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Importance of Human Resource Management in Achieving Business Goals

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Human resource management is considered as an effective function that helps in managing workforce within firm and achieves business goals. Main aim of HR department is to assess the needs and wants of required human resources within organization (Chen and Huang, 2009). Therefore, it is essential for firm to carry out effective recruitment and selection process in order to hire skilled workers and thus select right candidate for the right post. HR manager of business identify the needs of skilled candidates so that vacant post can be filled. In the present report, there are different case scenarios identified such as Woodhill College, Tesco and ITV. From the study it can be assessed that identifying the purpose of workforce planning within College and also assess the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches of recruitment and selection within firm. Here, a job advertisement has been prepared at the vacant post of English Professor. Hence, firm uses effective social media such as social media, TV advertisement and newspapers etc. to attract required personnel.

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Task 1

a) Purpose of workforce planning and role of HR manager in relation to planning and resourcing

Planning of workforce helps in identifying the required needs of skilled workers so that best results can be attained. HR department of Woodhill College aims to identify the requirement of human resources and thus fulfill the same with the help of carrying out effective recruitment and selection process (Fottler, Khatri and Savage, 2010). Purpose of human resource planning is to evaluate the surplus and deficit of human resources in regard to maintain balance between the planning. Thus, it helps in recruiting skilled workforce and thus attain desired results. However, main role of HR manager is to carry out effective planning and thus resourcing the workers and filling the vacant post within Woodhill College. Moreover, HR manager aims to carry out effective planning and resourcing so that issues faced while hiring the candidates could be overcome. It helps in fulfilling the vacant post by hiring specific personnel and thus results can be attained (Gannon, Doherty and Roper, 2012). HR manager of Woodhill College aims to plan and resource effective human resources from different colleges so that Woodhill can enhance its performance in market.

b) Strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection

There are different types of recruitment and selection approaches such as internal and external and its strengths and weaknesses are as follows-

  • Internal approach- It is an effective recruitment and selection process which is carried out within the firm itself and thus recruit employees from internal staff through promotion, job rotation etc (Habir and Larasati, 2007).


  • Main advantage of internal approach is that it helps in minimizing the time and cost of business because potential candidates are promoted internally at higher post.
  • It also involves employee referrals and hires individuals who are capable and trustworthy.
  • It also saves time as there is no induction training required for employees (Hoobler and Johnson, 2004).


  • Internal recruitment influences the inflow of fresh and talented candidates from market.
  • Hiring employees who are not capable but they are in relation of HR affects the productivity of College (Innocenti, Profili and Sammarra, 2013).
  • External approach- Further, it is another approach of recruitment and selection which is done from outside the firm.


  • It hires candidates from pool of applicants.
  • HR department has varied choices from which skilled candidates could be selected.


  • External approach requires time and cost (Jackson and Mathis, 2008).
  • It increases competition among existing workers.

c) Functions of HRM

There are different functions involves within human resource management and thus aims to recruit skilled personnel at the right post. It is as follows-

  • Staffing- It is one of the main function of HRM and thus helps in recruiting skilled workers within Woodhill and fill the vacant post (Longenecker and Fink, 2013).
  • Health and safety- Further, it is another HRM function and thus HR manager of College aims to undertake effective policies in order to maintain health and safety of workers so that it does not get affected (Martin, 2003).
  • Rewards and benefits- Also, it is essential for HR manager to provide effective reward and compensation to professors of Woodhill in order to satisfy their needs. It motivates them to work hard and deliver significant information in order to sustain within firm for long term (Martin, 2008).
  • Labor and union relations- Further, it is also essential for HR manager to maintain effective labor and union relationship so that they can work effectively as per the direction and attain organizational goals (Montoro-Sánchez and Soriano, 2011). It also minimizes the chances of conflicts among workers and employer and thus they work together towards desired targets.

d) Strengths and weaknesses of different approaches

Internal and external recruitment and selection approach of aims to select skilled candidates at the vacant post. Woodhill carries out both internal and external recruitment process so that skilled personnel could be selected at the job position. Strengths of internal approach assesses that it is less costly and time consuming process. While, it helps in promotion of employees internally at higher post as well as recruit personnel who are referred by existing workers (O’Sullivan, 2010). While, the weakness is that fresh candidates are not gives chance of presenting their skills and talent. On the other hand, external approach of recruitment and selection assesses that it helps in hiring skilled candidates from the pool of candidates. Here, the weakness is that it is a time consuming process and requires more cost. While, the strength is that it provides a pool of candidates from which fresh and talented workers are provided.

e) Critical evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches

As per the view of (Panagiotakopoulos, 2013), it can be assessed that main strength and weaknesses of internal and external recruitment and selection approach within Woodhill College is that it is essential for firm to recruit skilled personnel at the vacant post. However, Pattanayak (2005), argued that main strength of internal approach is that it saves time and cost for recruiting candidates while strength of external approach is that it provides pool of skilled and talented candidates among whom suitable personnel could be selected. For example, the weakness of internal approach is that it does not provide pool of candidates for selecting suitable candidates for the vacant post in College (Pinnington, 2011). While, for external approach is that it requires lot of time and money. Hence, it can be stated that both internal and external recruitment and selection process helps in selecting capable workforce so that they can work effectively within firm.

