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Total Quality Management (TQM) Assignment

6766Downloads1 I Published: 17 Feb ,2020

In the present context to accomplish the mission and goals of the organization there are various factors that need to be considered that is structure, culture as well as processes that require to be align to achieve success (Oakland, 2014). The different characteristics of effective organization include open communication, clear direction, effective quality as well as engaging in teamwork. For the present essay the selected organisation is Jaguar leading company in the automotive industry that deals in manufacturing the luxurious vehicles for the premium segment customers. Along with this, the essay focuses on the critically evaluating the Total Quality Management (TQM) approach within the cited organisation that can be used in improving the effectiveness of the organisation.

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Concept of Total Quality Management (TQM)

Total quality management: The basic principle of managing all business operations in such a manner that they help in improving quality of the product simultaneously is total quality management technique. Specific to production line industries, Jaguar also adopts this technique for meeting its customer demands and expectations. No special evaluation and monitoring is needed in this management principle (Ho, 2006). The product is continuously improved and executed in markets. It is solely based on customer requirements. This helps Jaguar to attain better market share and greater customer retention. Moreover, assurance of great quality is guaranteed by the company to its clients. It also endeavour the commitment level among the staff so that they may perform the activities in the proper manner that accomplishes the mutual goal that is improving the quality of their services that rendered with the constant improvement in their production systems.

Quality being an important parameter in eyes of purchasers; has to be improved and managed effectively by manufacturers. With increasing competition, threats of substitution are increasing rapidly (Mitra, 2016). This means that clients want full satisfaction for the amount they are paying regarding a product. Jaguar has been concentrating on giving high end classy cars which are available to high income groups. Hence, value for money expectations are more with the company. Employees working for the organisation are encouraged and motivated to work effortlessly in the direction of achieving smooth production. This in turn produces best quality product and services through total quality management technique.

Different principles of TQM

In order to accomplish the expectation and requirement of customers TQM plays significant role as it focuses on the core value of improving the quality of their auto parts that they are manufacturing so that they may easily meet the requirement of customers. As per the view of Davenport (2013) there are different principles of TQM that would be focused by the management of Jaguar that is producing quality auto-parts for their luxurious car. The key aim of principles is to focus on the practices that ensure change in the long term goals so that they may provide cohesive sight for resisting and managing the change. Another principle of approach include that company key focus is on the requirement of their customers. Along with this it may also include encouraging or promoting the mutual respect as well as teamwork among the staff manufacturing unit so that they may engage in the quality activities.

Customer focused organization

Every company is depended on their customers. Jaguar also focuses on providing different products to meet their customers need. To fulfilling their customers they produced different type of auto parts in their luxurious car. In order to gain their customers satisfaction they offer quality in their products. Organization focused on quality that exceeds customers exceptions. They gather information consistently by research group, market studies and meetings with in order to remain close to customers taste.

Continuous improvement

Customers exception are never constant. Continuous improvement is permanent objectives of Jaguar. Company always focus on that to give better quality of products by applying high level strategy and decisions making process to perform continuous improvements they apply lean method on their productions so establishment can eliminate defects products from their production.

Employees empowerment

People at every level of company need to be satisfied so they give better work to organization. By using TQM the company increasing its employees involvements in the production process. Workers are empowered to make decisions regarding related to quality of products. By using this method company can achieve its high quality in their products. It is logical process which aid effective decisions on company's production departments.

Measuring performance:

Measuring performance help company is identify those factors which leads to increasing performance of company. Bu measuring performance of company employees they increasing performance and productivity of organization. It also includes compare standards performance to actual performance of company's products. By setting benchmark of their and comparing their previous performances with their products they measure performances of their products. By using this technique company remove defects from their work and increasing productivity.

Suppliers relationship:

An organization and its suppliers should mutually benefit from a business. TQM helps to company to manage its suppliers relations by ensuring suppliers contribution in quality practices. Jaugar build strong suppliers relationships by creating a list of potential partners which help to company to provide the best material to institution. They also build a team to work fot the development of new relations with their suppliers. The benefits of these techniques is created value for both parties and meet customers exceptions.

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The concept of continuous improvement by TQM

It has been assessed that the concept of TQM is mainly concerned with continuous improvement in the activities and work within the organisation from the strategic planning to their implementation. From the approach of TQM Hajmohammad and (2013) has belief that errors would be avoided as well as it may also prevent the Jaguar company from the defect. Along with this the concept of quality management would also lead to continuous amendment in the activities of automobile company that directly outcome in amending their capabilities, processes, technology etc. so that they may easily manufacture the quality automobile parts for their luxurious products.

