Managing Quality in Hospitality, Tourism and Events

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Quality can be defined as a conditional, subjective and perceptual attribute which is considered by the customers while buying a product or service. For all the organisations it is very important to take it in consideration in order to maximise profits. In hospitality, tourism and events quality management is vital as it is related to sector where customers can be retained if good services are rendered to them. This presentation aims at the importance of quality management for West Ham United Football Club which is established in Stratford, East London, England and founded in year 1895 by Arnold Hills and Dave Taylor. Concept of quality management, reasons for poor quality and recommendations regarding enhancement of performance have been covered under this project.

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Task 1

Identification and description of the concept of quality management

Quality management:It can be defined as the process of overseeing all the operational and executional activities that re performed by an organisation in order to fulfil demands and requirements of its customers. Currently it has become more difficult to manage a football club because all of them are converting in to companies nowadays and growing as well. West Ham United Club had moved to London Olympic Stadium in year 2016 for the purpose of achieving financial advantage but some how it doesn't worked for the club. It has not resulted in success and created a poor season. Fans of the organisation felt that they have been sold a lie and effected the relation between the board and fan base. All the consequences resulted due to weak quality of the club. It is essential for West Ham to maintain and manage the quality of its performance in order to achieve a desired level of excellence.

Evolution of quality can be described with the help of different stages all of them are as follows:

  • Inspection:It is the first stage in which different types of activities are performed by the quality management team of the organisation. These are sorting, blending, salvage, grading, identifying sources, corrective actions etc. All of them direct the individuals to get detailed information regarding quality of the services that are rendered to the customers.
  • Quality control:In this stage different steps are taken by the organisation in order to take appropriate control over activities that are performed. Development of quality manual, self inspection, product testing, application of basic statistics, planning, processing of performance data and control over paperwork etc. are the tasks that are performed under this phase.
  • Quality assurance:When quality is controlled then the higher authority needs to make sure that it is appropriate or not. It includes advanced quality planning, uses of costs, development of qualitative system, involvement of operations, failure mode, analysis of effects and comprehensive quality manuals.
  • Total quality management:This is the last stage of quality evolution in which organisations need to develop new policies, involve customers, manage all its processes, measure performance and promote teamwork so that quality of the operations can be managed.

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Task 2

Reasons for poor quality that may have impacted performance of West Ham

West Ham United Football Club was moved to London Olympic Stadium for financial advantage but it doesn't work for it the way it was planned. It has not translated its success on the field. The club had poor season after leaving the home ground. There are various reasons for poor quality performance of West Ham. These are described below in detail:

  • Sudden field change:The club was moved from its home ground to London Olympic stadium. The club members were not able to adjust themselves according to the ground. It has affected their performance at the stadium. It is not possible for the players to change their behaviour or set them self frequently for a new place where they have to play in future. Reason behind this is that the climate in their home ground and the new one was not the same so they were not able to adopt the environment easily which has affected their performance.
  • Disconnection between board and fan base:As the club shifted to the London Olympic Stadium then the fans felt that they have been sold a lie and all of this affected their connection between the board and fan base. When number of fans of West Ham United Football Club started to decline then it has reduced the motivation level of the players and their performance went down. As there are no supporters remaining for the team then moral of all the members get reduced and they were not able to perform effectively. All the fans became frustrated, angry and disappointed from the performance of club and no one left in the stadium to cheer. The teams were not getting support of public which affected their work quality and poor performance.
  • Poor decision making abilities:The decision making ability of the top authority of West Ham United Football club was not good and all the board members failed to accomplish the goal which was set by them. Moving decisions was taken to get financial advantage but it haven't worked out as they way it was planned. The formed judgement was not right for club and it is the main cause of poor performance of club.

All the above described reasons have resulted in the poor performance of West Ham and the top authority needs to take appropriate actions against it so that it can be enhanced.

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Task 3

Recommendation to West Ham United Football Club to improve quality of team's performance

There are various reasons of poor performance of the club and for the managers it is very important to find the best and appropriate ways to enhance the work quality of club. It has been recommended to the organisation to implement PDCA cycle so that the performance of it can be intensified. This approach of total quality management is described below in detail:

PDCA Cycle:It is continuous improvement approach which is used by organisations to make appropriate modifications in its processes. This technique can be used by West Ham United Football Club in order to find the causes for poor performance. All the four aspects of this method are as follows:

  • Plan:In this step first of all the problem is required to be analysed and assessed. Secondly appropriate strategy is formulated to resolve it. It can help to find out the problem of poor performance by figuring out its cause.
  • Do:The managers may test the potential solution of the problem in this step and then possible results of implementing it can be assessed.
  • Check:In this step results of the solutions are studied and their effectiveness to deal with the issue is also analysed.
  • Act:If results of solution are appropriate and impressive then at last the managers of West Ham can implement it in order to resolve the issue of poor performance of club.


From this presentation it has been concluded that for all the organisations it is very important to maintain the quality of operations so that profits can be maximised. If performance of a company is weak then total quality management approaches such as PDCA can be implemented. This technique may guide to find problems and their solutions. If proposed solutions are appropriate then it can be implemented by business entities to enhance performance and maintain its attributes.

This presentation is mainly based on West Ham United Football Club which was founded in year 1895 and incorporated as a company in year 1900. It has decided to move towards Olympic Stadium as it was facing ups and downs in its home town. This decision was taken to accomplish the goal of financial advantage but it haven't resulted as as it was planned. This movement has affected performance of the club and number of fans because team members were not able to perform well due to changes in field. Main reason behind the poor presentation was inappropriate decision because it was already facing ups and downs. The judgement regarding moving has affected negatively as the individuals were not able to change themselves according to the ground. The organisation is required to take impressive actions in order to resolve the issues. For this purpose total quality management approaches can be adopted for making continuous improvement. The recommended technique is PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) as it helps to figure out the causes of issues and possible solutions to deal with them in appropriate manner. This method analyse problems, find ways to deal with them, test them and study the result of testing. If results are impressive then these are implemented permanently so that all the consequences can dealt effectively.

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