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Business Management

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Business management is related to association of activities which is required to run a company effectively and smoothly such as controlling, leading, monitoring, organizing and planning (Weske, 2012). This assignment is based sport Love which is an independent London Club which provide various facilities and services related to sports. But recently they are facing some problems related to mismanagement and poor communication in club. The main purpose of this report is to analysis barriers of communication, strategies related to overcome it and at last who culture influence communication process.

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1. Common barriers and challenges to communication

In every organisation effective communication is needed for smooth functioning and operations, if there is lack of interaction between staff in company, it leads to reduction in productivity and profitability. Their are different type common barriers and challenges in an organisation. Some of major barriers and challenges in Sports Loves are describe below:-


Language Barriers: - In Sports Love there is miscommunication between the employees which create problems and negative environments (Peck and Reitzug, 2012). This occur because every employees of respective company didn't know to speak english which come up as barriers for them.


Not understanding audience: - It is a major challenge for the respective company because in it staff didn't understand their audience and their need of communication. Their staff didn't evaluate things on another prospective, they thing that they understand it means everyone understand it, while leads to reduction in motivation and productivity (The Seven Biggest Challenges to Effective Communication, 2018).

2. Strategies to overcome barriers to communication

It is the responsibility of a manager to make strategies to overcome and avoid situation of miscommunication in an organisation, some plan made by Sport Love managers are given below:-

Provide sessions: - To overcome the emotional barrier in an organisation, it is the duty of a manager to organize activities and sessions in which every staff of Sport Love can evaluate and understand their emotional issue and problems. It will help them in overcoming through it and enhance their focus on quality work.

Take care of language and way of speaking: - It is duty of mangers of Sport Love to make rules and regulation related to the language and tone to be used in the respective organisation such as words must be simple and understandable, polite tone etc. By this strategy respective company can overcome barrier of language.

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3. Some insights into ways in which culture influences communication

Different culture of different people affect the communication process and way of interaction in an organisation. Different in culture cause difference in person's behaviour and personality such as variation in language, thinking, interaction, norms, tones and so on which leads to miscommunication in a company. In an organisation each and every action of a staff is influence by its culture such as ambitions, careers, values, interest and many more.

In Sport Love miscommunicate occur between employees or staff because there is difference in their language, thinking, tone, body language etc. To overcome from it respective company make rule and regulation which leads to standard of communication and reduce in miscommunicate. Their are various rules and regulations made by Sport Love such as they made english or hindi as the standard language of communication within workplace.


From above discussed point it can be conclude that in an organisation effective communication is essential for their growth and development. But there are various type of communication barriers which affect profitability and growth of an organisation. So it is responsibility of a mangers to make strategies, so that they can overcome from barriers and avoid reduction in profitability and productivity of firm. Culture of a person also influence communication process at a workplace. Some person's culture are body language, tone, thinkings and so on, so their must be a standard rules for communication which reduce any type of conflict and negative environment at firm.


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