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Cross Cultural Management

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From the case study based on Hydro Generation's construction of dam in Tanzania, it is analysed that Jones was a corrupt person who possessed knowledge that installation of phones, delivery of supplies and issuance of operating license could even take months. Thus, he found out an unethical means of handing over tips to people in advance for getting work done on a quicker pace.

Another issue which is highlighted within this case study is that Jones knew that unemployment was a big issue in Tanzania and thus, he focussed upon word-of-mouth publicity to attract the attention of local people who would then recommend candidates for hiring. Jones did this with the sole motive of engaging such employees who could assist in the construction of dam at a faster pace by use of unfair and unethical means.

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Theories and Analysis

Ethics and CSR are two essential components that must be considered by individuals as well as business personnel. In context of case study, two theories and their application is given to analyse the issues mentioned above. Utilitarian and virtue theory are two ethical theories which govern the conduct of a human in any scenario. Utilitarian theory proposes conducting acts which does good for maximum quantum while virtue theory stresses upon the behavioral characteristics of an individual (Bell, Dyck and Neubert, 2017). Both the theories are totally opposed to the case study where bribe was given and relatives of high authorities were hired under the authority of Jones.


On the basis of above discussion, it is recommended that the project associated with construction of dam should be executed in an ethical and fair manner without the use of unfair means. Further, HG or any of its associates should not get involved in any activity which is not in public interest as every business is bound to the society for resources it derives from them.


  • Bell, G. G., Dyck, B. and Neubert, M. J., 2017. Ethical Leadership, Virtue Theory, And Generic
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