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A Project On The Charity Event | Project Planning

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The current projection deals with the planning of a new project on the charity event where the main objective of the project planning is to determine the time and cost consumptions for the current projection options. Moreover, another aim of this project planning is to understand the scenario of the project and essential requirements for the same to successfully execute the same. Initially the planning reports has entailed the overview on the projections with introductory specifications and assumptions followed by the cost and time planning of the same to acquire the critical resources. Latter phase delivers the number of risks, associated to the project with the possible trigger of the same.

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1. Project overview:


The project is all about organizing a charity event to raise fund for a social contribution. The event has been planned from the London School of Business and Management. The institute may donate the fund, raised from the event to a charity organization working for the old age home or orphanage homes. In this context, Kerzner (2013) cited that fundraising activity would face severe obstacles as the people in the region might not participate in such activities. Therefore, London School of Business and Management need to focus on the optimization of resources to avoid unnecessary debts for planning costs.


The current project consists of the planning for a new charity program through a fund raising activity. As mentioned above that the institute has aimed to conduct the activity for a social and environmental sustainability and further improvement of the economy through proper investment planning. In this context, Schwalbe (2015) stated that charity program also create a fair and ethical framework in the association that in turn would deliver the positive image of the institution among its stakeholders. Therefore, planning report of this fund raising activity would deliver a detailed understanding on the required resources for the projection and time schedule of the projection. Therefore, the current report will improve the understanding on the cost and time management among the students and other staffs, associated to the current projection.


The project involves scheduling of its action plan to start and finish the same within required time constraints. Moreover, the project report will also deliver a detailed cost breakdown structure to produce an in depth information on the cost constraints. Apart from the same, Wheeler et al. (2017) stated that scope management plan is the prime constraints to understand the opportunity and limitations of the projections for construction of the project framework. Thus, the current report has incorporated all these three components to produce a reliable and valid project planning to execute the same towards meeting the project objectives.


Following are the assumptions for the current projections on which the latter time and cost estimation will be conducted.

  • The cost factors for the project planning and projection will remain same over the time
  • The expenditure movement will be minimal and negligible
  • The resources for the projection will be eased to acquire
  • The funds for the project planning and execution will be easily acquired
  • All activities in the project planning will be started and finished within time
  • Budgeting outcomes will be produced on the current requirements and demand

Project charter:

London School of Business and Management has aimed to organize a fund raising event at the year ending whereas the key objective of the projection is not clearly stated. Thus, the aim would be social development and improvement of the livelihood of needy people in the target region.

Key stakeholders:

Donors: The people investing money in the charity would be a stakeholder for the projection.
Sponsors: Sponsors of the event will donate the capital to organize the activities against the promotion of that sponsor.
Project manager: Project manager will supervise the monitor the entire process to ensure the compliance of its framework and specifications.
Project team: Being performers, the project team members in terms of the students and other people, voluntarily associated to the projections.

Project milestones:
The project will start on 7th May 2017 and end on the same day as the project is a single day event.

Project budget:
The total budget to meet the cost requirement of the projection is £2017

Budget breakdown structure, milestone, schedule, Gantt chart and risk management matrix

Fixed budget, minimal external influence, meeting the schedule properly and minimal risk factors.

Lack of fund, inadequate resources, volatile external factors and delay in schedule would be the key risks of this projection.

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2. Project cost management:

Resource analysis:

Resource involves funds, workforce, plants, machineries and other equipments, used in the project planning and execution of the plan. In this regards, Mansor et al. (2016) cited that resources are crucial factors to plan and implement the planning to generate the project deliverables. The resources for the current projection of fund raising activity involves sufficient fund for cost compliance, adequate number of staffs to execute the charity program and the equipments required to collect fund. In case of the workforce, some students of the school and other staffs of the institute would be the key participants to collect the donations and pre-project planning. On the other hand, the funds for the event would be collected from the sponsors where the same would require a promotional conveyance to its key audiences on behalf of the sponsors.


Budgeting refers to development of the cost structure based on the requirements and current market scenario in terms of the value of equipments and price of resource acquisition. In the opinion of Smith (2016), budgeting involves a detailed breakdown structure of the required expenses in the planning and implementation process. Based on the current project of fund raising event, following is the cost breakdown structure incorporating all expenses, required for the projection planning and execution.

