When it comes to innovation, Samsung is one brand that can give its competitors a run for their money. Headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul; the revenue generation of the multinational conglomerate is US $208.5+ billion dollars. Founded by Lee Byung-chul, the company has several business subsidiaries with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. being the global giant. The subsidiary was ranked 6th in 2019 as per the brand value. As per the Samsung case study help service providers, this top-most brand has been recently in the news, and therefore, qualifies to be the best choice of professor on which he can ask the Australian students to write a case study.

The brand made its debut on 1st March 1938 (81 years ago), and is specialized in several products, like consumer electronics, telecommunications, home appliances, semiconductors, electronic components, etc. The company offer its services worldwide which clearly indicates that acquiring all the latest updates about the superbrand isn't an easy task. Moreover, at par writing, researching, editing, and proofreading expertise required further add an 'impossible' tag to the case study writing task. In such a scenario, students should seek help from professionals for Samsung case study solutions.

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Samsung Case Study Help: An Insight into the Global Tech-Giant

Samsung is a Korean brand which means ‘three stars’ in English. The electronic subsidiary of Samsung currently operates in more than 80 countries providing employment to 308,745+ people. The company also holds a record of becoming the world’s largest manufacturer by revenue in semi-conductors and consumer electronics. The enterprise made its debut in the electronic industry on 13th January 1969 and has never looked back. The experts providing help with Samsung case study PESTLE analysis and many other topics believe that the mobile phone range of the company proved to be the milestone in the successful journey. Moving on further, let us have an overview of the brand.

Factsheet: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Founder: Lee Byung-chul

Founded: 13th January 1969 (51 years ago)

Headquarter: Suwon, South Korea

Key People: Lee Kun-hee (chairman), Lee Jae-yong (vice-chairman), Kwon Oh-hyun (vice-chairman and CEO), Young Sohn (president)

Area Served: Worldwide

Website: www.samsung.com

Now comes the time to reveal the records that the company holds. Keep scrolling to know more.

  • World’s Largest Television Manufacturer
  • World’s Largest Mobile Phone Manufacturer
  • World’s Largest Manufacturer of Mobile Chips
  • World’s Largest Maker of Semiconductor Chips
  • Second Largest Technology Company as Per Revenue

So, these were some of the attributes that make the brand stand out from the competition. According to the case study writers providing Samsung case study help, the reason of the success lies in the fact that the business analysts perform several strategical methods before launching a product/service. Among different business models, the most widely used are SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis.

The case study writers of Instant Assignment Help Australia shed light on each of the two analysis method one by one. Reading the subsequent section will help you to know that our academic writers have in-depth knowledge about the business models, and therefore, qualify to be the best tutors who can provide help with Samsung case study.

Where to Buy Samsung Case Study on SWOT Analysis? Here Is the Answer!

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It is an analytical tool which is used for decision making and strategic planning. The main motive of the method is to identify the internal factors (Strengths & Weaknesses) and external factors (Opportunities & Threats) for helping an organization in boosting revenue generation. The same is the case with Samsung. The highly-skilled business analysts of the brand overview several factors before they distribute and communicate their products/services. The online tutors responsible for providing Samsung case study SWOT analysis further elaborate the factors in detail.

S: Strengths

As the name suggests, strengths refer to the powerful attributes that a company enjoys over its competitors. These are internal factors, and therefore, can be easily controlled within an organization. Some of the strong features are tangible & intangible assets, internal resources, intellectual property, technology advancement, etc. The brand ‘Samsung’ also posses several strong factors which will be mentioned in your case study on Samsung SWOT analysis. Few of them are listed below:
Strong brand presence in the Asian market

  • Vast range of products
  • Powerful manufacturing & marketing efficiency
  • Impressive design and innovative technology
  • Loyal customers

W: Weaknesses

As per the Samsung case study solutions provider, weaknesses are the elements which prove to be a hurdle in the journey towards attainment of desired objects. They also belong to the category of internal factors, and thus, it becomes the duty of the business analysts to come up with solutions to overcome them. Samsung is undoubtedly a big name in the electronics industry but still hold various weaknesses. Let us have a look at some of them:

  • Unavailability of OS of its own
  • No exclusive product
  • Depends highly on the American market
  • No significant presence in the PC market
  • Previously damaged brand image

O: Opportunities

These are the right set of circumstances that can prove beneficial for a company in the long run. The business analysts are required to interpret such opportunities to take the right decision. Moreover, such factors are external, and thus, they can’t be controlled by the organization. All a company can do is take preventive measures to score a point over them. The Samsung case study SWOT analysis service provider list down some of the opportunities lying in front of the enterprise.

  • Wearable technology
  • Growth of e-commerce market
  • Business expansion in other countries
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence
  • Improving Supply Chain Management

T: Threats

The external factors beyond the control of an organization which could risk the main objective of a firm are listed under the ‘threat’ section. The best way to deal with such factors is by having contingency plans. Emerging competition, environmental issues, negative publicity, customer’s behaviour, etc., are some of the factors which are considered before analyzing the threats a company posses. Your Samsung case study SWOT analysis will include all the negative elements. For instance:

  • Tough competition from Apple, OnePlus
  • Negative controversies
  • Imitation in the Chinese market
  • Intense price competition
  • Increased cost of raw materials

Reading so far, you should have realized that our case study writers have adequate knowledge of SWOT analysis, and therefore, they are the right candidate to ask for Samsung case study SWOT analysis help. Now, comes the time to shed light on another important business tool for strategic planning, viz., PESTLE analysis. Read the subsequent section to know more.

