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Analyse of Healthcare System

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To Analyse The Healthcare System Within Trinidad And Its Impact On People In Terms Of Cost, Quality And Access To Care

Healthcare system can be defined as the organisation of people or institutions, that are established to deliver healthcare services. They mainly work to promote, maintain or restore health of individuals by catering their needs. In context with Trinidad and Tobago, here both public and private organisations operates within a two-tier healthcare system (Altieri, 2018). Here, The Ministry of Health performs entire responsibilities to ensure that healthcare system is properly run.

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It sets policies, targets and goals for delivering best services to people. It also provides sufficient resources to Regional Health Authorities for financing their operations. The present paper showcases healthcare system within respective country and its impact on vulnerable population. For this purpose, theory and some practices of health promotion are evaluated. Furthermore, data and statistics are incorporated to make a comparison between healthcare system of different countries also.

Statement of problem

Due to overcrowding and lack of resources within hospitals, health promoters of Trinidad and Tobago fail to deliver effective healthcare services to people (Peters and Youssef, 2016). It has been observed in one of the healthcare institutions of respective country San Fernando General Hospital, that they have to discharge patients early due to high number of admissions. This would directly impact on vulnerable people where people belong to rich class easily get good services.

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The present study mainly examine this throughput as well as challenges faced by people and hospitals in promoting good health (World Health Organization, 2017). In order to ensure optimum throughput in hospitals some interventions are highlighted which would help in reducing the overcrowding such institutions of Trinidad and Tobago. For this purpose, the main objectives which are outlined in given paper are given as below:-

  • Impact of healthcare system on vulnerable population of Trinidad.
  • Women's health and maternal child health disease management of communicable and non-communicable diseases.
  • Theory and practices of health promotion.
  • Behavioural and lifestyle factors which affect health and illness
  • Comparison of health system of Trinidad and other countries on the basis of statistical data

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Thus, by addressing the above mentioned objectives, issues related to inefficient healthcare system within Trinidad can be analysed (Hoque and Sorwar, 2017). This would help in identifying strategies and policies by which necessary changes can be incorporated into healthcare system of respective country.


For promoting healthcare care services it is essential for government of a country to run various programmes. They must ensure that hospitals or healthcare institutions must run properly so that needs of vulnerable people, including children, women and mentally or physically ill persons can be met.

The authorities and Health Ministry of nations must do proper negotiations with services providers related to salary and allowances. This would help in getting their contribution in delivering best services to patients, for recovering their health in proper manner. In context with Trinidad, here main problem is associated with overcrowding in a public health institution. Therefore, by undertaking effective strategies like throughput intervention, healthcare organisations can improve their services and reduce issues related to overcrowding.


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