Particulars Costs
Planning phase:  
Idea generation 53
Communication with school authority 105
Documentation of the event 260
Approval from the government 153
Acquisition phase:  
Meeting with the sponsors 590
Costs of funding from sponsors 205
Purchase of raw materials and equipments 150
Planning for activities 89
Cost distribution 102
Selection of participants 125
Preparation of slogans and festoons 77
Final action on charity 108

Cost control:

According to the above cost breakdown structure, the projection has met the target budget for the current projection. Therefore, the responsible finance manager and project managers are liable to use the costs effectively without misuse of the same. In this context, Potts & Ankrah (2014) stated that cost control in the project management is a necessary activity to optimize the cost factors and minimize wastage of resources. In that case, the workforce for the project planning and execution would be from the institute to reduce or minimize the staffing cost. Moreover, before the expenses are taken place, the project manager is responsible to project the costs and activities based on the exact requirements to minimize the wastage of funds and other resources.

3. Project time management:

Gantt chart:

Gantt chart reveals the schedule of the entire projection with the indication of its completion within time. Moreover, Gantt chart also breaks down the activities under the projection to indicate the time consumption for individual tasks and activities. On the other side, Fang et al. (2015) mentioned that being a potential scheduling tool, Gantt chart discloses the information on the start and end of individual tasks and the entire projection to reveal the probable changes in the schedule of the project. Following is the list of activities for the current projection along with the probable time consumptions and sequence of performing the same.

Network diagram:

Network diagram delivers the way that the project activities are working on a certain sequence and therefore, indicating the total duration of the entire project. On the other hand, Mubarak (2015) cited that network diagram steers the project planning through a certain way that consumes minimal time to complete the project. On the other hand, Naber & Kolisch (2014) opposed that network diagram also reveals the longest way of performing the tasks, in order to cover major activities as planned in the project. In this context, Fang et al. (2015) cited that forward and backward are two potential duration determination technique to determine resource optimization.

Critical path analysis:

Critical path refers to the shortest path of the project that consumes the minimum time and cost constraints. As all the activities are sequenced according to the activities, the critical path of the current projection is the entire list of activities in the same sequence.

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4. Project risk management:

Risk identification:

In context of the current project management specifications, following are the risks, associated to the project causing severe obstacles in success of the execution process. In that case, Mubarak (2015) stated that identification of the risk is one of the crucial phase where the project management team and the supervisors of the projection are liable to identify the potential risks causing significant losses in the project deliverables. In context of the current projection of fund raising events, probable risks are lack of funds, lack of sufficient resources, time consumption fluctuation and proficiency of the staffs to perform on the requirements.

Risk analysis:

As mentioned in the previous section, the risk factors would influence the company to face some sound obstacles and barriers hindering the existing process of the project execution. In the opinion of Naber & Kolisch (2014), lack of sufficient fund would create the barrier in the planning and acquisition process. Apart from the fund inadequacy, delay in the project task completion would delay the completion of the entire project execution.

Risk matrix:







Lack of fund

Poor budgeting and improper forecasting of future costs

Obstacles in the operational flow of project execution



Effective secondary research and estimation of future requirements

Lack of sufficient workforce

Unavailability of volunteers and efficient participants

Overburden to the existing participants and hindrance in the flow of operation



Selection from the internal workforce and outsource from volunteer organizations

Delay in task

Improper management of the activities

Increase of unnecessary costs and time



Proper task estimation and inclusion of time buffer in scheduling

Loss of assets

Improper handling of the assets and other equipments

Loss of value and financial benefits, increase of unnecessary costs



Training to the volunteers and skill development of the participants

Market uncertainty

The market volatility is not controlled by the project management team

Influencing the project deliverables



Effective prevention to resist the project deliverables from severe losses


From the above discussion and explanation of the project specifications, it is clear that the project has aimed to raise fund for social activities and improvement of the needy people. In that case, the total amount as budgeted in the project is not adequate as the cost allocation in this project would need more money for further process. However, the project manager needs optimize the costs in the planning and execution to complete the projection within allocated costs and time. Moreover, risk management needs proper attention as some of the risks are controlled by the market that would affect the project in terms of unnecessary delay or increase of the unnecessary costs.

Reference list

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