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Best Student Finance England (SFE) Sample for Students

12291Downloads1 I Published: 21 Jan ,2017

Introduction to SFE

Student Finance England (SFE) is the organization that provides loan to the students for the purpose of carrying out their studies in an effective manner (Student Finance England, 2015). There is greater role of SFE is offering financial assistance to the students of London School of Business Management. This management school is the academic heart of London which offers full time undergraduate as well as postgraduate degree courses in different fields. Due to lack of financial problems there is greater need for the students to apply for Loan so that they are satisfying their requirements in an effective manner (Pennell and West, 2005). The students at this school are culturally diverse and dynamic. In the present era, the quality of studies are largely depends on the amount of money that is being spent on. Every individual is not capable enough to carry out studies in big business schools. For this various institutions such as Student Finance England have came into existence. The aim of such companies is to offer support to the students in carrying out their studies in best manner without any hindrances.

In the proposed investigation on role of Student Finance England for London School of Business Management tuition fee would be discussed. Further the report includes reviews of scholars who have carried out investigation in past on the relevant topic. Moreover the proposed investigation includes methodology that can be used for carrying out the investigation forward for the accomplishment of research objective.

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Importance of (SFE) Student finance England, for funding student of LSBM tuition fee

As per the view point of Black and Duhon, 2006 educational loan which is provided by various financial institutions plays a significant role for the students. It acts as a final resort which provides more assistance to individual in the further educational program. In accordance with the view point of Dearden and, 2008 institutions such as SFE makes vital contribution in the growth and development aspects of students.

Such kind of institutions provides opportunity to the students to complete their studies by offering educational loan at very concessional rates. These institutions enable students to secure their future by accomplishing their further studies. SFE plays a vital contribution in the continuance of studies of the students. Through completion of their studies students become able to earn more money in near future and thereby raise their standard of living. In addition to this, students who possess high level of skills, efficiency and competencies become able to take admission in top level educational institutions. Moreover, students are unable to take admission in renowned institutions due to lack of fund. In this situation, institution that provides educational loan to students provides financial assistance to them. These institutions enable students to complete their studies and attain success in the near future.

Different types of loans offered by Students Finance England

Student Finance England mainly offers three types of loan which provides more assistance to students in the completion of their studies. In accordance with the view point of Varghese, 2008 it has been examined that there are various types of students to whom the loan is being offered by the company. This includes part time students, new full time students and continuing full time students. In accordance with the needs and demands of these students the loan is provided by the Students finance England. It has been determined that with the presence of facilities as per requirement the students can perform with effectiveness.

Issues in the organization that can affect students’ life

There is existence of several issues within the organization that has huge impact on the life of the student. In accordance with the views of Callender, 2006 it has been examined that there is greater delay in payment which acts as major issue for the student in carrying out their studies to a greater extent. It has been determined that due to presence of lengthy process delay is made in making payment of loan amount. Archer, Hutchings and Ross, 2005 asserts that in addition to this there is another major issue in related with lack of follow of staff. This is major issue as such result is ineffectiveness in resolving the issues of the students to a greater extent. Due to this students face huge problems and thus are unable to carry out their studies in an effective manner.

As per the views of Starkey and Tiratsoo, 2007 it has been gained that due to ineffectiveness in management if the data there are several issues being faced in relation with loss of data. This has greater impact on the students’ studies ad further results in non fulfillment of their future goals and targets.

Reresearch Methodology

In the proposed investigation the collection of data will be done through primary as well as secondary sources. Therefore for the purpose of analyzing the role of (SFE) Student finance England, for funding student of LSBM tuition fee questionnaire will be devised. Further themes will be developed from the responses gained through survey in order reach at a valid conclusion. Moreover use of journals, books as well as online articles will be made with the aim to collect secondary data (Sondargaared, 2015).

Factors that contributes to the process of research project selection

There is presence of several factors that has acted as an aid in contributing towards selection of specific research project. Such has been enumerated in the manner below:

Scope of the investigation: It has been determined that the proposed investigation has wider scope and due to this the researcher has selected the present topic.

Interest of the scholar: This is regarded as major factor that has contributed in selection of research project. This is in relation with interest of the researcher. The selection of topic has been done as the researcher possesses interest in the project.

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Contemporary issues: It is regarded as major factor that facilitates the researcher in making selection of the research project in an effective manner.

Research limitation

There are certain limitations in relation to the present investigation. This is in relation to lack of time. As there is greater importance in accomplishing the investigation within particular duration of time thus every aspect under research might not be accomplished (Remelts, 2015). This affects the quality of the investigation, its scope and value. Another major limitation is with respect to size of sample. In the proposed research the size of sample is small therefore the outcomes attained might not fit to the whole population in universe.


