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The Ict Gap with Indigenous Users

What Is ICT? Information and communication technology may include personal computers, internet, mobile phone etc. but it is using by all people so that there are too much inequalities in access of ICT. There is excessively much... READ MORE

  • Published: 21 Aug , 2018
  • Type: Assignment

Case Study on Graphic Design of Gert Dumbar

Introduction to Graphic Designing Graphic designing can be defined as the visual representation of work by involving photography... READ MORE

  • Published: 10 Aug , 2018
  • Type: Case Study

Assignment Sample: Robots in Mining Applications

Abstract of Project Robots were earlier the imagination of individuals because technology was not so advanced to create a machine that could interact with humans and perform operations equivalent to both humans and machines sim... READ MORE

  • Published: 30 Jul , 2018
  • Type: Assignment

Sample on Software Development Process

Introduction to Software Development Process The appropriate development of the software process and their usability in the market will help to get the information about the entire process as the software development process go... READ MORE

  • Published: 26 Jul , 2018
  • Type: Assignment

Investigation of Transient Load in Gearbox

Mechanism of transient loads in gear box Antoniadou and et. al., (2015) stated that power trains in wind turbines have an expected service life of about 20 years. In this huge life span the diversity of dynamic loads belongs to... READ MORE

  • Published: 23 Jul , 2018
  • Type: Assignment
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