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  • End-Users Perception Of Selective Medical Equipments

    Type: Dissertation I

    Published: 15 Jan ,2020 I


    CHAPTER 1 - INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction From human factors perspective, the development of high quality and well designed medical equipments are taking place in medical field (Garmer, Ylven and Karlsson, 2004). The reason of evaluation is providing good treatment to the end users and deliver...ReadMore

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  • L’Oréal/Body Shop Case Study

    Type: Case Study I

    Published: 21 Dec ,2019 I


    Introduction Cosmetic industry has huge scope in the market as there is continuous increasing demand of same. It is important for all the brands dealing in this sector to fulfil all their corporate social responsibilities as only than their survival in the industry is possible (Chun, 2016)....ReadMore

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  • Comprehensive Case study review of a patient's experience: Mental Illness

    Type: Case Study I

    Published: 23 Mar ,2019 I


    Comprehensive Case study review of a patient's experience: Mental Illness PRESENTATION When human brain is affected by some serious disorders then respective individual is said to be suffering from mental illness. In the present case study, the mental illness of Dora (pseudo name generated due to...ReadMore

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  • Research Proposal On Medical Imaging Department Topic

    Type: Ph.D. Thesis I

    Published: 22 Mar ,2019 I


    Research Proposal Topic To analyze the ways through which waitlist of insertion Peripheral Central Catheter Line services can be reduced: A study on Medical Imaging Department (MID) INTRODUCTION Of Research Proposal Medical imaging may be served as a technique which lays emphasis on creating...ReadMore

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  • Deep Venous Thrombosis Following Knee Surgery

    Type: Assignment I

    Published: 17 Nov ,2018 I


    Introduction DVT or deep venous thrombosis is the formation of a thrombus in the deep veins. It commonly forms in the proximal or above part of the knee or in the distal or below part of the knee. It rarely occurs in the upper extremities. DVTs are normally caused by acute illnesses, trauma, or...ReadMore

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  • HIV/AIDS - A Global Perspective

    Type: Case Study I

    Published: 11 Oct ,2018 I


    Protecting health and preventing illness in populations and communities 1. In case scenario 3, prevalence and incidence statistics are reported. What do these terms mean? How are these data of use in understanding HIV epidemics? Prevalence, as in medicine, is a proportion of the population, which...ReadMore

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