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Managing Successful Business Project | Organization Report

10948Downloads1 I Published: 27 Nov ,2019


Globalisation defined as a process of integrating and communicating among peoples, companies and government at worldwide level. Through globalisation an organisation can expand its business at worldwide level in order to enhance profitability and customers bases. Along with this by globalisation company able to expand its products and services ranges according to different culture (Ahmed, Jimenez-Jimenez and Martínez-Costa, 2013). The main reason of adopting globalisation by a company is that they can attract international funding or shareholders and increase there customers base. Organisation which is selected for this report is Nestlé .

which is founded by Henri Nestlé in year 1866. They are operating and running there business in food processing industry and its headquarter is in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. They offer variety of products ranges such as baby food, coffee, dairy products, breakfast cereals, bottles of water, ice cream and many more which are selling at worldwide level.  The main objective behind conducting this report is to evaluate and analysis objective and aim for case of  Nestlé. Along with this it include information related to reach and data collection, it also contain recommendation, findings and analysis.  


P1. Project aims and objectives for the  chosen topic

Topic: How do multinational companies improve the recruitment, selection and training of their employees to meet International requirements?

Aim of project:

“To ascertain the ways by which international organisations can improve procedures related to recruitment, selection and training.A project on Nestlé. 

Objective of project:

  • To identify the requirement of changes in existing procedures of recruitment, selection and training at international level.
  • To determine ways by which effective recruitment, selection and training procedures can be made within Nestlé.
  • To ascertain benefits gained by Nestléafter improving the recruitment and selection procedures.

Research Background

Globalisation refers to a process or techniques which is adopted by a company for expanding there business in international market in order to sell its products and services in other countries. By this an organisation also increase their profitability ratio, customers bases, number of shareholders and market shares (Crane and Matten, 2016). In respect of Nestlé which is a food and drink company who server there products at worldwide level.

Its headquarter is in Vaud, Switzerland and there are approx 308,000 employees are working at worldwide level. Products offer by this company are coffee, milk products, chocolates, baby foods and many  more. Through globalisation respective company can expand there trade practices at international level in order to enhance profit and customers bases.

P2 Project management plan

Company Name



It refers to funds which is required to to conduct particular topic or task. In context of respective company they required approx £1199 for recruiting appropriate employees and train them accordingly to fulfil requirement for operating at international market.


By conducting this task respective company employees and employer able to conduct work in effective and efficient manner. Along with this they able to achieve goal and objective in efficient way and enhance productivity.


It refers to time duration which a company required to accomplish particular work in effective and appropriate manner (Den Hertog, Van der Aa and De Jong, 2010). In context of respective company they required approx 1 years for recruiting and train employees.


To maintain quality of task or provide effective and quality training and development to employees the respective company hire experienced and professional trainers. For recruitment they also hire experts of that particular team so that they can recruit appropriate person according to vacant position.


When a Nestlé communicate about respective project with employees by conducting group meeting, individual meeting. Along with to communicate about recruitment process in public  company use various advertisement techniques such as postings on job portables, social media like twitter, linked in, face book etc., they can also use print media like newspaper.


Risk associated with recruitment and training process of  Nestlé is that if employees not understand what trainer is explaining (Eckerson, 2010). If employees not able to remember what they learn at training process.


It is responsibilities of a respective company researcher to make plans and process according to recruitment. So that every resources can be used at in a appropriate and effective manner. They also provide training to employees so that they conduct work in effective and appropriate manner.

P3 Work breakdown structure and a Gantt chart

Work Breakdown Structure:

It is a technique or process in which an organisation divide all activities into small portions so that staff conduct work in effective manner by completing small portion of work. Through this company also identify and analysis resources which they can required to conduct the work in effective and appropriate manner (Gebauer, Edvardsson and Bjurko,2010). Along with this company also identify time duration required to completing a particular work. By this Nestlé able to identify requirement of overall expenses which they required to conduct work in effective manner in order to attain goal and objectives.

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Gantt Chat:

This is develop by  Henry L. Gantt in year 1917. Gantt chat is a graphical representation in horizontal bar chart which help an organisation in planning, coordinating and tracking particular task which is conducting at a workplace (Incelli, 2013).