Who Can Write My Samsung Case Study on PESTLE Analysis? We Are Here for You!

PESTLE is a widely used analytical tool which helps in analyzing the important factors in the business environment. Knowing them beforehand helps a brand to improve its performance in terms of profits, customer's outreach, popularity, and many others. It is an acronym which stands for- P: Political, E: Economic, S: Social, T: Technological, L: Legal, and E: Environmental. The academic writers providing Samsung case study PESTLE analysis help to the Australian students for years, further illustrates that the method is known by many other names, such as PESTEL, PESTLIED, STEEPLE, SLEPT, and LONGPESTLE. For a better understanding of the concept, let us shed light on each of the factors separately.

P: Political

The political environment of a country plays a crucial role in deciding the overall business. The extent to which a government intervenes in the economic scenario of a region greatly influence the profit dynamics. Some of the political aspects are income tax, trade restrictions, foreign trade policy, etc. The case study writers of Instant Assignment Help Australia further adds that an organization should be well-prepared in dealing with the future legislation, and should take firm steps in modifying their policies. In a similar manner, there are many political factors corresponding to Samsung as well, such as:

  • Tension between North Korea & South Korea
  • Intense pressure in Latin American & African Countries
  • Disturbed trade relations between several areas of operations
  • Loss of UK market due to Brexit

E: Economic

For long-term growth, it is necessary that a brand should fit perfectly in the economic environment. Okay, let us understand it this way- interest rates directly affect the cost of capital, fluctuation in the exchange rates influence the cost of exporting and importing goods. Thus, Samsung case study PESTLE analysis writing service provider emphasizes that the business analyst should carefully analyze the key factors for better decision making like inflation rate, economic cycles, etc. Below are the economic factors corresponding to Samsung.

Powerful Korean currency
Global economic & financial crisis
Higher household debts in Korea
Low employment rate & less disposable income

S: Social

The constantly changing social trends can increase/decrease a product’s demand. For instance, the young generation enthusiastically loves to try their hands on new technologies and features rather than the older ones. The social-cultural factors are population explosion, age gap, social mobility, population diversification, customs, traditions, to name a few. The Samsung case study helpers work day and night to gather the most significant social factors for drafting a research-oriented academic paper. Here are some of them:

  • People are more inclined towards phablets than tablets
  • Large screen is loved by many
  • Good scope of wearable technology
  • Demand of innovative technology is increasing

T: Technological

A gradual shift in technology affects the pricing structure and quality of a product leading to innovation. For instance, sustainable technology can minimize the production cost while influencing outsourcing decisions. Moreover, the amount which the Government is willing to spend on the advancement of technology also contributes to strategic planning. According to the writers providing Samsung case study solutions, other technological factors which are to be considered are- automation, research and development, new discoveries, among others. Furthermore, your Samsung case study on PESTLE analysis will briefly explain all the vital points, such as:

  • Emergence of virtual reality
  • 5G technology
  • Wireless charging
  • Motion sensors

L: Legal

An organization should be well-updated with the laws and restrictions of a region for smooth operation. The Samsung case study PESTLE analysis helpers also emphasize that the legal factors not only impact the operational work but also control the cost and demand of the product. Laws and policies related to consumer laws, safety laws, insurance laws, antitrust laws, etc., should be analyzed carefully before taking any business decision. However, the case study experts of Instant Assignment Help Australia knows that gathering such a vast information isn't an easy task, and thus, they are ready to take up the responsibility of delivering a well-researched case study on Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Have a read to the below-mentioned legal factors to know their expertise.

  • Patent war between Apple and Samsung
  • Electronic device safety regulations
  • Various lawsuits filed
  • Copyright issues

E: Environmental

The environmental factors recently gained much attention due to increased awareness. Therefore, the highly-qualified business analysts of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. are leaving no stone unturned in taking every preventive measure to surpass the miss-happening. Are you wondering, “Who can provide best material on Samsung case study PESTLE analysis? If the answer is a big 'YES,' then the case study writers of our website can bring an end to your problem. The skills of the wordsmiths can be known from the fact that they will trawl through several sources for finding authentic information. For instance, below is the list of environmental factors which are obtained from referring to newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc.

  • Tension between Samsung & Greenpeace on issues related to the disposal of Note 7 smartphones
  • Chemical substance management policy enforced by the brand
  • Pollutant management program introduced by the company
  • Samsung is giving high importance to the development of sustainable technology

This brings us to the end of PESTLE analysis of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Now, you must have got the answer to the question, “Who can provide best Samsung case study solutions in Australia?” Before you press the ‘Order Now’ button and place your order, let us introduce you to our team of professionals who will write your case study on Samsung.

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