the market.

I think that by adopting these objectives Apple Inc can sustain in the market. Otherwise, it will create serious consequences for the company. They can lose their market and customer share. Also, it will be difficult for them to survive (Sales, Schwartz, and Baxter, 2017) Strategy was developed by evaluating current market conditions of Apple Inc so if it can maintain its growth only by increasing sales and retaining their customers. Customer will not be attracted towards them. Therefore, Apple Inc has to make more efforts in marketing. It will raise their expenses. There will not be enough operating cash flow. Due to this, Apple Inc will not be able to maintain capital.

For example- if research department has to emphasis on technology, they need to work very effectively. For this strategy is required that will guide them on how research will be conducted (.Baldi, Moser and Si-Ammour, 2017). In addition, it shows how much fund will be required to implement that. However, if strategy gets fail, it will affect entire Apple Inc. Besides this, Apple Inc most of the products are related to technology. It will directly affect their product quality. Moreover, vision of company will be affected. Customer will not likely to purchase Apple Inc devices. In this way it will slowly lose their market share. In a market like India, Apple Inc has to lower their cost to compete in the market. This is only possible if prices are reduced.

The Evidence Review

1) Prepare a critique of literature related to the domain of Strategy Maps and the Balanced Score Card

Balance scorecard and strategy mapping has been highly used by companies to develop strategies for growth and development. It has allowed them to implement it in effective way so that companies’ goals and objectives can be achieved. Besides this, it has enabled in identifying key performance indicators of company. With this, it became easy to make improvements in weak areas. There is various evidence that has been collected which shows how companies have achieved their goals and objectives through balance score card. According to Dissanayake and Amarasuriya, 2015, it is said that balance scorecard has allowed organisations to identify their current market performance and ability. It has made it easy to focus on their core areas. As elucidated by Rogers, Walker and Devitt, 2017, many organisations have transformed their way of developing strategies. They are now making using these two methods. Each department has been allowed to implement this method. This resulted in improving their capability. In addition, product quality has been improved. It is said by Sturge-Apple, Suor and Rogosch, 2016, that strategy mapping has allowed business to measure their ability so that it becomes to develop strategies accordingly. Now there is no involvement of managers in this. For this strategic consultant are being used. It created a platform for business to focus on other areas. The role and responsibility of manager has been reduced. They are given major task to implement strategy developed by consultant. Yadav, Malik and Sharma, 2016, said that strategy mapping has created boom in this. Companies are hiring highly qualified and experienced consultants. This is because they do not have enough time to analyse market conditions and develop strategy. Apart from this, professionals demand has increased in recent time. Businesses are ready to pay high amount for this task. It is because most of the strategies have so far being successful. It has allowed companies to grow and expand in different markets. In addition, overall performance of organisations has enhanced resulting in higher profits and sales.

As per view of Krens, Schaartm and Schouten, 2015, many methods has been applied earlier but it is not given effective results. On the other hand, these new techniques have given outcomes in quick time. By this, managers are able to work with consultant to provide accurate data and information. The developing of balance scorecard has provided new measuring techniques. It has increased return on investment of companies. Along with this, it is said by Dhir, Walia and Hallan, 2015, that balance score card includes such measures through which earning per share as well as economic profit has risen. It has also added value to economic development. Due to this, there have been several developments in business. This has resulted in improving performance of entire operations in business. The industry is growing at a faster rate as strategies are implemented effectively.

As per view of Durand, Allard and Costes, 2017, balance score card was firstly implemented to achieve short term goals. This enables a business to set long-term goals. Therefore, it was easy to achieve that as well. Furthermore, it has helped an organisation to utilise their resources according to strategy. Due to this, employee efficiency has increased. Managers are able to set long term goals that can easily be achieved. With this growth of business is occurring at slow rate but is stable. As elucidated by Suor, Sturge‐Apple and Cicchetti, 2017, it is been observed that there has a lot of changes occurred in strategy development. These changes have allowed organisation to modify their way of implementing strategy. Moreover, rate at which use of balance scorecard and strategic planning is very significant.

According to Mishra, Mathew and Lau, 2017 strategic planning had a great impact on employee performance. Consultants are using it to formulate strategies. For this, they require high skills and experience so that data and information can be used in a proper way. Also, Karlin, Ford and Donnelly, 2015 opposed this as they thought that managers can also perform this task and there is no need of consultant. It has added to cost of organisation. On the other hand, Neton and Tomes, 2016 perspective was that role and responsibility on manager increased due to this. Therefore, they are not able to focus on other activities. This lead to affect employee productivity. Furthermore, Manning, R., Sciacca and Alford, 201) thinks that small business have also started using these methods. It enabled them to expand their operations. Apart from this, there are many new small businesses that has sustained. It is because of using strategic planning. Moreover, it has been analysed that there is sufficient amount of resources left by companies, when they developed goals and objectives by using strategic planning. Any business requires effective plans to expand in market by producing goods. Features of goods are modified to attract large number of people. It also supports in identifying growth areas where those products can be delivered to people. However, transforming way of formulating strategies has motivated small business to expand. According to Paik and Zhu, 2016 this has resulted in intense competition in the market as every business is able to expand successfully. It has enabled them to develop specific objectives according to organisation performance and capabilities. This gave positive results in terms of company’s growth and successful implementation of strategy.