 According to evaluation of Gantt Chat which is develop by Nestlé is that they required 15 day for identifying problems and issues for a task. Then for developing aim and objectives they need time period of 7 days. After that for developing literature review respective company required 12 days and for deciding and preparing research methodologies company need 14 days. Then for collecting appropriate data and information Nestlé required 17 days time period and of analysing it respective company required 10 days. Along with this for preparing conclusion and recommendation company required 3 days and for submission of final report to senior authority Nestlé required 1 day.


P4 Carry out small-scale research by applying qualitative and quantitative research methods

Research Methodologies:-

It is a process or technique which is use by a company in order to conduct proper and effective research by using various type of research methodologies in order to collect data and information in effective manner (Jones and Lubinski, 2012). Then interpret it for identifying its efficiency in order to attaining of goal and objectives. It involves various methods such as analysis of data, qualitative and quantitative techniques, research design and many more.


It refers to type of analysis which is based on market research method which mainly focus on obtaining data and informations by conducting communication and open ended conversation. It can be done through various methods such as one to one interview, group interview or discussion, case study research and many others.


It refers to data and information which is related to quantity, amount or ranges that required to conduct research in effective manner. These data and information is based on mathematical calculation and statistical analysis. It is of various type such as counting of numbers, measurement of object, projection of data and many more .

Primary method:-

It refers to that method or technique of data collection which is collect by a researcher by communicating with others. This is costly and time taking method because a researcher has to collect data and information on real time basis (Kan, kaanranta and Planken, 2010). If Nestlé adopt this methods they have to spend more money and wait long time for completion of research in effective and appropriate manner.

Secondary method:-

It refers to methods which is adopt by a company if they want to collect data and information in less time duration because these data are based on past information. It is cheaper and time saving as compare to primary method. If respective company select this data collection method they conduct research in less time duration and with less budget.


It refers to method which is use by a company in order to decide appropriate sample for conducting research in effective method. An organisation can do sampling through various ways such as simple random sampling, systematic random, stratified and multi stage cluster (Lin and Chen, 2012).  Here, under this present project researchers have used simple random sampling technique to select respondent from total population.

Total population:-

It refers to total number of respondents which is selected by a company in order to conduct research in effective and appropriate manner. Total population selected by   Nestlé is 20 candidates.

Sample size:-

It indicate to number of sample which a company researcher select from total population (Shang, 2012). By this researcher can identify effectiveness of project in proper and effective ways. From total population sample size selected by a company is of 10 respondents.

To evaluate and identify effectiveness of training for working at international level  Nestlé use qualitative method and for analysing effectiveness company prepare questionnaire and take same size of 10 respondents.







Q1) Is the concept of globalisation in the knowledge of people?

· Yes

· No

Q2) Is the performance of company impacted by globalisation?

· Yes

· No

Q3) Is there any requirement of changes in recruitment, selection and training procedure in Nestlé?

· Yes

· No

Q4) What are the different ways through which an international organisation can improve training practices?

· On the job training

· Off the job training

Q5) What will be the benefit of implementing changes in recruitment and training procedure for Nestlé?

· Enhance supply chain insight

· Improve productivity of firm

· Enhance diverse culture at workplace

· Maximise opportunities of business growth

Q6)  What major difficulties HR manager of Nestlé can be faced while adopting international techniques of recruitment?

· Linguistic issues

· Frame employment policy as per different compliances

Q7) What are the different ways through which Nestlé can improve its recruitment and selection techniques?

· By conducting recruitment through different sites

· By conducting campus placements

Q8) Does the changes will be complementary for Nestlé for a long duration ?  

· Yes

· No


P5 Research and data using appropriate tools and techniques

Theme 1: Concept of globalisation

Q.1. Did you have idea about globalisation ?







Interpretation –

From the above graphical presentation it has been analysed that, people are aware with the concept of globalisation. Because out of 10 respondents, 7 are saying yes that they have knowledge about it. Whereas, remaining 3 are saying no in this situation research have to explain globalisation. So that further research can be conducted. Thus, company can conduct awareness program in relation to globalisation which result in customer attraction also.

Theme 2:  Performance of company impacted by globalisation

Q.2.  Is the performance of company impacted by globalisation?






Interpretation –

After going through the pie diagram it has been identified that, globalisation impact on the performance of organisation. Because out of 10 respondents, 6 are in the favour of yes that globalisation is effecting TESCO working. On the other hand, 4 are saying on it will not impact working of respective organisation. Thus, association have to take decision of business expansion after doing proper market research so it will give only positive impact.

