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Accommodation Services in Hospitality Industry | Role of Housekeeping

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Hospitality industry is defined as a group of businesses who are providing services to customers. Businesses under this industry are focusing on satisfying customers by providing outstanding experiences. In this, their first area is defined by accommodations which includes hotels, motels, breakfasts and other lodging business (Bowie, 2016). The following report is based on the role of housekeeping department in providing accommodation services. It covers the types of accommodation services available within the hospitality industry and the role of Front Office department within accommodation services. It also includes assessment of housekeeping department's contribution and role of facilities and security in providing accommodation services.

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Task 1

P1 Scale and size of the accommodation services in hospitality industry

Accommodation services are provided with a provision of overnights. There are various types of accommodation services as per the budget of the customers. These services are described below:

Motels:This accommodation is provided by features in selecting cooking facilities, tea, coffee, one or two bedrooms which are affordable by ideal in budgeting consciously which appreciates hotel stay. These establishments provide parking and lodging facilities where guests could access rooms from the parking area. One such motel which provides such effective services to the customers is Belmore Court & Motel.

Hotels:It is an another accommodate service with shapes, sizes and personalities in form of having good quality of budgets to luxury by making selection in around a country. Their size and scale is determine by prescription made by customers on websites by their level of stars (Chathoth, 2016). Alongside food and lodging facilities, these provide various entertainment and personal activities to the public. Marriott Hotel in London is one such example of hotel.

Hostels:These establishments provide lodging facilities in the form of dormitory rooms having double, twin and single rooms. Here many of the facilities are shared by the guests like bathrooms, kitchens and in many of the cases. Their size and scales are measured by ratings prescribed by customers on websites. For instance, Hostel One Camden in London is one of the most preferred hostels in the city with 4.5 star rating.

Apartments:This is opted by guests having greater options in major cities or towns. In this accommodation service where people enjoy with their families during holidays, they are required to prepare their own meals, do their own laundry and so forth. Size is determined by units of square fit and scaling is determine by overall rent which is increased by percent.

Holiday homes:This service is made on the basis of making self- sufficient by paying rent privately for holiday. In holiday homes, customers enjoy their holidays by having more space for enjoyment. The size and scale is determine by lengthening area of room sizes. They are ranging with simple cottage and have luxurious lodges. As compared with hotel and motel customers used to enjoy by by living in more space.

Home stays:Home stays are always available for comfort by hosts. Customers in home stays share facilities and meals together(Chelladurai, 2014). They are hosting with genial characters by enjoying socially. Under this accommodation type, visitors sleep and stay at local residences of the city in which they travel. Farm stays are also included in Home stays.

Luxury Lodges:They are extremely most discerning for visitor. Clients basically enjoy higher standard of hosting and facilities. Many of the facilities are provided to clients with pleasures are treatments, helicopter flights, wilder adventures etc. Customer used to visit these lodges with having exclusive offers and unforgettable holiday experience. It is determine by large organisation whose rating, size and scale is measured on websites.

Difference in between commercial and non commercial business

In Hospitality business company is commercially based on profit to keep depended in term of business. From the above mention accommodation services.

Commercially:In commercial basis they are leading with a profit in money which is done by business in according to provide fast food, breakfasts, fine dinning eateries etc. From examining various accommodation services is prescribed that hotels, motels, hostels and luxury lodges are included. They are leading with financial expertise.

Non commercially:In this basis, they are not making profits in money terms. They used to provide services to customers for living. Their included apartments, holiday homes and home stays.

P2 Different forms of ownership available to accommodation services

There are different types of ownership which is available by accommodating services. These ownerships depend upon nature of the accommodation which are described below:

Privately owned Hotel:Ownership of this type of hotels are entitled to an individual or a private company who enjoy the liberty of taking independently managed decisions. They personally accommodate guests within the hotels and the decision making power solely lies with the owner which is one biggest advantage as well as risk(Evans, 2015). The day to day operations are also decided by the owner. For instance, if the owner of Marriott wants to expand its operations all over the world, they have complete liberty in making this decision.