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Task 2

a) Job advertisement

Below presented in the job advertisement for the role of English Professor which are as follows-




This job advertisement has been prepared in order to announce the vacant job position of English Professor within Woodhill College and thus candidate with in-depth knowledge and information could apply for the vacant post (Rothwell and Kazanas, 2003). Applicants willing to apply for the post need to have minimum 0.5-6 years experience in the same field. Potential candidates with good communication skills will be given preference. Candidates are required to carry 2 recent passport size photographs, original mark sheets, personal ID verification etc.

Duties and responsibilities-

  • ·Help students in improving their language and communication skills.
  • ·Sharing knowledge so that confidence of students could be raised.
  • ·Providing them communication and language workshop so that they can improve fluency (Sims, 2007).


  • ·Communication skills
  • ·Leadership skills
  • ·Conflict resolution skills
  • ·Time management skills
  • ·Presentation skills

Qualification- Masters in English language and grammar from proficient university.

Experience- Candidates should have minimum 0.5-6 years of experience within teaching English language in any reputed university.

Salary- No bar for skilled candidates

b) Suitable platforms to place advertisement

There are different platforms available for placing advertisement for the vacant post which is as follows-

  • Newspapers and magazines- Woodhill College places advertisement within newspapers and magazines in order to attract potential candidates at the post. With the help of newspapers and magazines it places advertisement for large mass and thus pool of applicants can be collected (Storey, 2007).
  • Digital media- Further, it is another innovative platform that helps in advertising for the vacant post of Woodhill College and thus inform potential candidates as they are using such channels to interact with each other (Swanson and Holton, 2001).
  • Online job portal- There is various online job portals which are updated regularly with the information of vacant position. Thus, Woodhill could place advertisement within such platform and attract various candidates to apply for the job position (Thorpe and Morgan, 2007).
  • Social networking- It is another platform for placing advertisement and thus helps College to inform candidates who are collected through social media. Hence, it is considered as an effective channel of communication so that advertisement of job role can be placed in order to fill the vacant post (Turner, Huemann and Keegan, 2008).

c) Job specification and person specification

Job specification can be stated as the document that helps in providing information regarding vacant post within organization. While, person description can be stated as the description of person applying for the vacant post so that it can be filled from number of applicants (Wilton, 2013). Below presented is the job and person specification for English Professor which is as follows-

Job Specification

Post- English Professor

Description of job- Candidate needs to be well versed in English language and grammar skills so that they can improve the literature skills of students learning in Woodhill College.


  • ·0.5-6 years of experience as a English Professor with reputed university.
  • ·Presentation skills
  • ·Time management skills

Salary- No bar for potential candidates

Person Specification


·Masters in English language


  • ·Effective interpersonal skills
  • ·Presentation skills
  • ·Conflict resolution skills

Experience- 0.5-6 years of experience in English language and grammar.

d) Rationale for application of specific HRM practices

Applying specific HRM practices within Woodhill College aims to identify the surplus and deficit of workers so that best results can be attained. However, it is essential for workers to improve the practices of human resource management and involve HR department within recruiting and selecting of candidates in order to fulfill the needs of workers. It also aids in improving the issues and thus College can fill the vacant post effectively and efficiently. carrying out effective HRM practices involves staffing, compensation and benefits, motivation and labor and trade relationship (Yeo and Li, 2011). All such practices needs to be carried out by HR manager of Woodhill College so that they could participate within business practices and thus improve the brand reputation of firm in market. However, specific practice of HRM involves carries out effective recruitment and selection process so that right candidates can be selected at the right post.