While conducting a primary research some ethical issues need to be considered. Some of the ethical issues that commonly discussed in research are as follows:

  • Non issue of respondents’ details- It is a responsibility of the researcher to ensure that personal information of the respondents will not be shared. In other words, it can be said that he must take an appropriate measures in order to ensure that no one other than him can access personal information of respondents.
  • No use of coercion- Researcher also needs to make that he will not collect any information from researcher by coercing him. If such act is committed then it is treated as unethical behavior.    
  • Abstain from insisting other for sharing an information- It is also ethical responsibility of the researcher to make sure that if anyone does not wants give an sort of information then he will not force other person to provide information that he does not intends to share.  
  • In order to maintain ethical aspects data is collected from the copyright sources.  
  • Confidentiality or information about the respondents are not be disclosed by the researcher.
  • There is no manipulation have made in the responses of questionnaire.

Resource sample

In this research sample of 25 students of London school of business management is taken in order to derive perfect results from research. Gantt chart is also added in order to conduct research in right way.

This particular section includes the research methodology that offers detail knowledge with respect to the techniques that would be employed by the scholar in order to attain research objective. This assist the researcher in carrying out the investigation through identification of the role of (SFE) Student finance England, for funding student of LSBM tuition fee. The various tools have been enumerated in the manner below:

Research approach: Research approach is referred to as plan and procedures for investigation. The research approach is categorized into two. This includes deductive and inductive approach (Kothari, 2011). Thus with the assistance of this desired targets can be achieved in an effective manner.

Research design: It is regarded as the blue print that assists in carrying out the investigation forward. There are several types of research design. This includes exploratory, descriptive, explanatory etc. In the proposed investigation on role of (SFE) Student finance England, for funding student of LSBM tuition fee descriptive research design will be employed. With this the researcher is able to draw valid conclusion from the investigation in an effective manner.

Data collection

For the purpose of collecting data both primary as well as secondary data sources will be used. This is in order to gather useful information for the purpose of investigation. In the present investigation the technique of questionnaire would be employed (Harrison and Reilly, 2011). This would act as an aid in gathering the responses of the students in an effective manner. Secondary data collection will be done from various sources that include books, journals as well as online sources.

Research technique and sample size

In this research qualitative techniques are used for data collection. The technique of sampling that would be used in the present investigation is related with probability sampling (Hill, 2007). Under this simple random sampling will be used. This is because it offers equal opportunity to each person in getting selected as sample. The size of sample will be 25 students of London school of business management who has availed services of Student Finance England.

On asking the students of London School of Business management on the issues that are being faced by them 10 replied lengthy procedure, 12 says delay in payment is the issue. However 3 say there is no follow up by staff. From the analysis of the responses gained through survey it has been examined that majority of the respondents believes that due to delay in payment the studies of the students are affected to a greater extent. It has been determined that with the existence of delay due to inappropriate information or data loss there is major issue being faced by the students. This has huge impact on their studies and thus these results in affecting their future to a greater extent. 

Interpreting and analyzing the results in terms of original research specification

From the study carried above it has been determined that (SFE) Student finance England, for funding student of LSBM tuition fee. It can be inferred from the investigation that there is huge importance of educational loan in the present era. With the assistance of this one can get quality education in an effective manner. Moreover it act as an aid in supporting financially weaker section of the society in upgrading their knowledge so as to attain better opportunities for future. It has been analyzed from the proposed investigation that there are different t6ypes of students to whom the loan is being offered. This includes part time students, continuing full time and new full time students. The company offers them tuition fees so that they can gain quality education from renowned institutes. There is greater role of Student Finance England in offering opportunity to the students to repay the loan after completing the education. In addition to this they also allow students to repay the amount after they start earning. This acts as a boon for the students in performing their studies in an effective manner.

From the study it has been gained that there are several issues that are being faced by the students while taking loan. This includes delay in payment which affects the studies of the candidate to a greater extent. In addition to this due to ineffective management of the data the useful information is lost. This hampers the process of loan to a significant level.

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It is essential that the issues that are being faced needs to be improved so that effective loan facilities can be provided to the students. This is because such is important in achievement of their future targets in an effective manner. There is greater need of educational loan institutes to improve the process of payment. As such this results in causing delay that hampers the studies of the students to a greater extent. It is important for the company to develop such efficient system that could handle large amount of data in an effective manner. This increases effectiveness of the loan process.


From this project report it has been concluded that SFE plays a vital role in the growth and development of students. It can be seen in the report that it provides financial assistance to the students of London business school at very concessional rate. It makes contribution the development of the career of bright students which also proves to beneficial for the nation.


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