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Criminal law

Introduction Crime is a grievous attempt that results in certain atrocious consequences for both the condemnable party and the victim who has suffered due to the crime. It is where crime is usually apparent to result into a lif... READ MORE

  • Published: 23 Jan , 2019
  • Type: Assignment

Taxation Law

Introduction Taxation law is the legal framework which is framed by the government in order to analyse the taxable value of individual person. In this, calculation has been done for individual person in order to analyse taxable... READ MORE

  • Published: 19 Jan , 2019
  • Type: Assignment

Tax And Corporate Law

Introduction Corporate law is the part of company law which includes shareholders, directors, employees and other members. There is growing concern that in which various types of rights, duties and obligation which have to be f... READ MORE

  • Published: 15 Jan , 2019
  • Type: Case Study

Private International Law

Introduction In this modern world, law has gain its significant importance. Law has been defined as the system of rules and regulations which is connected and influenced by the social and governmental institutions. There are di... READ MORE

  • Published: 09 Jan , 2019
  • Type: Assignment

Fair Go Policy In Australia

Introduction The literal meaning of fair go means giving an equal fair chance or being fair with someone by a fair go. Australia were considered as the land of fair go, but this is now diminishing day by day (Brett, 2011). It s... READ MORE

  • Published: 08 Jan , 2019
  • Type: Assignment
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