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How Social Media May Improve Global Presence of A Business | Book Review

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1. A brief overview of the book:

Social commence is also called social business which is an emerging field. It includes all the social network services such as Linkldn, Facebook, Twitter etc. marketing communication, online sale and customer services are the major activities facilitated in Social commerce. There is also some benefits of Social commerce to the organization that is it help in moving them closer to their market which result in greater customer value and new product innovation. Further, this book was written by leading author of e marketing, e-commerce text book. This book can be used for more then one purpose such as this textbook have elective course for graduated and undergraduate level which include MBA. Along with this in this book there is material for training course in organization. For those who are researching in the field of marketing ,management and information management there is relevant material available. This book have several feature which made this book unique, it includes some approaches related to management and theoretical. This approaches help in imposing business strategies and tactics. From the two major view point social commerce can be approached that is managerial and technological. Solid theoretical background is in chapter 3 which is dedicated to the theoretical foundation importance. This help in understanding Social commerce and behaviour of consumer. Apart from this there is most current leading edge topic which is related to Social commerce. It includes some topic that is Social customer relationship management, mobile social reputation management etc. this all analysis is present from the theoretical point of view.

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2.An overview of the strength and weakness of the book

There are some strength and weakness of social commerce book that is it have significant impact on industries and companies. For example it have one of the major impact on fashion industry. Along with this from survey it identified that there are some strategic and monetary benefits to organization. There are three type strength of this book that is benefits to retailers, customer and different type of enterprises. Some benefits to customer is that it is easy to get recommendation from friends and other colleagues through social media and sites. Through recommendation customer get more confident for purchasing particular product and services. It is very easy for customer to use the Social commerce technology. Further there are some benefits to retailers that is it help in building brands through social media promotion activities. Along with this, it support in increasing market share and profit of organisation. It also help in managing brand reputation online. Some benefits to the other enterprises that enhance the sale and revenue. Further, company can conduct fast recruitment without investing much on selection and recruitment. It help in fostering external relationship such as strong relation can be made with partners and suppliers. It can also foster internal relationship which help in increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

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3. Analysis

The current book shed light on social commerce in very broad manner. It proves evidence that how an organization can use social media in order to create its global presence and attract varied customers. It reflects better link between social and e-commerce which facilitates corporation to seek their upward direction with the increased rate of return. This is because marketing is considered as the most important department of an organization for promotion of its products and services. Owing to this, now-a-days when social factors are rapidly bringing changes in the internal practices and procedure of the business, firm must need to implement the social commerce activities along with E-commerce. It can be critically evaluated that, traditional marketing related practices tend to incur huge cost of the business as it do not help to attract buyers but merely create indirect cost to the firm. It is the main reason that many of the businesses like Dell, Disney and Mountain Dew developed their social commerce application during 2010. Not only this but several other latest technologies are implemented to gain the attraction of buyers and ensure the survival of the business for loner time span.

According to Shah and Attiq (2016) an enterprise is backed by e-marketing, social network, social media as well as e-collaboration for its successful operation. However, Wicklund (2015) asserted that traditional marketing is also important to retain some of the buyers or clients. However, it applies to some specific corporations only which are working in other related sectors like coal and mines etc. Otherwise, social commerce has benefits of different parties such as customers, enterprises as well as retailers (NGAIRAH, 2016).

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In this manner, the current book is evidenced with reliable and relevant information regarding social and E-commerce along with IBM approach as well as examples of other organizations. Apart from this, business models are explained effectively along with effective presentation and examples. This proves to be effective for better understanding of readers and clarify the scenario in their mind in an effectual manner, Furthermore, illustrative research issues are also exp0laiend along with effective dissemination of information by using diagram etc. It can be critically evaluated that, issue might be faced in understand the concepts of behind some of the diagram due to their typical construction. In addition to this, overall presentation of the information is very good which helps readers to get the things in an effective manner. Here, corporation can also get to know about the best approach to apply social commerce into business practices. It is because different strategies are explained along with their benefits as well as potential application of the same in some of the corporation (Mtsweni, 2015). This aids to accomplish the purpose of businesses as well as entrepreneurs to achieve the heights of success. Therefore, all related sources are covered in the book which make it possible business to ensure its global presence with retention as well as attraction of large number of buyers. The most important thing is that real story based information is provided which make it possible for corporation to assess the impact of any particular strategy.


Journals and books

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  • Shah, H.J. and Attiq, S., 2016. Impact of Technology Quality, Perceived Ease of Use and Perceived Usefulness in the Formation of Consumer’s Satisfaction in the Context of E-learning.Abasyn University Journal of Social Sciences. 9(1).
  • Wicklund, P., 2015.Practical Sitecore 8 configuration and strategy: a user guide for Sitecore's content and marketing capabilities.
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