2) Outline potential Database administrator research perspectives which could be adopted by business for future sustainability

Database administrator role is to use certain software that helps in planning, organising, etc. in an organisation. It helps managers to implement strategies so that goals and objectives can be achieved. So as said by Morrison, Lee and Leskey, 2016, business must adopt some Database administrator software so that it can sustain for longer term. Besides this, it will help in enhancing their efficiency in operations. Moreover, many changes have occurred in recent times. This is due to implementation of new methods and software. As per view of Cliff and Bejaei, 20180, adoption of Database administrator software has transformed the developing is strategies. Resources have been utilised in effective way so that goals can be achieved. A clear objective must be made so that company can follow it and Apple Inc must develop several objectives to sustain in the market.

These objectives are as follows:-

Apple Inc must improve their services so that it can increase customer's satisfaction. This will help company to retain them. Thus, it is said by Sales, Schwartz, and Baxter, 2017, that by improving service quality companies are able to retain their customer. They are able to maintain customer base. This has made it easy for them to achieve their goals and objectives. It is very essential for company to maintain product quality as it helps in creating loyal customers. For this organisation have to make modifications in their strategies. It can be done via balance scorecard or strategic mapping. In a research conducted by Baldi, Moser and Si-Ammour, 2017, it is been observed that balance scorecard has become a successful tool to business in developing strategies. It has created a platform, from where by analysing performance plans can be made. Besides this, Dissanayake and Amarasuriya, 2015 has to agree with the fact that database administrator tool are becoming popular in large organisations. By taking the help of balance scorecard, companies get to know about their potential. With this, they can take further steps to expand business operations. Rogers, Walker and Devitt, 2017, said that there has been significant shift in doing business. It is due to including technology in operations. In addition, time has changed. Now strategies can be compared and alternative measures are taken to minimise risk of getting failure. By providing accurate data consultants have identified threats and opportunities. For this strategies are developed.

There is some research done on this. One of research done by Sturge-Apple, Suor and Rogosch, 2016, shows that how Database administrator contain some advanced features that enables business to develop strategy. Database administrator collect data and information from various sources. It then provides this to analyse situation. In addition, the process of strategy development is made easier. That is why different types of Database administrator are available for different industries. Apple Inc can use this for future. It will help in growing in different markets according to their business performance. However, it will ensure that Apple Inc can emerge as big brand and again compete with competitors. With this, the cited firm can modify their goals and objectives. Therefore, it was being observed by Yadav, Malik and Sharma, 2016 that the implementation of balance score card while developing strategy has provided ease in business operations. It has given tool to grow for long time but at slow rate. Moreover, it was elucidated by Krens, Schaartm and Schouten, 2015 that it many tech companies have sustained in the market due to changing their way of developing strategy. It has shown new way by which modifications can be made.

According to Dhir, Walia and Hallan, 2015 Database administrator supports in doing appropriate research so that data and information can be obtained. Thus, by using these, data strategy is developed. It supports in evaluating each department functions and productivity. With this, overall organisation growth strategy is developed. Sometimes, for each function, different strategies are formulated. It helps in determining specific goals and objectives. This becomes easy to integrate an overall department effort for achieving mission and vision. It has allowed them to implement it in an effective way so that company’s goals and objectives can be achieved. With this it has become easy to make improvements in weak areas.

As per view of Durand, Allard and Costes, 2017 it is been analysed that the importance of Database administrator organisation has raised. They are playing role of manager in which continuous monitoring of strategy is there. For this various measures are taken. This helps in implementing strategy in an effective way. Paik and Zhu, 2016 elucidated that rise in use of BSC will be very helpful for companies in the future. With this they can survive for long term.