Leased Hotels:This type of arrangement requires private owners of hotels to lease their organisation to a chain or corporation. The financial consideration of hotels would further be undertaken by their lessee. The intensity of risk is moderate as the financial gain to the owner depends upon lessee's management. The poor the hotel would perform, the lesser would be the financial gain. For instance, there are various hotels which have leased themselves to Radisson Hotel Groups.

Managed Hotels:This route is generally adopted by existing hotels. This term is used where privately owned hotels comes under an agreement or partnership with a recognised brand. While the hotel would remain owned privately, its daily operations would be undertaken by the managing hotel. On the basis of total revenues, the managing hotels usually charge royalties. One of the biggest example of managed hotels is Peel Hotel which has near about five hotels that are managed.

Franchises:Under this arrangement, the owner acquires permission from an established brands by providing them with a certain fee to use their brand name, logo and popularity for their owned hotels. The success of the hotels would then depend on the performance of the brand in the marketplace. One of the major examples of franchise is the Choice Hotels which are one of the largest franchisors in the world.

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P3 Role of grading, classifications systems and online review sites while booking accommodation

The grading and classification system is important for accommodation as it informs customers about the facilities as well as comfort found in these properties. The online reviews allow the customers to discuss their opinions about the hotels and its services. (Jauhari and Bharwani, 2017). The role of grading and rating system used to define effectiveness of accommodation is described below:

  • One Star:The role of this rating is to inform customers about presence of basic accommodation system with acceptable quality level at the hotel. However, this rating is given to hotels performing below average standards.
  • Two Star:This rating has the role to inform tourists about convenience and satisfactory quality in the services of accommodation property. This means that there is a wide scope of improvement in the services.
  • Three Star:These ratings inform the customers about presence of ample facilities and greater service quality.
  • Four Star:These ratings play the role of informing the customers about an outstanding service quality and presence of a lot of services which could enhance the experience of the customers adopting the accommodation.
  • Five Star:Tourists through these ratings are informed about exceptional standards of services and luxurious accommodation where they can expect highest standard of assistance 24 hours a day.

For making potential guest focus on bookings are made by Trip advisor which is used for finding best hotel on lowest prices, that helps in saving money (Martin, Rosenbaum and Ham, 2015). It is helpful for finding perfect and latest reviews of unbiased travellers. Their roles are defined below.

  • Managed sustainable growth
  • Engagement in reviewing site
  • Developing breath of customers
  • Attractive advertisements
  • Monitor booking panel list
  • Engaging with customer feedback

Task 2

P4 Front office functions within a variety of accommodation services

Front office is also defined as reception where visitors arrive at first time at a place of business. The office staff is dealing with a contact to a relevant person of a company. It is affected by revenues of company. Service providers enhance their service delivery system by engaging with customers and clients. In accommodation they are leading with different functions in various types of accommodation services like Hotels, Motels and Hostels (Hotel Front Office: Functions & Responsibilities. 2018).

  • Reservations
  • Communication
  • Bellhop service


This refers to the request guests make regarding the accommodation for a specific time period. One of the major functions of front offices in these accommodation providers is providing reservation to customers. There are various ways in which reservation could be made in these accommodation providers. The first and foremost way adopted by customers is telephones. But, with enhanced technological services, another ways in which reservations are made is through websites and mobile applications(Singal, 2015).


Another main function of front offices of these accommodation providers is communication with the customers. This could be regarding personalised offers or for their feedbacks after their stay. They communicate with tourists through telephonic conversation or through emails and app notifications.

Bellhop service

This is a service where a person assists guests with their luggage and transporting needs. This service is provided throughout stay of the customers in accommodation properties starting from greeting the customers to arranging transportation for their departure. This service also aid to special needs made by the customers.

P5 Key roles within the front office department for a selected organisation

In Marriott, front office is a kind of department which makes direct interaction with customers at their arrival. This department is visible in a context to guests. The staff responsibility to receive guests, handling their requests and strike customer first impression on hotels into their minds (Xu and Gursoy, 2015). The roles and responsibility in which front office is leading in hotel Marriott are consider below.

