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  • Dance and Media Arts

    Type: Assignment I

    Published: 27 Nov ,2018 I


    Introduction Art is known as the application of human activity, imagination or the expression, which are in visual form such as pictures, painting, and producing work to be appreciated primarily for emotional power or any other reason. There are different branches of creativity that are music,...ReadMore

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  • Analyzing challenges and opportunity of UK film industry

    Type: Dissertation I

    Published: 27 Sep ,2017 I


    Abstract of Dissertation Topic Film industry is very unique and one of the most popular industries all around the world. But still it also has lots of threats factors that also put impact at the performance of film industry. The major aim of this report was to identify those elements which could...ReadMore

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  • Newspaper Organizations

    Type: Assignment I

    Published: 03 May ,2017 I


    Introduction To Project Work? Newspaper organizations are depends on the huge number of public information and on the basis of which they issues the information for the sake of interests of public (Graham and Smart, 2010). Media and newspaper organizations feel happy when they supplied any such...ReadMore

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