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Claudio Silvestrin’s: Master of Contemporary Minimalism

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Interior design is an art by itself. The science behind interior designing comprises of seven important elements. These elements are extremely important in developing a comfortable and pleasing ambiance. We have considered to research about Claudio Silvestrin. He is an architect and a famous designer Claudio Silvestrin. Silvestrin is well-known as a “Master of Contemporary Minimalism”.

By definition, minimalism is a design style that strips down elements. It identifies unnecessary components and removes them. In most cases, minimalism focuses on the purpose and function of the space available. This way it achieves a simple and a peaceful environment. Interesting accents of minimalism would be geometric form, streamline furniture and neutral shades.

This study analyses Claudio Silvestrin’s ways of using design elements in his projects. The study focuses on Kanye West’s loft. This is a characteristic project that describes Claudio’s architectural skills wonderfully.

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This study is based on both primary and secondary research methods. The researcher reviewed several course notes. These course notes helped in building a foundation. It also helped in gathering information from many websites. On some days, the art gallery was visited too. Primary elements for the research were obtained from a Claudio Silvestre’s Project. This project is found in his London Art Gallery. Over the past few years, London Art Gallery turned into a place with magical design elements and artefacts.

Information for the primary study was gathered from one of Claudio Silvestre’s projects. As mentioned previously, Claudio’s London Art Gallery was used for the study.

The second stage of research focuses on an elicited, but essential foundation. A series of interviews were conducted along with reviews that scanned through Claudio’s biographies. Several websites with Claudio’s works were analysed during the process.

Significance of the Research

The study was intended to prove that the role of successful interior designer revolves around factors apart from the functionality of interior spaces and aesthetic values. The designer is responsible for engaging, innovative and interesting work .This study clearly proves that you need lots of inspiration and creativity to excel in this industry. These are two important factors that would define your rate of growth in the market.

It is quoted in [1] that “If you have a true desire, a true passion for a certain area, then it is in that field that your real creativity will blossom.” Claudio’s works fall in line with this theory. There is so much passion and true desire in what he does. This is a major reason why no two projects are the same.

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Analysing “Space “in Kayne West loft /apartment

One might consider this as a small 200 square meter apartment that is transformed by design and style. When it comes to space, the loft stands apart from conventional styles. The building supports unrestricted flow of space. This makes life easy and airy. The bedroom and bath area is linked strategically. There are no divisions. The areas flow from one to another without any space issues.

Analysing “Form in Kayne West loft or/and P apartment Milan“

The designer has used straight lines in the west loft. These vertical lines are used to introduce more space. Space in the west loft has so much depth too! By default, the use of geometric forms can bind space with harmony. This is what Claudio has experimented in this apartment. Rigorous geometry in the design makes sure natural materials and space flows with one another. There are two important elements to enhance the property’s geometric nature: pear wood and limestone.

Together, these elements convey a feeling of elegance. It is quite evident to experience solemnity in this design. The overall apartment is not intimidating in any way. This is another characteristic quality of the Kanye West Loft.

Analysing “Light in any of his project”

Key elements in this Claudio project would be space and light. There is so much natural light in this Kanye West loft. As mentioned previously, the night and day areas blend seamlessly. Light flows between these components without any interruption. Light and energy flows between areas in a continuous fashion. The use of generous space is believed to be a key element in controlling the flow of light. However, the architect and his designers have kept the number of lamps and light fittings to a minimum.

Atmospheric spaces are created. These spaces make sure atmospheric harmony is created between dark and light areas. Claudio Silvestrin Architects are experts in making sure emotion and visual poetry governs the entire design.

Analysing Texture and colour in any of this project

Throughout the project, there are neutral lights. Neutral shades are required to experience the most of generous space and serene designs. The loft features two monolithic stone islands. These stone islands have unique sculptural design. The first stone island serves as the basin and bathtub. The next sculptural design serves as the kitchen and bar unit. All these components have neutral shades as its base. Even the home’s two main materials: pear wood and French limestone are of neutral shades. The architect has chosen neutral shades to complement lighting, architecture, one-off furniture options and interior designs.

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On the whole, Claudio and his architects are experts in using space. They design to create a balance between various design elements. The experts have selected elements with “space” in mind. Indeed, space is balanced and proportioned neatly. In many areas, Claudio uses quality and not quantity. There is very few furniture or obstacles in the design. To be more precise, Claudio once said “Quality is not quantity, it is not commonplace”.

Some believe that Claudio and his architects use spiritual inspiration to design homes. Their thoughts have serious impact on the final outcome. This Kanye West loft project describes composition, calmness and beauty in a different way. It is absolutely different from many conventional loft projects. The entire place is smooth, spacious, peaceful and airy. There are very few (or no) obstacles in the entire layout. This is Kanye West Loft’s key selling point.


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Claudio Silvestrin Architects (nd.)

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