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Business Development Plan On E-Busines

Background of Business E-commerce industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in present scenario. The trading of products and services through internet and computers has made the life of people easier. ... READ MORE

  • Published: 16 Mar , 2018
  • Type: Case Study

To Assess And Evaluate The Future Prospects Of Electronic Commerce

Need of E-commerce in Today World In the present context, even after the emergence of internet, e-commerce remains a new, fresh and constantly changing area. It has given... READ MORE

  • Published: 28 Feb , 2018
  • Type: Assignment

Strategic Thinking and Effecting Change

Introduction To Strategic Thinking Business needs a strategy that will ensure success of company in future. Strategic thinking is a process of identifying, imagining and understanding possible environment of organization. It he... READ MORE

  • Published: 31 May , 2017
  • Type: Assignment

Business Consultancy Project

What is Facility Management Services Facility management services are linked with the concept of maintaining efficient working environment with the motive to enhance daily running of the business operations. Further, in the mod... READ MORE

  • Published: 02 Mar , 2017
  • Type: Assignment

Sample on Ecommerce

Task 1 Research Proposal To analyze the influence of constant advertising on the purchasing behavior of people: A case study on e-commerce. In this current era of technology, e-commerce marketing is hig... READ MORE

  • Published: 20 Dec , 2016
  • Type: Case Study
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