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The report covers a reflective summary in respect of a certain module. To effectively achieve the same, Gibbs' Reflective Cycle Model has been used which would describe and evaluate various personal aspects regarding the module which focuses on development of various academic skills as well as techniques (Bassot, 2016).

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Reflective Summary

Working for a module during semester 1 was quite effective and a learning experience with much emphasis given on how my academic skills were developed. As a crucial practice, reflecting my work of 6 weeks allowed be to judge and improve my competence within the university.


The module I was required to work upon needed to enhance my evaluating and critically analysing skills. Since I was getting familiar with lot of new critical skills, research techniques and frameworks, semester one allowed me to gain an insight on what are my best and worst points and how best could I improve them to be better.


I have always been a student who restrain themselves of having critical points of view about a subject matter or a person in particular. Thus, having to speak, write and read critically was definitely a learning experience. However, I was quite unsure and under-confident at first as the module also required me to use various databases to conduct academic research.


There were various aspects which went in my favour, such as using academic databases using research. This is because I have always been technologically inclined and preferred working with new technologies and techniques to achieve different research (Honicke & Broadbent, 2016). Critical reading and writing were another strong points which, as per feedbacks of my fellow mates were again my strength.

However, critical speaking and positioning within an argument were quite challenging. One sole reason for the same is because I tend to hesitate in verbally keeping my point and critically review someone else's point of view.

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While working with various effective skills, I realised that it is crucial as per the academic point of view, that critically speaking, writing and reading are integral points to enhance academic skills. Moreover, academic databases also helps in conducting research professionally.


It is important for me to overcome my limitation so that I don't face difficulties in the future (Bjerke & Renger, 2017). To ensure timely and appropriate growth, various SMART goals to enhance my skills are mentioned below:

  • Specific: I will undertake training sessions like debates and extempores to enhance my verbal skills.
  • Measurable: I would ask my fellow mates and supervisors to rate me during my training sessions. Plus, I would rate myself in personal learning too.
  • Attainable: I would be practising critical speaking at least 1 hour a day, critically analysing each aspect and verbally keeping it in front of others.
  • Result Oriented: To effectively attain superior remarks from the seniors and higher rank in self evaluation.
  • Time Bound: I plan to enhance this skill during the span of 2 months to enhance my performance in future modules.


It was a very enlightening experience which allowed me to enhance academic skills and techniques. It also made me realise that if such situation arises the next time, it would be necessary for me to critically speak which would help me in explaining my point of view. Thus, it is concluded that critical and self evaluation is necessary to overcome limitations and make appropriate plans for future to enhance academic skills and better usage off techniques.


  • Bassot, B. (2016). The reflective journal. Macmillan International Higher Education.
  • Bjerke, M. B., & Renger, R. (2017). Being smart about writing SMART objectives. Evaluation and program planning.
  • Honicke, T., & Broadbent, J. (2016). The influence of academic self-efficacy on academic
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