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  • Impact of Gender Discrimination on The Commitment of Employees in Banking Industry

    Type: Case Study I

    Published: 01 May ,2019 I


    Introduction Gender discrimination is a worldwide phenomenon that can be identified anywhere i.e. at personal or at the organizational level. On another hand, this concept can be better understood with the help of gender gap. The gender gap can be defined as the difference in the society where the...ReadMore

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  • Intimate Partner Violence

    Type: Essay I

    Published: 11 May ,2018 I


    Introduction to Intimate Partner Violence Intimate partner violence can be defined as a term which is collective which describes the domestic abuses, stalking, ans sexual assault. This term is used to reflect the intimate nature either of the abuse or of the offender relationship. In this research...ReadMore

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  • Sample on Safegaurding In Hsc

    Type: Assignment I

    Published: 30 Jan ,2017 I


    Introduction to Safeguarding According to Ash (2014), the term, safeguarding is used in Republic of Ireland and United Kingdom to denote the measures of protecting human rights, well-being and health of respective humans. It further involve the young individuals and vulnerable grownups and...ReadMore

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