From the view point of Duggan (2005) the concept of continuous improvement not only concentrate on improving the process or results but it may also amend the capabilities of Jaguar staff in producing or manufacturing the optimum and quality products and parts in the future. Ultimately the continuous improvement by TQM approach within the Jaguar company mainly concentrate on engaging in generation of demand, supply, up gradation of technology so that operational staff within the company can easily manufacture the hybrid technological cars, enhancing the level of operation (What Is Meant by Customer Expectations?, 2008). Therefore, it may results in reducing the wastage of resources and TQM also enhances the capability of their staff through engaging in building teamwork, commitment, trust etc. therefore, it benefit the automobile organisation in improving their operational structure of manufacturing the quality and luxurious cars for the customers. According to Kaizen (2008) engaging in the Total quality management approach is associated with the continuous improvement that mainly outcome in the activities that reduces the cost related with manufacturing with constant increase in the quality of their products. The quality assurance staff monitors and review their quality through quality gateways and if the manufactured part do not meet the standard it would get eliminated. Therefore, with TQM it results in attaining the continuous improvement within their operational processes that eliminate the extra overhead cost associated with maintaining quality.

Whereas, the key focus of continuous improvement concept on Jaguar is that it mainly focuses on reducing the time period of the operation within the manufacturing process so that it may overcome the error and problems (Introduction and implementation of total quality management, 2017). Along with this the key benefit of continuous improvement also focuses on minimizing the volume of scrap that is generated while engaging in the manufacturing processes.

Implementation of TQM at Jaguar

Within the automobile industry implementing TQM approach is regarded as an effective approach that assess the current reality of the organization and engage in the quality performance within the processes. Through considering the views of Doz and Prahalad (2013) it has been stated that approach also support the performance of all the functions and activities of department so that staff may render proper services within the manufacturing process that exceeds the expectation and requirement of the customers. The implementation of Total Quality Management at Jaguar focuses on different steps that mainly include determining the activities that need to be done, devising new structure within the processes, processing strategies for constructing the commitment, scheming mechanisms to communicate the change and the last step ensure allocating the resources (Bojanic, 2015).

The foremost step in implementation of TQM within automobile organisation include determining the tasks through studying the current quality standard within the organisation and the quality that need to be maintained by the company in the future so that they may avoid or overcome the level of scrap. As per the view of Hawkins, Majeau‐Bettez and Strømman (2013) another step in implementation of TQM include creating different quality team and modifying the structure so that staff or superior within the organisation can easily maintain the quality through constant monitoring their manufacturing activities. With the help of creating adequate management structure within the Jaguar it may lead or direct the company in driving change or improvement within the company. Third step in the implementation of TQM at Jaguar include assessing the need of change within the manufacturing process as in order to gain competitive position in the automobile industry they need to meet the expectation and needs of the customers (Gimenez-Espin, Jiménez-Jiménez and Martínez-Costa, 2013). Therefore, with the increase in purchase of premium cars Jaguar need to measure the requirement and them implement within their process.

The need of change must be communicated by the management to the staff so that they may constant increase their efficiency and effectiveness through performing the require activities numerous of the times. For communicating the change to staff within the unit management must engage in conducting meeting of staff and other operational level staff so that they may engage in inputting their views and thoughts to measure and improve the quality of their devices and automobile parts. Therefore, it may Another step in the implementation of the TQM include defining the vision whose key aim is to enhance the satisfaction level of customers with engaging in the improvement within the quality of their products that is luxurious cars. According to Kwon, Lee and Shin (2014) management of the cited firm also describe the standard of service through which they can easily transform the organisational vision into the desirable outcome.

While implementing the TQM approach within the organisation management must also engage in developing and creating the quality strategy in which the manufactured unit is tested through quality gateway so that it may easily assess the level of wastage within the unit (Duggan, 2005). Therefore, implementing the TQM programme and practices within the Jaguar it has been assessed that it amend the systems and processes within the unit that directly engage in enhancing the brand image in the global care industry.

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Total quality management (TQM) can be used to improve the effectiveness of an organisation

Within the automobile industry Total Quality Management is consider as an effective approach that assist the company to get prevented from the problems and errors that reduces overhead cost of the company. As per the view of Dubey and Gunasekaran (2015) engaging in the TQM it benefit the automobile organisation in strengthening their position in the global automobile industry. As, with the implementation of this approach quality aspect has been taken into the consideration that results in manufacturing the quality and non-defective units in the manufacturing department. Therefore, this will strengthen their brand image among the rival companies.