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Task 3

a) Different between training and development

The training and development procedures are important as it support business to retain its buyers and expand business in the marketplace. Here, training is generally organized for short term by focusing upon current requirement in accordance with job related aspect. At the same time, motivation is delivered through trainer only with sole motive to improve the performance of employees (Human resource development(HRD). 2015). On the other hand, development programme are organized by Tesco for long term with basic focus on future requirement (Difference Between Training and Development,2017). For example, development need occurs to prepare personnel at higher position to get ready to secure a challenging position. In addition to this, development related aspects only deals with the conceptual and general knowledge so as to make the individual more competent to accept sudden changes take place in the business. Furthermore, training and development has major different as former one is job oriented and development is all about career.

b) Changes of customer expectations and its impact on training among Tesco staff

The most important task for an organization is to meet expectations of all its customers by offering them good quality of products and services. This enables firm to increase overall rate of return and create competitive edge in the marketplace. Being leading retail organization Tesco tends to focus upon changing needs and expectations of buyers so that accordingly they can be retained for longer time span (Ford, 2014). Furthermore, firm also put efforts to take feedback from customers for varied offered products so that accordingly workforce can be provided necessary training. For example, customer face issue related to service quality of any electronic products offered by the firm then they get chance to file complaint regarding the same. This makes it possible for management to organize suitable training for employees and enable them to increase satisfaction level of buyers. Therefore, changing expectations of buyers assists management to provide training among employees (Dodge and Mazerolle, 2015).

c) Methods of training carried out by Tesco

Tesco carries out both on-the-job and off-the-job training methods for increasing expertise of its employees. Here, on-the-job training methods consist of different aspects such as job rotation, coaching and mentoring etc. This facilitates workforce to get exposure of work as well as learning together so as to manage their work effectively. However, company shed light on imparting on-the-job training as it cheaper than another methods and enables workforce to get their issues resolved on the spot (Pollock, Wick and Jefferson, 2015). Furthermore, off-the-job training is also conducted for expertise of personnel. Here, management put efforts to develop employees by improving their new skills in varied areas such as communication, team building etc. At this juncture, company usually carries out external courses which are operated by other professional training organization. Either firm can also ensure to include qualified staff for taking training and helping other employees too. For example, A-level programmes are conducted for new employees so they can start cooperating.

d) Describing identification of training needs

Training refers to the process of imparting learning among employees for enhancing their skills and knowledge so as to accomplish their allotted task effectively. The training need can be identified in several manner under which management can also ask workforce to provide their views. Furthermore, standard are set for each department such as production, marketing and sales etc and performance of employees is measured against the same (Wilson, 2014). In this manner, respective supervisor come to know about the gap between expected and actual results. This leads to identify the need of training. On the other hand, customer’s feedback and their complaints are also the important aspect in identifying the training need.Hence, different factors are considered for offering training such as personal behavior of personnel, customer focus and working condition as well as expansion of the business (Dodge and Mazerolle, 2015). For example, Tesco plans for its expansion then it becomes necessary to improve technical and other related skills of personnel.

e) Evaluating the benefits of structured training programme for Tesco and its employees

There are several benefits of training method for employees as well as company which tend to affect operation of business to a great extent. First training benefit of employees tends to raise their sense of ownership in the firm as they get organized in the business decision making process. Not only this but training makes personnel more productive and effective to deal with issues which are being faced by customers. Similarly, new skills are also developed among personnel related to technical and management as well as others. This proves to be effective to determine growth of company itself (Tahir, Yousafzai, Jan and Hashim, 2014). Furthermore, flexible structure of training contributes towards increasing overall rate of return of the business and retains its buyers. Moreover, training sharpens skills of employees which in turn support business to create its competitive edge with increased profitability. At the same time, with the association of skilled and competent personnel firm build its goodwill in the marketplace with higher level of satisfaction among all its stakeholders.

f) Indicating the extent to which training contribute towards achieving the rate of return

Training methods are helpful for company to bring improvement in the services quality also expanding the business in the marketplace. This procedure can be completed by assigning separate department of training and development in the firm. However, personnel in the marketing and production department are provided information related to specific need and expectations of buyers and then accordingly all related functions are performed (Brewster, Mayrhofer and Morley, 2016). This facilitates business to integrate all business activities together and work in the direction of higher level of satisfaction among all related stakeholders. In this manner, training and development activities are essential for achieving higher rate of return and create competitive edge of the Tesco. At this juncture, personnel shed light on changing need of buyers. It enables business to retain all its consumers and get their issues resolved effectively by offering them right kind of product. Though, it creates cost at initial stage but given long run benefit for Tesco (Dehghansai and et. al., 2017).

g) Types of flexibility approaches

It is essential for business to undertake effective flexibility approaches in order to improve the working conditions of employees and thus enhance their satisfaction level. For instance, Tesco aims to provide flexibility to workers such as work from home option, flexible working hours etc. that influences the workers to perform their best to attain desired results. HR department of Tesco aims to assess the needs of workers and provide them flexible working atmosphere so that organizational goals can be attained (Chen and Huang, 2009). Through practising flexible approaches it results into enhancing satisfaction level of customers and thus encourage them to work hard towards individual as well as common goals. For instance, Tesco also provides flexibility options to women who are not able to work for long hours can stay at home and accomplish the assign work. Also, they provide job option for summer internship students so that they perform assigned task as per flexible working hours so that better customer service could be delivered (Fottler, Khatri and Savage, 2010). However, through providing all such flexibility approaches results into performing the business operations effectively and efficiently and thus expand the operations of Tesco in market.


