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  • Corporate Finance and Financial Markets

    Type: Assignment I

    Published: 08 Jul ,2019 I


    Introduction Financial market is a place in which the investors make investment in different financial securities as well as various commodities. Different types of securities and commodities such as bonds, shares, valuable metals, agricultural products are traded in the financial market. The...ReadMore

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  • Impact Of Oil Price Shock On Stock Market

    Type: Case Study I

    Published: 11 Jun ,2019 I


    Introduction Researchers of the Federal Reserve Bank have looked at the various movements of the stock market influenced by the price of oil and discovered that there is a relationship between these two variables. Their study has proved that oil price can impact directly on the stock market that...ReadMore

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  • Financial Accounting

    Type: Case Study I

    Published: 01 Mar ,2019 I


    Q1. Introduction Financial Accounting can be defined as a branch of accounting which deals with the financial transactions of the company as well as records, summarizes and presents the financial statements. Flight centre travel group is the world's top-most and profitable travel retailer...ReadMore

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  • Financial Statistics

    Type: Case Study I

    Published: 25 Feb ,2019 I


    Introduction Analytics is the vast field which is used by the firms to solve their problems. In the report, statistical tools like mean and mode etc are applied. Along with this, mean values are identified at confidence level of 95% for age and transactions. At end of the report, regression model...ReadMore

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  • Managing Finance with Budget

    Type: I

    Published: 06 Feb ,2019 I


    Introduction In order to manage the finance of to predict the need of finance in future a budget related to the finance is drafted, so that organization makes an idea about the needs of finance in future or can make proper strategies regarding that. Question 1 Monitoring of budget after...ReadMore

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  • Financial Resources in HSC

    Type: Assignment I

    Published: 08 Oct ,2018 I


    Introduction to Financial Resources Finance consists of fund or money which is available to an organization for spending on its business projects. In each and every organization, finance plays a vital role in implementing business plans as well as strategies in an effective manner. In health care...ReadMore

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