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  • BMP6002 Applied Research Method Level 7

    Type: Assignment I

    Published: 08 May ,2020 I


    INTRODUCTION On the basis of the job descriptions and advertisements of the structural engineering, it has been analysed that there are a variety of skills that are need for achieving all the targets and goals in structural engineering. A variety of factors include time management, leadership...ReadMore

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  • BTEC HNCD Engineering - Contemporary Developments in Business and Management - Pearson Qualifications

    Type: Assignment I

    Published: 08 May ,2020 I


    INTRODUCTION Business environment plays a vital role in context of running business so that positive results can be gained in an appropriate manner. In modern era which is full of diversity, it has became really very important for every single firm to better understand about both external and...ReadMore

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  • Unit 2 Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment Level 5 Higher National Certificate

    Type: Assignment I

    Published: 29 Jan ,2020 I


    ntroduction Construction technology denotes the various tools, equipment’s, alterations, software etc. that are taken in use while carrying out the construction activities. With the application of such techniques and other automated and semi - automated applications better and advanced...ReadMore

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  • BTEC HNCD Engineering - Professional Engineering Management - Pearson Qualifications

    Type: Assignment I

    Published: 25 Jan ,2020 I


    Introduction Overview of the research Photovoltaic are one of the most effective means of creating the electronic energy. It does the usage of cells which are made of solar through which the sunlight is converted into flow of electrons and hence creates the photovoltaic effect. This is very...ReadMore

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  • The Ict Gap with Indigenous Users

    Type: Assignment I

    Published: 21 Aug ,2018 I


    What Is ICT? Information and communication technology may include personal computers, internet, mobile phone etc. but it is using by all people so that there are too much inequalities in access of ICT. There is excessively much gap between those people who are not using automation compare to those...ReadMore

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  • Case Study on Graphic Design of Gert Dumbar

    Type: Case Study I

    Published: 10 Aug ,2018 I


    Introduction to Graphic Designing Graphic designing can be defined as the visual representation of work by involving photography, illustration. It is the visual way to communicate and build identity of the thing. He was the man who provided new design to the public by giving them new approach to...ReadMore

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