Reflection For Employability Enhancement And Leadership

1) Realise the critical thinking and core capabilities needed to achieve this consultancy task

The role of strategic consultant was given to me by Apple Inc., to develop a strategy by using balance score care and strategic gap methods. Therefore, I performed my task in an effective manner. I was able to develop an effective strategy for organisation. For this, I used my experience and skills. For developing strategies, high level of skills and capabilities are needed. Besides this, strong communicating power and high thinking level is required. This will help in analysing situation and then developing strategies. In addition, with this the evaluation of strategy is required to be done. It helps in finding out strengths and weakness of strategy and how it will support organisation to achieve its goals and objectives. I am having those skills and abilities that were required to develop strategy. Also, in was having some experience of strategic consultant. This helped me to take this challenge as I had to develop a strategy for Apple Inc this company was a market leader once upon a time. Therefore, I was given responsibility to again make this thing possible. '

In strategy planning, the most important capability required is high level of thinking. Each thing has to be critically analysed so that strategy can be developed. I am having a strong mindset has helped me to take this assignment. I analysed that skills that I am having is not sufficient for this. Apart from this, experience is also required for doing this type of assignment. I do not possess those skills but still I gave my best efforts to do this and also I was successful. It gave me an opportunity to make career in this field. I have to analyse various things of Apple Inc. first of all I collected data and information from the market. Then, I separated market on basis of their profits. This helped me to identify in whom market Apple Inc. was having strong competitive advantage and where it was lacking.

2) Evaluate your current knowledge, skills and competencies for completing this consultancy assignment

The assignment given to me was completed in given time period. This is because I am having enough skills and knowledge as strategy consultant. I am having knowledge of various subjects related to different types of strategies. In addition, I know that which strategy is followed and when. I am also having experience of 3-4 years as strategic consultant. I can effectively communicate with managers and employees. I am having problem solving skills that helps me to

Communication skills- I can effectively communicate with managers and other persons. This helps me in developing effective strategies and communicating to others. Also, I am able to

Strategic planning ability – I am capable enough to do strategic planning. This helps me to select the best strategy for organisation.

Problem solving skills - I can easily solve problems by finding out alternative solutions. I solve problems by critically analysing it. Also, I find out pros and cons of each solution before implementing it.

Analytical skills – I am easily able to solve and visualise complex and complicated problems effectively. This helps me to take better decisions from the given information and data.

Team working skills – I can easily work in a team to complete given task or project. This makes me an effective team member.

I completed my assignment in given time period. This was possible because of skills and knowledge that I possess. I was able to develop effective strategy by analysing the overall problem of Apple Inc. I was given time scale of 2 weeks for this. By communicating with managers I figured it out the current situation of organisation. By using my analytical skills I tried to solve existing problems of company. In this I found out alternative solutions. By using team-working skills I worked with managers to discuss with them on how strategy can be implemented. In addition, I worked with employees to collect data and information. At last I used my strategic planning skills to develop strategy. It helped me to create an effective strategy by using my all skills and knowledge. Besides this, I also developed several measures that can be taken in case of failure of strategy. Thus, in this way I completed my task in given time period.

This was because I was having effective skills and knowledge to achieve this. I was having experience of 3-4 years in developing strategies. In addition, I was having knowledge of various subjects related to industries and market condition. I am having effective skills of research methods

3) Review the related leadership skills required for future personal development and career accession

I need to enhance my leadership skills and knowledge for career advancement. It will help me to grow and develop. I also require gaining these skills so that I can become a successful leader in the future. The leadership skills that I need to develop is participative. I must allow employees to take part in decision-making. It will help me to get their views and thoughts and accordingly I can assign task to them. In addition, with this I will be able to find out issues among employees. I need to adopt transformational leadership style so that I can effectively communicate with top management regarding goals and objectives. This will help me to increase my confidence level and create strong relationship with them. In addition, I will learn how to communicate with them. With this, I will be able to put a bigger picture of organisation vision. It will help me to evaluate how organisation vision can be achieved. It will help to gain more knowledge and skills of leadership.

I can become a good leader if I can learn various leadership styles. This will help me to adopt different leadership style according to situations. I will become flexible in making changes in my leadership styles. Along with this, I will be able to apply two leadership styles at same time. This will help me to become a great leader. I can set an example to others on how leadership style can be quickly changed and adopted by a person. It will help me in the future. I will be experienced enough to work as a role of leader in big organisations. Therefore, having qualities and traits of leader I will eligible to lead a team. It will support me in future development. I can become a good leader if my way of leading team is successful. I can also find out how leadership style can have both negative and positive impact on employees.

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From this report, it is concluded that Apple Inc is now getting stiff competition from various other companies. For this, they need to develop strategy so that it can help Apple Inc to survive for longer term in the market. Moreover, for developing strategy, balance scorecard method is used. It will help in developing effective strategy. Besides this, another method is used that is strategy mapping. It has given effective outcomes as companies are able to grow. It has improved their efficiency to a large extent. Now every operation is performed on basis of strategy developed. Strategies are the main pillars for company to grow. It provides them a way through which operation should be performed. These strategies are developed according to market condition and current performance of organisation. 

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