Theme 3: Requirement of changes in recruitment, selection and training procedure in Nestlé

Q.3. Is there any requirement of changes in recruitment, selection and training procedure in Nestlé?






Interpretation –

Above mention graphical presentation is related to changing recruitment, selection and training process of Nestle. From pie diagram it has been identified that, respective organisation have to change these process when the are expanding business at global level because every nation have some different process. Although, out of 10 respondents, 7 are saying association have to modify whereas, remaining 3 are in the favour of no there is no requirement.

Theme 4: Different ways through which an international organisation can improve training practices

Q.4. What are the different ways through which an international organisation can improve training practices?


On the job training


Off the job training




From the above mention graph it can be interpretation and analysis that for conducting training and development among employees, company can use two methods. That are on the job training and off the job training by this employees can enhance there skills and knowledge in  order to wok in international market in effective and appropriate manner. So when researcher ask question to respondent which technique or methods is appropriate for respective company.

The  6 respondents out of 10 said that off the job training is more effective and appropriate for  Nestlé. But left over 4 respondent think that on the job training is more essential and effective for enhancing skills and knowledge to conduct work at international market place.

Theme 5:  Benefit of implementing changes in recruitment and training procedure

Q.5. What will be the benefit of implementing changes in recruitment and training procedure for Nestlé?


Enhance supply chain insight


Improve productivity of firm


Enhance diverse culture at workplace


Maximise opportunities of business growth


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When an organisation adopt expansion at global market they have to do various changes in there production process, techniques, style of working and many more. By this they able to conduct work in effective and appropriate manner. But when company adopt change process they have to take care of various issues and factors so that employees conduct there work in effective manner. According to above graph according to 4 respondents in change occur there will be enhancement in supply chain where as 3 peoples think there will be increment in diverse culture at workplace. 2 respondent out of 10 thinks that company will get number of opportunities of business growth . Along-with this according to 1 respondent there will be enhancement in productivity of firm.  

Theme 6: Difficulties HR manager can be faced while adopting international techniques of recruitment

Q.6. What major difficulties HR manager of Nestlé can be faced while adopting international techniques of recruitment


Linguistic issues


Frame employment policy as per different compliances



When an organisation adopt changes in any things there human resources manager face various issues and problems which affect there decision making process and techniques.  To avoid and overcome these issues they develop various strategies so that manger and employees work in effective and appropriate manner. Form the above  given graph it can  be analysis and interpret that 6 respondents out of 10 think that HR manger face issues related to legalisation. Whereas according to left over 4 respondents they face issues related to framing  employment policy as per different compliances or situations which help them in conducting work in effective and appropriate manner.

Theme 7: Different ways through which recruitment and selection techniques improve

Q.7. What are the different ways through which Nestlé can improve its recruitment and selection techniques?


By conducting recruitment through different sites


By conducting campus placements


Interpretation-  There are various ways through which an organisation can improve there selection and recruitment techniques. By this they able to recruit right peoples for the right job and at right time. From above mentioned graph it can be analysis and interpret that respective company can adopt two methods. According to 7 respondents out of 10 thinks that if company select and recruit employees from campus they get appropriate employees. Whereas 3 of them thinks that company must recruit employees from different different recruitment sites.

Theme 8:  Changes will be complementary for Nestlé for a long duration

Q.8.Does the changes will be complementary for Nestlé for a long duration ?  







From the above given graph it can be analysis and interpret that change will be complementary for Nestlé for a long duration or not.  According to 7 respondents form 10 thinks that yes change will complement respective company for long duration. But rest of 3 respondents think that change will not stay for long duration in respective company.

P6 Recommendations as a result of research and data analysis

By analysing above findings, researcher which is hired by Nestlé provide some recommendation which are given below:-

  • Manager of respective company must conduct analysis and evaluation of market as well as company in order to know about requirement of market and employees. This will help them in making proper and appropriate strategies and policies.
  • Manager must provide training to there staffs when they  expand its business so that employees accomplish work or task in effective and appropriate manner.
  • Nestlé must select appropriate recruitment and selection techniques so that they can recruit right person for right job at right time.


