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Effective Marketing Activities Using By Organization

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Marketing refers to activities and process which is conducted by a company in order to buy and sell products and services. It also include activities like advertising, promoting, selling and delivering of services and products to customers (Baker and Saren, 2016). The major work of marketing department is to attract customers and encourage them to buy there products and services. For this marketing team design attractive packaging design, slogans, advertisements and many more.

Organization selected to conduct this report is TESCO which is founded by Jack Cohen in year 1919. Its headquarter is in Hertfordshire, England. Respective company is public limited company and operating there business in retail industry. TESCO is dealing in various subsidiaries such as Tesco store Ltd., Booker Group, Jack's, Tesco family dining Ltd. and many more. Topics which are covered in  this report are key role of marketing functions and how it is related to organization. Comparison of relative company and another company. Along with this it include development and evaluation of marketing plan.


P1. Key role and responsibilities of marketing functions

In an organisation there are various role and responsibilities of marketing function which leads to effectively attaining of goal and objectives in appropriate manner. TESCO is a public limited company which operate its business in retail sector. They are conducting there business operations and functions in various sectors such as clothing, food products, telecoms, bank and many more. Below some major role and responsibilities of marketing function is explained in context of TESCO:-

  • Market information: In TESCO it is a role and responsibilities of marketing department to conduct analysis and evaluation of market. That help manger and leaders of respective company   in conducting and developing strategies and plans in effective and appropriate manner (William and Zikmund, 2012). This include both evaluation of both internal and external information which help manger in developing decisions.
  • Product designing and development: It is role and responsibility of a manger of respective company to do evaluation of market on continuous basis in order to develop appropriate products and services according to need and demand of customers. By this TESCO able to attract more and more customers, along with this there will be enhancement in profit and market shares.
  • Distribution channel: It is role and responsibilities of marketing function at  TESCO company is to decide proper distribution channel so that company able to fulfil need and demand of customers in appropriate manner and in effective time. By effective distribution channel company able to reach and satisfy customers their customers in proper manner.
  • Pricing, promotion and distribution channel: In TESCO company marketing functions plays important role and responsibilities in order to selecting appropriate pricing, promotion and distribution channel (Baack, Harris and Baack, 2013). Thorough which they able to attract and retain customers for a long time durations. It is responsibilities of company to decide pricing according to customers as well as competitor.  
  • Exchange of values:The respective company must exchange values and principles to there workers, clients, customers and shareholders in order to enhance communication and connectivity with them. By this employees feel motivated and understand organisation mission and vision and give there full efforts in order to fulfil goal.

P2. How role and responsibilities of marketing related to the wider organization context

In an organisation each and every department is essential and important because by it they able to attain goal and objectives in effective and appropriate manner. From all department marketing department is essentials and it is linked with all other departments and help them in accomplishment of work in effective and appropriate manner. In context of TESCO, role and responsibilities of marketing department with other are explained below:-

Marketing and Human resource:

In TESCO both marketing and human resource plays an essential role in attaining goal in effective and appropriate manner. Both help each other in conducting work so that objective of company get achieved. Such as if human resource has to recruit employees, they will contact to marketing team so that they do advertisement of requirement. That help HR of respective company to get more and appropriate candidates for vacant position.

Marketing and Finance:

In respective company both departments are essentials and important because through both department company's goodwill and market shares get increased (Silberschatz, Galvin and Gagne, 2014). That leads to increase in customers bases and productivity. Such as if a marketing department has to do advertising of something, then they have to contact to finance department to know about budget so that accordingly marketing team conduct promotional and advertising activity.

Marketing and Potential customers:

In TESCO marketing plays essentials role in attracting and retaining customer for a long term in order to enhance profit. This department also develop various activities and plans in order to attract customers and encourage them for buying respective company products.