  • Creating guest database
  • Handling guest accounts
  • Coordinating guest service
  • Trying to sell service

Creating guest database

Front office or reception of hotel Marriott role is to make records of customer’s data by preparing complete information of guests. Perfect and complete records are mention by them.

Handling guest accounts

The accounts are proper maintained by front office of Marriott. Their accounts are maintained in past and present information which are made by guest.

Coordinating guest service

Marriott employees who are in front office coordinate completing with guests in order to obtain information regarding customers. Their having wide range of services provided to guests in order to coordinate with services provided to their guests (Martínez, Pérez and Del Bosque, 2014).

Trying to sell service

Marriott employees are making wide range of customers on day to day basis by selling offers and services to customers.

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Task 3

P6: Key roles found within housekeeping department

Housekeeping department is the liability for any hotel as they did not contribute in the profitability of hotel but it is important for hotel as they help in smooth functioning of hotel. Their crucial work is to improve the customer engagement experience so to retain them in the future. If housekeeping employees are not up to the expectation of customer then it hampers the goodwill of hotel in the mind of customer (Bowling, 2014). Important roles in housekeeping department is explained below with functional examples.

Executive housekeeper responsibility:Employees in the housekeeping department of Marriott work is to make the environment safe from any mischiefs like robbery, unacceptable behaviour etc. through monitoring the environment. For instance, family staying in Marriott does not feel safe then it will create negative image of hotel in the mind of customer which will persuade to negative impact on the balance sheet of company.

Room attendants responsibility:If customers are paying high for their stay in hotel then its housekeeping responsibility to make their trip memorable by providing with clean and healthy environment. It could be done through proper cleaning of rooms, lobby, sanitation etc. For instance, customer expectation is to get the clean blankets or pillow in their rooms while staying and its housekeeping department responsibility to provide them so to enhance their experience while visiting Marriott hotel.

Public area supervisor responsibility:Supervisor work is to maintain public space used by customers like corridors, entrance, swimming pool etc according to the standards set by hotel. Roles of supervisor is discussed below,

  • Ensure that full area of hotel are kept clean at all the times so that customers won't find filthy places.
  • To maintain and coordinate with the staff so that proper arrangements is done according to the expectations of customers.

P7: Importance of forecasting linen stock and other supplies

Linen stock is the expensive department of hotel which includes dresses for staff, curtains, blankets, pillow cover, drapes etc. It should be properly replaced or laundered by hotel as customer directly uses these things to fulfil their basic amenities. If the requirements of linen is not up to the expectation or not properly cleaned then it leave a bad impression of hotel in customer’s mind. Customer retention is important for hotel as acquisition cost of them will be reduced which improves profitability of hotel to a certain level. Importance of supplies in hotel is discussed below,

  • If hotel is not equipped with stock of important supplies like linen, food, raw materials etc then hotel would not be able to provide the value of money customer has paid for their visit which is not good for hotel future sales (Medlik, 2016).
  • If hotel has acquired more stock as compare to their requirements then it will increase inventory cost resulting in reduce in profitability. Just in time can be use by hotel to maintain their goods according to the demand of customers.
  • In order to keep customers happy and satisfied, hotel responsibility is to maintain their staff behaviour and dresses they wear while working. If staff dresses are not properly cleaned or ironed then it will hamper customer satisfaction as they expects environment not in the workplace but also in the staff and their uniform.

P8: Importance of interrelationships between housekeeping and other departments

Housekeeping department plays an important role in the success of hotel as their main aim is to make the customer experience memorable. It could only be attain if they are working with other departments like front office, HR department etc to achieve their pre set goals. Importance of relationship among departments is explained below,

Front office:Their work is to take and respond to the customer grievances as quickly as possible because their primary motive is to make the customer happy and satisfied while staying. Housekeeping department role is to provide information about the room status to the front office which includes customer demands, stock of basic amenities, aesthetic up keeping of rooms etc. It will ensure smooth stay of customers which helps hotel to increase their customer retention rate.

Engineering department:This department role is to maintain and operates all machinery which includes AC, lighting, escalator, lifts etc. Housekeeping employees work is to check all the machinery and keep them in order so that customer won't find any problem while using it. For instance if lift is not working then its their responsibility to inform engineering department so to fix it quickly (Bernini and Cagnone, 2014). Any hindrance which affects smooth stay of customers will leads to customer dissatisfaction.

