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Artificial Intelligence | Impact on Human Life

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Artificial Intelligence refers to the process of human intelligence simulation using machines specially computer system. It is a capability of computer to think, learn and perform the work way in which it is performed by human beings.

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Main reason behind selecting this topic is that now a days Artificial intelligence is connected with everything that happen in a human's life and plays a vital role in it. But it has both positive and negative aspect in its operations. So this topic help in identifying that it is

  • Key to better world by enhancing automation


  • Riskier for the humanity


  • Key to better world by enhancing automation:- Artificial Intelligence is a not about recreating a human brain but it is related with building up a system that can act like a human being. Hence it work toward improving the life of human being by bringing more innovation for simplifying their routine and reducing their workload which ranging from simply analytical problem solving to perform business operation through artificial voice assistance.
  • Riskier for the humanity:- Artificial Intelligence along its list of benefit also poses several risks as it is involve in every decision of a human being which is ranging from healthcare to finance to criminal justice. Hence, its is riskier as important decision of one's life is being made by machines without sufficient scrutiny.

Three key sources

  • Artificial intelligence is not a threat to human society. 2019
  • 7 Ways AI Will Help Humanity, Not Harm It. 2019.
  • Artificial intelligence is not a threat to humanity. 2019. 

Notes:- I have to gather information about artificial intelligence and for this I choose secondary source i.e. internet to collect information by assessing google and from there I got these sources. These source will be used to collect information regarding AI and to determine whether it is a aid or threat or the life of human being. So information from these sources will be analysed and then interpreted in order to get relevant data that will be able to answer my concern regarding AI.

The current information about globalisation is required to gather for conducting this essay hence it has been researched using internet access and from google search I got this source. These sources will furtehr used to collect data regarding eth impact of globalisation along with its positive and negative aspect of this concept. Hence information will be collected from these sources which tehn evaluated and interpret as required to address the objective of this essay.

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Source evaluation

CRAAP testing is perform over a source in order to determine its reliability or credibility to use fro academical research. In order complete this assignment 1stsource has been selected which is present by author 'Rene Buest' and this online article was published on 10thJanuary 2018. This source is more reliable as it is published after proper analyses of validity of content regarding artificial intelligence and its important for human being.

Thesis Statement

In order to conduct this project argument will be performed over artificial intelligence “Is Artificial intelligence is a threat or aid for humanity” which support in determine the benefit of using it along with threats present to rectify them.

Favourable Argument 1

As per the view point of Enrique Dans (2019), Artificial intelligence focuses over enhancing the ability of human in perform difficult task much quickly. This become possible by increasing the use of AI that enhance the level of automation which further help in performing tasks much easier.

For Instance, Autonomous vehicle is a result of Artificial intelligence which drive he vehicles more safely as compare to human being. This also contribute toward reducing the risk of accidents.

Favourable Argument 2

As per the view point of Kashyap Vyas (2018), AI is also consider as a boon to humanity because it liberates human and allow them to execute task in which they are excel. This leads to completion of task in more efficient manner because robots doesn't any type of sentiments, they think logically and take right decisions.

Arguments against AI 1

According to Anton Kolonin (2019), Incorporation of artificial intelligence is drastically shifting the human work from robotic assistance with an aim to provide a medium to reduce the number of error and work with more perfection . Hence Artificial intelligence is consider as a threat for human beings as it is switching the need of people.

For instance, Majority of companies like Amazon are planning to remove human employees and switch them with artificial voice assistance in order to solve the issues of its custo0mer much quickly.

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Arguments against Artificial Intelligence 2

As per the view point of Davan Sanders, (2019), Sophisticated technologies related to AI working over embedding itself in modern society ranging from smart search algorithm to experimental self driving car. But these benefits are also spoiling the human life by giving birth to some events that may harm the life of people.

For example, AI is used during wars by soldiers in the form of drone but the actions performed by these drones are destroying the human and environment as well.

Writing plan

In order to complete this essay 5 days are required in which two days will be needed to perform research over the artificial intelligence its importance or threat as well as performing and one day is required for CRAAP test to check source validity. Moreover, for writing and proofreading one day is needed.

Challenges and Solution

While working over this project several difficulties has been faced one among them is topic is very broader which make it difficult to collect information in way it required to address the demand of essay. To resolve this articles has been searched with particular SEO and then those sources are evaluated using CRAAP testing to collect more adequate information.


  • Anton Kolonin. 2019. Artificial Intelligence: A Blessing or a Threat for Humanity. [Online] Available through: <>.
  • Davan Sanders. 2019. Negative Effects of Artificial Intelligence.
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