Tesco uses varied training and development methods which helps them to enhance the skills of workers and improve their efficiency so that success can be attained. However, providing training related to communication, presentation and interpersonal skills so that workers can develop effective relationship with customers and enhance sales and profit margin. Business also aims to provide both on the job and off the job training methods so that employees can improve their efficiency and enhance productivity of firm in market (Gannon, Doherty and Roper, 2012). Through providing coaching, job rotation etc. raises the skills and capabilities of workers in terms of improving their performance within firm and attains desired results. However, main strength of providing such training and development to workers results into enhancing the capabilities of workers and thus attain desired results. While, the weaknesses of such training programs is that it is costly and time consuming. Also, it decreases the efficiency of workers at certain time period.


Habir and Larasati (2007), statedthat HR practices within firm involves different training and development, flexibility and reward practices that helps in enhancing the productivity of firm, Tesco uses all such methods in regard to promote the business operations and give tough competition to rivals. For instance, involving all such practices within HRM helps in satisfying the needs of workers and sustain them within firm for long term. It is considered as the main tool that encourages workers and improve their satisfaction level so that set results can be attained. However, providing flexibility to workers such as flexible working time, work from home etc, helps in enhancing efficiency of employees and attain satisfaction level so that desired results can be attained. However, (Hoobler and Johnson, 2004), argued that carrying out effective HRM practices assists in gaining satisfaction level of workers and help them to improve business performance so that they can give tough competition to rivals.

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Task 4

a) Significance for ITV in maintaining good relationship within employees

Each and every business focuses upon maintaining effective employee relationship so that they can understand each other. Thus, developing employee relations within ITV helps in improving business performance and attain organizational goals. It is also essential for ITV to develop effective communication among workers so that they can understand the needs of each other and fulfil them so that success can be attained. Using balance scorecard method helps in maintaining good employee relationship and thus measure the success rate when compared to each other. It also helps in identifying the needs of improvement and thus raise the standard of firm in market (Innocenti, Profili and Sammarra, 2013). For instance, ITV organizes employee development programs, workshops so that workers can maintain effective relationship with each other and help them to achieve business targets. It is essential for employees to develop strong bond among them which helps them to overcome the deficiency and enhance performance in market. ITV also aims to use consultation and collective bargaining in regard to develop effective employee relationship and satisfy the needs of workforce.

b) Employee legislation elements

It involves different elements which are involved within employee legislation such as dismissal, discrimination etc. However, all such legislation influences the performance of ITV within firm. Therefore, it is essential for HR management of firm to undertake such legislation in relation to comply with the rules and practices in regard to perform the business operations in market (Jackson and Mathis, 2008). HR department of ITV undertakes several employee legislation and comply with the same so that it does not affect them while working within firm. For instance, they need to carry out effective recruitment and selection process and does not impact upon business performance through preferring men over women candidates. Further, they also need to undertake effective legislation related to employment so that proper instructions needs to be provided in order to enhance their work performance within firm.

c) Key aspects of employee relations and legislation

Both these aspects are considered as crucial and therefore, it is essential for firm to maintain good relationship with employees and also adopt appropriate employment legislation so that it does not influence business decision making within ITV. Through undertaking appropriate employee relationship helps in developing strong bond and thus improves their performance so that success can be attained (Longenecker and Fink, 2013). However, it is significant for enterprise to identify the needs of workers and thus overcome their weaknesses so that best relationship can be build. While, adopting effective employment legislation it helps in satisfying the needs of workers and thus improve their relationship with each other. All such aspects are beneficial for ITV and thus maintain effective relationship so that business goals can be attained.

d) Critically evaluate employee relations and influence decision making

Martin (2003), Statedthat employee relations within ITV helps in developing effective bond among each other. Therefore, it is essential for firm to make effective decision making and attain success. It is also considered as effective HRM practice and thus results into performing best operations so that performance can be improved within firm. However, Montoro-Sánchez and Soriano (2011), argued that developing employee relationship influences decision making as it is essential for HR manager to involve all the employees in decision making. Thus, it is essential for firm to involve employees and maintain effective relationship with them so that set targets can be attained.


It can be concluded from the present report that managing human resource is the main function of HR department that helps in achieving organizational goals. HR department needs to assess the workforce planning and resourcing so that surplus and shortages can be identified in order to fulfill the needs of firm and attain customer satisfaction. Woodhill aims to recruit English Professor and fill the vacant post so that skilled candidates could be selected. Also, selecting appropriate platform such as social media, newspaper and magazines in order to influence candidates and fill the vacant post.


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