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Managing A Successful Business Project

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P1 Project aims and objectives

Globalisation is the process through which companies operates their business activities at international level. It also influence the interest of large as well as small business organisation so that they could expand business and generate more revenue. It can be said that increasing interaction among businesses, people and government across national boundaries have resulted in improved ratio of world economy. Additionally, there are numerous of factors of globalisation like economic, ethical and culture which directly impacts upon different organisational function such as marketing, operations, human resource, finance, production and many more. This impact is sometime positive which increases profitability of company as well as many times it is negative that works as barrier in a growth of business organisation.

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Background of the research

Globalisation simply means the way or pattern by which different countries, people and government interact and integrate with each other. This interaction has enhanced number of opportunities for companies through which they can maximise their profitability ratio.

BBC is one of the renowned organisation that basically perform the activity of broadcasting information around the world through different mediums such as televisions, radio transmitters etc., hence, with the change in course of time as globalisation has provided a platform to most of the companies so, BBC is hiring a consultancy firm to conduct the research on globalisation and its various factor that impact of organisational function of chosen company. In this regard, researcher have prepared aims and objectives which will help in finding out appropriate conclusion for BBC. These formulated aims and objectives are described as below:

Research Aim

“To identify the economic, cultural and ethical impact of globalisation on different function of an organisation” A Case study on British Broadcasting Corporation.

Research Objectives

  • To analyse the concept of globalisation
  • To evaluate impact of globalisation on different organisational functions of BBC
  • To identify the opportunities gain by BBC after implementing the concept of globalisation within business

Research Questions

  • What is the concept of globalisation?
  • How globalisation impacts upon different organisational functions of BBC?
  • What are the opportunities which are gain by BBC after implementing the concept of globalisation within business?


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P2 Project management plan

Project management plan is considered as the formal document that is helpful for researcher to manage overall project at the time of implementation. It is simply a framework or blueprint of a research which gives entire details to investigators, in what manner they have to perform activities. PMP plan constitutes various components of a research such as- cost, time, communication, risks, resources and more. For present research on globalisation, concept of these components for BBC can be analysed in following manner:-

Cost: It is considered as main part of a project management plan. It defines how much cost is required for completing an investigation and implement a new project within business. In context with BBC, to analyse the impact of globalisation for different organisational functions, approximate 22k Euro is required. This amount can be distinguished as per below manner:-

Scope: It is most essential part of project management plan which reveals the scope of a particular project for an organisation. For present project which based on analysing impact of globalisation on BBC's function, this component entails in what manner company can gain benefits. By understanding implication of globalisation, its managers can make effective strategies and business plan. It will help in increasing and improving sales performance and profitability of business more appropriately.

Time: It is considered as crucial component of PMP plan because it describes time-period required for completing a project. For this purpose, it also defines duration required for each activity such as choosing a topic, formulation of aims and objectives, conducting literature review and more. Therefore, for present project, near about 4 to 6 months are required.

Quality control: This part of project management plan assists researches to concern about quality of project. Investigating team should monitor the execution process of each activity of research. It would help in obtaining the desired outcomes of project in most efficient and effective manner. In context with present research, for introducing the concept of globalisation within business, managers of BBC should be concerned on existing technology first. By replacing existing technology with latest one, aid company in moving on international level more appropriately. This would give advantages to BBC in reducing the occurrence of risks which impact on business project in negative manner.

Communication: In order to complete a project on time and obtain higher outcomes, it is essential for managers to establish a proper communication system. For this assistance, they should given open environment and maintain a proper flow of transformation of messages between project-team. This would give advantage to each member to share views and thoughts for increasing efficiencies of project. Along with this, by adopting appropriate way of communication such as mobile technology, managers and team-members can connect with each other. Through this process, information can be share on time and reduce occurrence of misconception among team-members also.

Risk: Since every new project is associated with several types of risks. Therefore, it is essential for research-makers of BBC to analyse these risks which may impact on outcomes of project in negative manner. It provides guidelines to members of research to take different strategies in case of uncertainties. It would help in reducing or minimising the risk of failure, through which higher outcomes of project can be obtained.

Resources: This part of PMP plan describes resources which are used for conducting a project and executing the same in desired manner. For present research on globalisation, project makers require adequate amount of finance, raw materials, technologies and more. All these types of resources help investigation team of BBC to complete each activity of project, in more appropriate manner.

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