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In this report the HOTS simulation of the chosen organization that is Aqua Hotel has a brief. The strategic plan has discussed which is based on the Hotel Operation tactics and strategy. It is a simulation done in this report which has so many elements such as HOTS folder, HOTS simulation (Pratt and Hahn, 2015.). The past history of the chosen organization has also mentioned and there is a brief about the Bondi beach and its environment. The various theories are introduced with the value chain and also the decision making strategy is explained in this report.


The HOTS simulation is all about the operations tactics and strategies which are used for the betterment of the hotel. Under the subject the HOTS of the Aqua hotel has done for the first year of the hotel. The various theories will help to make sure about the strategies for the management of the hotel. This HOTS has been done to reach the desired aim and objectives of the hotel. The hotel Aqua is placed at Bondi Beach and it provides the food, accommodation and so many other facilities.


The basic strategies and theories for the HOTS simulation can be understand so the Aqua Hotel can improve its system. The various models will clear the status of the organization in this market which can help them to make sure about their existing plans.


To establish and create the positive brand image in the market of hospitality sector.

Sources to identify the environment

HOTS folder/ HOTS simulation- It is a process in which the performance of the Hotel Aqua has to be analysed. The decision making strategies has been made on the basis of the performance. The business plan is made for the first year of the Hotel Aqua in which the marketing plans and organizational plans has been discussed by which the performance will be improved (Pratt and Hahn, 2016.). The predictions and philosophies adopted by the organization to get better outcome after first year.

Past history- The Hotel Aqua has to be placed at Bondi Beach, before the establishment, the past history of that location should be known. If the Hotel already have a branch at some another place, then the performance of the Hotel at that place also should be considered. The previous records of company also to be evaluated for make sure about their performance thus it can make strategies for upgrading its system and productivity.

Actual environment of Bondi Beach- The environment does consider under the evaluation because the climate of that place is so important to be known. The response of the customer to the existing organization has to be recorded.

Theoretical models

The theoretical theories are applied for identifying the requirement of the organization to be established at Bondi Beach (Benckendorff and, 2015). The first model can be taken as Porter's five forces model in which the components based on business environment are discussed and the another model is PESTER analysis which shows the background of that location in different areas like political, environmental etc.

Porters five forces:

Components Status
Threats of new entrants Medium
Threats of substitutes Low
Bargaining power of suppliers Low
Degree of Rivalry High
Bargaining power of consumers High

PESTLE analysis:

Political The political background is so convincing so it makes opportunity for the Organization to make innovations.
Economic Economically the prices of property is quite high so Hotel Aqua can face issues regarding the placement of their Hotel but the population of this area is growing so if the organization makes initiative it will increase their income.
Social The people at Bondi Beach are influenced with the society so the Organization should more focus on low class segments because company have just starts his business at new market.
Technological The technology used by the existing organizations can be better than the Hotel Aqua so new technology should be adopted by the organization because it attracts new customers.
Legal Legally the rules and regulation applied by the government of the Bondi Beach should be known to the management of the Hotel Aqua so this factor more affects the business than organization should focus to be legally correct.
Environmental The environmental facts of that area are quite sensible, the organization should maintain the environment of that area either it is business environment or the physical environment.

Section 2

Vision: - our vision is to be customer’s satisfaction at low cost and build Good relationship with customers.

Mission:-our mission is to create authentic Sea hotels with personalities as identifiable as Distinctive as the guests who placeable with them.

Objective and CSR: - Safety and Security of our employee as well as customers of the organization and our main motive is supply food for every hungry.

Section 3

Decision Making Strategies

Organization have adopted new Strategic for running a successful business in this competitive market environment or set-up a business for longer duration. Organization adopts low cost marketing strategies for set-up a business (Feinstein and Parks, 2014).

Market penetration strategic: - organization adopts market penetration for new customer’s attraction and customer’s retention.

Odd pricing Strategic: - organization adopts odd pricing strategies for running new business and customer’s attraction or reduce the customers Switch problems.

More money Expands on advertisement: - organization Expands more money on Advertisement or marketing for promotion of the organization and customer’s notification and customer’s awareness.

Collect data or feedback of customer: - Collect data or feedback of customer form market through survey or personal interviews of customers.

Focus on employee Retention: - focus on employee Retention or fix employee strategic for the organization and improve the customer’s relationship or employee relation for better understanding of communication (Patiar and, 2017).


As the various strategies by which the aqua hotel can establish their venture at Bondi Beach have described in this report. This can be done for reaching the aims and objectives of the organization. So each part of that the organization should be well operated. Before the establishment the hotel management should aware of the environment so the environmental study is also had a brief in this report. In the next context the various decision making strategies are also discussed in this framework. The theoretical models are also mentioned to understand the various factor about of the location. Each hotel should have the HOTS simulation for increasing the productivity of their organization.


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