Along with this, Manhawy and Montaser (2013) has also stated that growing awareness of the quality products and unit support in gaining the competitive advantage through manufacturing high quality products as it outcome in reducing the financial costs of the Jaguar and results in attaining the effectiveness among the organization. On the contrary to this, Pereira-Moliner and (2012) has stated that implementing TQM approach may consider as long term approach as the outcome of the quality process is been shown after the years. Along with this, it has been also stated that TQM approach within the Jaguar may also results in improving the operational services of Jaguar that benefit in enhancing the effectiveness through attaining the competitive advantage. With the help of this approach and strategy it allow the automobile organisation engage in improving their operation that results in increasing the productivity of the organisation (What Is Meant by Customer Expectations?, 2008). Therefore, it is said that TQM proves that for decreasing the costs this is consider as an effective approach that enhances the level of productivity with amending the quality of their manufactured car products and parts.

Along with this, for improving the effectiveness of Jaguar TQM also plays significant role as it engage in the development of organisation. The approach focuses on changing the culture of organisation through providing training and knowledge regarding maintaining the quality among their processes and systems. In consideration with this, management focuses on devising the quality control department that look after the quality of their products and automobile parts. From the view point of Ugboro and Obeng (2000) it has been assessed that concentrating on the quality aspect lead to engage in the proactive culture whose key purpose is to prevent the manufacturing process of Jaguar in such a manner that it may overcome the mistakes and defective products. In addition to this, with the development of organisation it may also lead in proper engagement of team within the organisation that ensure sharing of knowledge among the cross department and unit that results in performing the activities in proper manner that directly contribute in improving the effectiveness of the automobile organisation.

It has been further evaluated that extent through which Total Quality Management (TQM) can be used to improve the effectiveness of organisation include through managing the quality of products that are supplied by the supplier within the Jaguar. The company have numerous of supplier in the different region that supplies the materiel or auto parts to Jaguar for the manufacturing luxurious and hybrid cars to the premium segment customers (Introduction and implementation of total quality management, 2017). Thus, engaging the managing the quality of products and auto parts provided by supplier may also results in improving the effectiveness of organisation as it ensure manufacturing of car with non-defective or faulty auto parts. The key benefit of using this approach is that it ensure utilization and optimization of the resources so that it may overcome the ratio of defective items within the manufacturing unit.

In addition to this, TQM approach may also be used while engaging in designing of the products that is cars so that they may easily engage in framing the effective design that is significant for the Jaguar performance. From the view point of Wang, Chen and Chen (2012) while designing the product quality aspect need to be engaged or built in the process so that they may engage in designing the effective model for their car that assists the company in reducing their costs in the processes (Hajmohammad and, 2013). The key aim of product design process is that to design an effective design In order to improve the effectiveness within manufacturing unit of Jaguar it focuses on engaging in product design so that it may easily accomplishes and fulfil the luxurious and leisure expectation of the customers. Quality Function Deployment (QFD) as with the help of this tool management can easily translate the requirement of customers into the process. With the help of this it also enhances the communication channel among the different department that is marketing, operational etc. therefore, with the help of this and engaging RQM approach in the product design unit would improve the effectiveness of automobile organisation.

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According to Doz and Prahalad (2013) it has been stated that implementing Kaizen theory of total quality management also assists the Jaguar company in maintaining the quality of their auto parts as well as other services that are rendered by the organisation. It has been assessed that for enhancing and amending the effectiveness of organisation within the automobile industry they are required to deliver the quality products to the premium customers. From the view point of Hawkins, Majeau‐Bettez and Strømman (2013) implementing Kaizen theory in the manufacturing unit of Jaguar that engage in integrating their activities so that they may easily enhance the level of satisfaction among the customers through providing them quality and hybrid cars for the premium segment customers along with reducing the amount of waste resources. On the other hand, Gimenez-Espin, Jiménez-Jiménez and Martínez-Costa (2013) has also stated that implementing Kaizen strategies within the Jaguar it assists in amending the performance of managerial personnel at each and every level within the organisation. It is also observed that if the staff within the process are effective trained and having competent skill then it may lead to deliver effective services that results in quality production.


From the above essay it has been concluded that in the service industry quality plays significant role as it meet the expectation and requirement of customers through providing them required products. In addition to this it has been also sum up that in the automobile industry total quality management plays significant role as it ensure engaging in manufacturing the quality auto parts for their luxurious cars that assists in meeting the expectation and demand of customers. Along with this, essay also focuses on evaluating and managing the quality approach within the organisation that assists in improving the services and activities of the cited firm so that they may easily enhance their effectiveness. In addition to this, it also ensure proper implementation of the TQM approaches within the unit so that it may easily enhance the quality of their process that eliminate and overcome the wastage within the manufacturing unit.


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