Marketing and competition:

In respective company marketing department do analysis and evaluation in effective manner so that they can know strategies of competitors (Joshi, 2012). That will help them in making product and services more effective as compare to competitors. By this they able to attract more customers and attain goal in effective manner.


P3. Compare  different organization by applying marketing mix

For conducting comparison with competitor TESCO use 7 P's factors of marketing mix, then accordingly they decide to develop strategies and plans. Comparison of respetiv3e company with its competitor that is ASDA is given below:-





TESCO deals in wide ranges of products such as books, clothing, toys, software, financial services, telecom, internet services and many more (Brady, 2014). But according to customers clothing products offer by this company are appropriate and quality is poor.

ASDA is also dealing in wide products and services ranges. Products offer by respective company are clothing, animal welfare, foods products, poultry and many more. Along with this quality of products is also best according to customers.


Price of the products which is offer by respective company are according to products and its quality. The strategies which is adopted by TESCO is premium pricing method which create value of products and services. Along with this respective company products are affordable by all peoples.

Price of the Products and services which is offered by ASDA is high as compare to TESCO products price. Due to this it is not affordable by all income group peoples which leads to decrease in sales of respective company.  


Products and services of respective company are available at almost every marketplace. Such as United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary, Thailand and many more.  The respective company establish  there store at remote area which is easily reachable by customers.

Whereas stores of ASDA is only offering there products and services in United Kingdom market place. They have less and limited stores as comparison to TESCO. Along with this respective company stores are in limited areas (RossiAllenby and McCulloch, 2012).  


TESCO use various attractive promotional strategies which attract customers on huge ratio. They also offer discounts and vouchers on regular basis to its customers. Such as they offer 50 percent discount on weekends, provide free products offer, buy more and save more, occasionally discount and many more.

ASDA also do various promotional activities which attract customers. The respective company also offer discounts and gifts coupons. But in case of respective company they not do much efforts on products advertising. Due to which many peoples not get aware about products and discounts.  

Physical Evidence

Physical evidences of TESCO stores are clean, hygiene and  attractive which encourage customers to visit there stores for do shopping. Along with this every things is placed at its place by which customers find products easily and quickly.  

ASDA is mainly focus on attractive and effective interior for its physical evidences. This help them in a attracting customers in huge ratio which leads to increase in profitability and market shares.


TESCO treat there employees in effective and appropriate manner. Due to which employees feel motivated and connected towards company (Clow and James, 2013). They also provide various training and development programs to employees on regular basis which enhance there productivity and leads to organisation profitability.

In ASDA employees get awards and promotions on the basis of their performance. By which they feel motivated and encourage to do work in appropriate and effective manner. They also recruit employees on regular basis and then provide training to them.  


Process adopted by TESCO is mainly focus on reduction in operational cost. Along with this they also update their store and process with new and innovative techniques. By which employees fell encourage and there workloads also get reduced.

Whereas process which is adopted by ASDA is mainly focus on reduction of wastage. For which they remove unnecessary activities and steps form there process. By this they also able to enhance there productivity in effective and efficient manner (Silver and et al, 2012).


P5. Reflection

 From this report I learn many things which help me in conducting work in effective manner in team. Along with this I also able to enhance my skills, confidence and knowledge which will helpful for me in conducting work in future. In starting I face some issues while working in team because every person have different aspects and view due to which some time conflict occur. Due to which every one work get suffered, so leader of our team make rule and policies regarding everyone role and responsibilities.


From the above mentioned topics it can be analysis and conclude that for operating business in effective and appropriate manner company has to do marketing. By which they attract customers, identify appropriate market, develop products or services accordingly and many more. For effective marketing a company conduct various activities such as prepare marketing plans by which they able to develop framework of marketing activities which a company conduct to attain goal and objectives. By effective marketing company able to attract more and more customers which directly leads to enhancement in profit and market shares. In an organisation every department are essential for attaining profit. Along with this all departments of an organization are interrelated with each other which help in conducting business in proper manner.


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