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UKCBC Human Resource Management Assignment

612 Downloads I Published: 25 Mar ,2020


In modern era the competitive ratio has been advanced to great context so it is necessary to have evolution of key standards in terms of organisational capabilities. In order to have advance organisational values the businesses in retail sector are having implication of digital tools. In respect to have appropriate consideration of such values the use of mobile application has also been advanced in recent years. Number of businesses are using mobile phone and application system for promotion of business (Yang, 2012). It allows to improve the customer satisfaction by offering an easiness to customers. Organisations are having promotion of products and services according to use of mobile technology.

Use of applications allow customers to have access to products in easy manner from anywhere. It provide quality services and time saving strategy for the business. It has forced experts to analyse the factors which are motivating companies to expand business in terms of mobile technology (Yang and Kim, 2012). It is also essential to explore the results which can be attained by business firm through using mobile application. It has also enhanced the researcher morale to conduct a study on impact of mobile application on the shopping experience of customers: A study on Sainsbury PLC. Along with this, the selection of organisation as a Sainsbury was appropriate because company is continuously having improvement in mobile technology. Also, number of promotional campaigns are being arranged on mobile application of Sainsbury.

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Research Aim

“To assess the impact of mobile application on the shopping experience of customers: A study on Sainsbury PLC”.

Research Objectives

  • To identify the key trends which are associated with use of mobile application
  • To evaluate the link between customer shopping and usage of mobile application
  • To determine factors associated with consumer shopping behaviour
  • To recommend ways that allows to improve mobile application development for better shopping experience of customers within Sainsbury PLC.

Research Questions

  • How mobile application is offering easiness to customers?
  • What are key factors which impacts the customer shopping behaviour?
  • How mobile application development can be advanced for better shopping experience of customers within Sainsbury PLC?

Literature Review

As per the view of Xu, Peak and Prybutok, (2015), Mobile shopping is imperative in shopper's conduct since today is the essential need of exceptionally clients. Buyer are spending a great deal of cash from their advanced mobile phones. Presently day's portable is imperative for corporate parts, businesspeople or all over the place. Advanced cells increment their request step by step and its motivation expanding the deal and satisfy client request. Versatile shopping have turned out to be vital for some individuals all through the world. Eberhardt (2017) has contended that the capacity to keep touch with buyers, business partner and access to email it is the main a purpose behind expanding the significance of purchaser conduct. Phones giving dependable and of high calibre of versatile remote innovation. Cell phone step by step accompanying new creative innovation in the market. So why purchaser are more draw in on versatile shopping.

According to Dacko (2017), shopping conduct of individual will assume an essential part that whether the individual will settle on buying either sort of item and administration from any portable shopping site. It has higher reliance of appropriation of use. How individuals see the application made by an organization. In addition, their inclination on buying of the item and administration will rely upon circumstance cost they tend to discover higher in getting it from that point. It has been explored by the Chang (2015) that where the client has bring down engaged with its conveying procedure and they can settle on speedy and quick basic leadership, in these cases they have a tendency to get their items from online application store. Additionally, bring down costs are likewise a vital viewpoint that is generally considered by the client. Utilization of portable application and positive customer conduct can be connected to some particular results of low association and basic leadership, for example, cleanser, cleansers, toothbrush, or any sort of goods and house hold material and so on.

Xu, Peak and Prybutok, (2015), contended that client conduct additionally has higher reliance on helpfulness of the application. The versatile application must be planned in such a way, to the point that a few information or usefulness helps in making an improvement in the way of life of the client. Other imperative part of customer conduct can be as practical, enthusiastic, social and epistemic. The advertisers can help in creating viable behavioural expectations. All the versatile administration applications go about as a driver to fortify the clients to make buys.

As per the view of Eberhardt (2017), the significance of cell phone has expanded rivalry in remote administrations industry, they making a PDA minimal effort and simple to utilize. Cell phone approaches relatively created nations and it give remote administrations to the clients. The development of remote administration through to the cell phone. The majority of the general population incline toward some advanced mobile phones in light of its office of web and online networking highlights. The cell phone advertise is making awesome effect on the UK financial. There are in excess of billion individuals in UK who have bought in to cell phones. Dacko (2017), has said that the goal of mobile shopping to recognizable proof of client observation towards portable set and breaking down the best most inclinations item includes and distinguish the brand inclinations. Mobile correspondence today is speedier and best path correspondence in the UK. It has moved toward becoming security instrument of for ladies. At introduce deal telephones is more prominent than the advanced mobile phones expanding a request of PDAs quick in the UK financial. There are numerous organization which are giving a PDAs most recent new innovation.