Laundry department: Role of laundry department is to ensure proper cleaning of cloths, linen stock etc and ironing so to maintain germ free environment in hotel. It is the duty of them to deliver clean linen to the housekeeping departments timely to ensure smooth operations. So to provide proper and clean attire to the customers.

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Task 4

P9. Importance of scheduling maintenance or repair work for minimizing the disruption to guests

For providing satisfaction to customers with services provided, schedule maintenance and repair work plays an essential role. The maintenance and repair of hospitality building is very essential because its effectiveness denote the quality of services which directly influence the choice of customers (Evans, 2015). A proper maintenance and repair work plays a significant role in attracting customers and keeping them satisfied with the services offered by Marriott hotel because well maintained rooms reduces the chance of receiving complaints regarding the services. In hotels maintenance is required over several spaces like guest rooms, restaurants, swimming pool, health club etc.

It also support in increasing safety and security of hotel guests as well as employees by ensuring that building, facilities and services are safe for user. This also help in minimizing the disruption to guest as when all the instruments, building and machinery used are well maintained it reduces the chance of its damage or repair at the time when customers availing services. For instance, maintenance department in Marriott hotel must ensure that after checking-out of one client room must be cleaned and arranged in a proper manner before providing room key to another customer. In addition to this, maintenance and repair department is also responsible for keeping room cleans and well managed before getting any reservation. This support in creating a positive image of hotels in front of customers regarding the services they offer.

With the maintenance of assets as well as places that are used by customers, organisational activity maintenance also plays a crucial role for enhancing the services offered by hotels. Marriott hotel perform following activities for security maintenance:

Routine maintenance:-HR department of a hotel held responsible for maintaining the routine activities in order to manage the quality of services in each situation (Osman, Johns and Lugosi, 2014). This help employees to perform their operations in a timely manner and as per the demand of customers. For instance, HR managers can regularly check the routine activities performed by employees and can maintain them at the time when demand is higher.

Scheduled maintenance:-Proper preparation and management of schedule help in providing the guidelines to workforces regarding the operations they have to perform. This in turn will support in providing services in an most effective and timely manner which creates value among customers. Further it also support in reducing the disruption that customers get due to improper management of activities and delays in services. As schedule help in prioritising the services on the bases of their importance along with time taken by them to perform it.

P10. Importance of security within a selected organisation

It is very essential for a hotel to ensure safety and security of customer, employees as well as assets that are belongs to it. As the guest who come up in a hotel for availing accommodation services must be ensure that they will be safe and secure during their stay within hotel. This help in keeping them satisfied with services which further support in enhancing the brand image within marketplace as satisfied customers will also contribute toward increasing customer base by suggesting them and influencing the choice of hotel. In addition to this safety of hotel staff and assets is also very essential as it influence the work performed by them. Because a satisfied and secure employees are more productive then a person who work within fear of getting injured (Jones, Hillier and Comfort, 2016). As Marriott hotel is a most popular and demanding brand for accommodation services, so it is very essential for them to maintain proper security management and facilities for providing quality services. Following are the measures through which Marriott hotel can provide security:-

  • Key card locks:Marriott hotel provides security over room entrance by providing punch and magnetic key cards that have locks with flash memory and other functions. This system can keep other persons restricted to enter into room who are not authorised.
  • Fire alarm:- Smoke detectors and fire alarms in each guest rooms that are monitored 24 hour a day, allow security staff to respond immediately in case of any emergency. This help in ensuring that they are safe from any injury and will be protected by security staff in case of any contingency.


From the above given report it can be summarized that for achieving success in hospitality industry, hotels must ensure proper maintenance of services on regular basis for keeping them updates as per the changes in need and demand of customers. This support in aligning the services as per the expectation of customers for satisfying them and maintaining a long term relationship with them. In addition this housekeeping, maintenance, security and front office departments also support in enhancing the quality of service by providing instant services through having a regular interaction with customers and then performing operations to satisfying those needs.

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