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Reflection on The Development of Academic Skills

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Reflection On The Development Of Academic Skills

In this reflective paper, I will reflect upon my academic skill development during the first year of mine at the University. When I first began the course, I was a student hungry for getting education and facing challenges as combatting them would assist me in developing skills required for academic and professional career. During my second semester, I found certain difficulties in the university as I was a student whose family was suffering from financial issues.

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As a consequence of this, I had to start doing a job while carrying out my studies, the location of which was 20 Km away from the university campus. So, I had to maintain an adequate balance between the university life, my part time job and the frequent trips back to home at an intervals of 1-2 months. Now, in today's competitive business and academic environment, it is not easy for a person to keep an equilibrium so as not to experience any negative consequences in both the situations (Ghanizadeh, 2017).

For being an individual with effective academic skills, one must possess the zeal and motivation to attend the lectures, revise it again at hostel and then preparing for the semester examinations (Pereira and Costa, 2017). In this regard, drawing upon the feedbacks from my peers, tutors and seniors at university, I found out that I have always been a student who possessed high potential and encouragement to display utmost observation during the lectures. Also, I experienced the demonstration of my memory skills while recalling what was taught in the class in morning.

Although, I faced certain difficulties in keeping a balance between academic and professional, yet the passion and charisma within my personality to turn around the poor financial conditions of my family facilitated me in utilising my analytical skills to demonstrate attention to minutest details during the classes and remembrance power at the time of weekly class tests and examinations. Being a good and effective learner who constantly take steps for enhancing my skills by feeding my brain with the rightful knowledge, I was a good university student throughout my first year of the course. Also, by attending the one week writing workshop, I gained knowledge about plagiarism and the consequences that a student has to bear when one does copying of material from any source available over internet or from the assignment of another person.
Reflection on requirements for being an effective university student

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As per my opinion, one can be a good university student only when one possesses qualities such as punctuality, honesty, integrity and fairness towards the lessons given in class. Also, a student needs to be highly directed and focussed upon the course work in order to be rightly capable of memorising the information and knowledge which was imparted by tutors in lectures (Gee, 2017). I believe that when a student possesses relevant analytical, observation and presentation skills, they are able to demonstrate the same at the time of weekly class assessments or examinations.


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