P7 Reflect on the value of undertaking the research

While conducting respective research I face various issues but along with this I learn many things which help me in future while conducting other research. By this I enhance my  confidence, knowledge, patience, team work skills, team handling skills and many more. In starting I face some issues such as conflict in team due to different different prospective on one topic. Sometime respondents also not react in effective manner on questions of researcher which to problems in analysing. But by going through all steps I learn many things like how to handle and work team, how to understand other, how to solve problem of others and many others.


Project Logbook  for the chosen organisation:  Nestlé



Name of the learner: John

Name of the Supervisor:

Project Title: Managing Successful Business project

Date: 13th March 2019

Update of weekly research/ tasks achieved (Account for a minimum of six weeks with dates)

What have you completed?

Did you fulfil Task requirements?

Are you on track and within deadlines set?

Did you need to make any changes to your project management plan?


Task which is completed in this report is related to the improvement in recruitment, selection and training in order to work at international market in effective manner. 




Any risks and / or issues identified?

· Did you identify risks/issues with a lack of skills required for undertaking research tasks?

· Did you UKidentify any additional risks/issues that have an impact on the project management plan?





Problems encountered

· What barriers did you face?

· How did you overcome them?


 Issues and barriers which occur during research is that lack of communication  between employees and lack of funds.

By develop appropriate strategies, rules, policies and regulation for reducing conflict and develop resources and process according to budget.

New Ideas and change of project direction

It can be conducted to increase  organisation performance by enchaining employees productivity.

What Have I learnt about myself this week?

Ø How did I feel when I had to deal with tasks/problems?

Ø Did I find it useful to complete the tasks?

Ø How well have I performed? What did I contribute?

Ø What can I improve on next week?


I feel puzzled due to some ineffective steps in process.

According to me I performed well after getting assistance of senior authority. 

Skills related to problem solving and team handling.

Tasks planned for next week

Ø Which tasks are priority

Ø Have you set aside sufficient time for completion?


 Gathering appropriate information and data.

Yes, I get enough time

Project plan status to date (on, ahead, behind)


Up to date

Supervisor comments to address


Signature of the Supervisor and date:


Template for Performance Review Template to be attached with the report by the learner:

1. What was the Project supposed to accomplish?

 This report describe various topics related to improvement required for    requirement, selection, training and development process for conducting work at international market.

2. Did the project succeed in its aims/ how do you know? Specifically, please outline any evaluation and assessment undertaken.

Yes, respective project successfully accomplished and attain its aim. As it is  necessary for a business to train and recruit effective employees when they are expanding business at international level.

3. What things do you think worked well and why? Evaluate all aspects of the project (e.g initial inception, project activities and project outcomes) from a range of perspectives.

I always work according to plan and process of project which help in completion of work in effective manner.

4. What problems emerged during the project and how were they tackled? Was there timely identification of issues and resolution during the project process?

Conducting sampling and interpretation it is a toughest part of the process in order to accomplish task and project.

5. What did you learn from undertaking the project?

I leader importance of training and development for running a business in effective manner

6. How would you rate your performance as a management consultant leading the project?

I will rate 7  out of 10 myself.

7. What strengths and weakness of your performance did you identify

My strength are good communication skills and adopting new things quickly. Along with this my weaknesses is problem solving skills.

8. How will this inform and support your continuous professional development?

By this I develop and enhance my skills which help me in conducting work in effective manner in future.


From above discussed topics it can be analysis and conclude that globalisation is essential for every organisation if they want to expand their business in international market in efficient manner. Along with this for operating business in global market company need to recruit new employees according to requirements as well as they also required to arrange training and development programs. That will help employees in conducting work in effective and efficient manner. If employees survive and do work in proper manner an organisation able to enhance profit and customer base in efficient manner. So it is essential for a company to conduct training and development for employees when they adopt new things or expand business at international market.


  • Ahmed Dine Rabeh, H., Jimenez-Jimenez, D. and Martínez-Costa, M., 2013. Managing knowledge for a successful competence exploration. Journal of Knowledge Management. 7(2).  pp.195-207.
  • Crane, A. and Matten, D., 2016. Business ethics: Managing corporate citizenship and sustainability in the age of globalization. Oxford University Press.
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  • Gebauer, H., Edvardsson, B. and Bjurko, M., 2010. The impact of service orientation in corporate culture on business performance in manufacturing companies. Journal of Service Management. 21(2).  pp.237-259.
  • Incelli, E., 2013. Managing discourse in intercultural business email interactions: a case study of a British and Italian business transaction. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development.  34(6).  pp.515-532.
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