As per view of Chang (2015), mobile application utilization and past shopping background likewise chooses that whether one individual will make buys from a specific application or not. Identity attribute, level of utilization of versatile application and power of trust on it additionally helps in choosing that whether that what sort of shopping conduct will an individual convey to serve the necessities of the organization which work on a portable application. Different elements tending to the client shopping conduct is identified with positive thinking, frailty and creativity which straightforwardly influences the impression of people. It likewise helps in finding out that whether the individual will consent to make any buys in future or not. It will help in understanding the connection amongst clients and versatile application and their goal of buys from the same.


Research Design

In order to have effective accomplishment of the present research the descriptive research will be taken into account. By having an effective consideration of such values the research issues can be overcome in desired manner (Creswell, 2013). Along with this, descriptive collection of data can be taken into account which allows to have effective analysis as well. It assist in meeting the standards and ensure that objectives framed for the study are being accomplished.

Research Approach

Selection of approach is referred as one of most critical aspect for every study. In addition to this, researcher will have focus on Interpretivism values for better accomplishment of the present study. It is referred as an approach which provides evidence based learning about the subject. In this, subjective values can also be attained in desired manner (Daniel and Sam, 2011). By having a consideration of such approach the impact of mobile application on shopping experience of customers can be evaluated significantly. Using such kind of practice the standardisation of research study can be accomplished.

Research Philosophy

In order to have effective accomplishment of research study the experts need to focus on proper selection of research philosophy. It has been noticed that inductive and deductive philosophy are being designed to meet the expectations of studies as per their nature. In respect to the present study, it can be said that selection of inductive philosophy will be taken into account (Flick, 2011). With an assistance of this, the results can be attained in desired manner and ensure that standards are being well maintained. It also assist in demonstrating the key elements that affects the shopping experience and its relation with use of mobile application.

Research Type

In addition to this, it can be said that qualitative measures of research will be considered for betterment of present study. With an assistance of this, in-depth analysis can be taken into account so that measures can be accomplished. It has been witnessed that consideration of research type aspects is also essential for experts. By having a reference of qualitative measures the theoretical presentation of values related to the factors of mobile application (Goddard and Melville, 2004). Qualitative study also helps in make sure that graphical presentation of data has been referred to improve the understanding about the subject.

Data Collection Method

In order to have effective collection of data, present study will be focused on primary and secondary data collection. By having an effective consideration of such values the gathering of data can be accomplished in desired manner. In addition to this, it can be said that questionnaire will be framed on the basis of objectives to support primary data collection. On the other hand, access to diverse sources like books, journals, online sources will be considered factors related to secondary data collection (Jackson, 2008). Authentic and reliable data will be gathered with a help of secondary and primary data collection. In this, it will be make sure that secondary sources accessed are related to mobile application use and its impact on customer shopping.

Sampling technique

In order to provide support to primary data the random sampling will be taken into account so that objectives can be accomplished. For effective collection of primary information the experts has focused on Sainsbury store, London where responses will be gathered from 100 customers. By having an effective consideration of such measures the outcome can be accomplished in desired manner.

Data Analysis

By having a reference of thematic approach the data analysis will be taken into account. In this, different themes will be framed by the experts on the basis of questionnaire designed and objectives. It allows to have impressive analysis of data collected and meet the outcome in desired manner.

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Expected Outcome

From the above study, it is being expected that key standards of research work will be well maintained in regard to have proper outcome. It has been noticed that experts are focused towards ethical values of research so they have also considered methodology as critical learning. One of key expected outcome of the study is to have understanding about the mobile application. It has been noticed that by having an effective consideration of mobile application use the issues can be resolved in desired manner (Yang, 2012). In addition to this, it can be said that present study will also provide learning about different trends which are being referred by management of Sainsbury to improve the shopping experience of customers. By having an effective consideration of such values the issues can be resolved so that goals and objectives can be taken into account.

Other than this, it is also being expected from the present report that link between customer shopping and usage of mobile application can also be identified in significant manner. By having an appropriate consideration of such measures business can easily understand the factors that promotes mobile shopping (Yang and Kim, 2012). With an assistance of this, key standards in terms of online shopping the overall valuation can be taken into account. It will assist Sainsbury to have improvement in its process and ensure to meet the standards.


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