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Factors Affecting the Success Rate of an Organization

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The smooth operation of an organization needs proper evaluation of the organization in the maintaining of the success rate of the organization. The success rate of the organization is demarcated by the proper flow of the organizational success and the availability of the proper judgement in the smooth operating of the organization. In the following assignment the proper analysis of the APPLE is considered. The consideration of the organization is depended on the better support of the organization analysis. The following assignment also deals with the discussion of the Porter’s five forces which marks the rise in the organization, in gaining the support to make the organisation.

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Background and nature of the industry

The Apple is an American technological company which have by now gained thee smooth covering of thee whole world as their customers. The support of the organisation is better yielded by the company through the proper maintaining of the customer support and the better service providing. Headquarter of the company is in California. To discuss about the market size the proper use of the organization support marks the better availability of the product to the customer marks the market size of the organisation. The structure of the Apple is well incorporated to maintain the success rate of the organisation. the proper implementation of the steps and the methods in the organisation marks the availability of the success. The Apple follows the Spoke-and-Wheel hierarchy, Function-based grouping and Product based grouping. The time of Steve jobs marked the situation where all the important decision was based on the understanding of Steve jobs. The availability of the support and the other aspect came in the time of Tim Cook and all the important decision were undertaken by the organization as a whole and as a team. The large increase in the support and the collaboration marks the initiation of the Spoke-and-wheel Hierarchy, where Tim Cook lies in the centre (, 2017).

The top tier of the APPLE marks the better following of the Function based grouping, where the senior managers of the organisation reports to Tim Cook. The support of the senior managers in the supporting of the information to Tim Cook regarding the functional areas helps in the better managing of the Function based grouping. The proper managing of the information helps in the better support of the organisation in the managing of the organisational support and success. The base level of the organisation marks the smooth levelling of the product i9jn the market. As mentioned by (, 2017), this sector helps in the better understanding of the fact and the proper understanding of the market situation. The market situation and the other factors are reported by the person under the management of the vice managers and the presidents. This proper situation of managing off the information to the managers of the organisation helps in the better maintaining of the support and the proper availing of the fact regarding the product in the market. The support thus helps in the better maintaining of the management from the ground level.

Expansion of the industry

As mentioned by Riasi and Pourmiri (2016, p.54), the expansion of an organization is better managed and understood by the support of the organizational managers and the operating activators. The support of the organisational managers helps in the better support of the organisation to maintain the success rate of the organization. The availability of the funds and the information regarding the better support of the organization helps in the managing off the information for the success in expansion of organisation. As supported by Robles and Mylonas (2017, p.15), the management of an organisation is depended upon the factors forces described by Porter. The porter's five forces mark availability of the signs that helps in the understanding of the sectors marks the rise in the organisation and the opportunity.

Industry competition: As supported by Van Alstyne et al. (2016, p.61), the competitive rivalry for apple have a strong force in the market. According the five forces of porters, the organization have a high level of influence by the competitive organisation in the market. There is a high aggressiveness in the market. The opportunity of the organization and the other organization are somewhat same in the market, resulting in a high and strong forces in the market regarding the competitive market. Companies like the Blackberry, Samsung provide aggressive competition.
Bargaining power of the buyers: The bargaining power of the Apple is quite strong in the market. As inferred by Pargaonkar, (2016, p.18), he situation of low switching cost and weak support of the individual buyer mask the rise in the bargaining power of the customers of apple. The customer can easily change the brand and shift to the competitive market of apple cost too low. The apple also needs to maintain the bargaining power of the customers as the individual buying on the product of apple is lower than the revenue of the organisation.

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Threats to new entrants to the market place: As mentioned by Alhaddi, (2016, p.1), the support of the organisation is better managed by the capital in the market. The better managing oi the market and the proper development of the brand requires cost which is quite high and thus, the force is weak However, due to high competitive and aggressive marketing of the competitive organization the chances of the new entry is higher in case of the Apple market.

Bargaining power of the suppliers: The bargaining power of the supplier in the society marks that there are a low number of supplier of the organization. There are less than 200 suppliers of the raw components of Apple in the society. It is evident that the use of the raw materials marks the rise in the bargaining power of the supplier. But as there are low numbers of the supplier in the society the bargaining power of the suppliers in the society are low.

Threats of buyer opting substitute products: The threat of their substitution is low in the society. The availability of the substitutes in the society marks the moderate zone. It is evident that the rise in the organizational support and low performance of the substitute product marks the lowering of the bargaining power of the substitutes of the society.

Maintaining of the competitive advantages

As supported by Chiu and Chiou (2016, p.516), the situation of an organization in which the organisation helps the customers in selection of the product that would help in the better fulfilment of the satisfaction level within affordable price from other organization. The support of the competitive advantage helps the organization in maintaining the support of the customers in the society, gradually letting the reputation of the organization rise.

  • Supply chain: the supply chain management in the society marks the information regarding the product, finance and other components required for the components to be gathered for the supplying to the customers of the society. The process of moving from suppliers to manufacturers to retailers to the customer leaves a very high chance in the maintaining of the competitive advantage The price of the product does not goes out of the hand due to the continuous observation from the above tier.
  • Pricing: As supported by Butler et al. (2016, p.342), the rise in the organization is demarcated by the better availability of the support and the proper framing of the price of the product in the society. The price of the product in the society marks the rise in the better chances of gaining the competitive advantages. The gaining of the competitive advantage is indirectly related to the price of the product. The price of the product if goes less than the other substitute products in the society, the competitive advantage rise in the society of the organisation.
  • Brand values: As inferred by Della Corte and Aria (2016, p.539), the brand value of an organization is of high priority in the market of the organization. The support of the brand value helps in the better gaining of the competitive advantage in the eyes of the customers, still when there is rise of the competitive advantages in the society.
  • Marketing: As mentioned by Li et al. (2016, p.183), the support of the organizational product is basically gained by the organizational product marketing in the society. The proper skill for the marketing of the product bi8n the society helps in the better support of the selling of the product in daily6 basis. The selling of the product to the customers in need and with the proper affordability helps in the better support of the competitive advantage.
  • HR: The advantages of the human resource management in the organization are of prime aspect. The support of the management in the organisation helps in the meaning of the respect of the organization. The human resource management in an organisation marks the proper recruitment of the organizational workers, which helps in the better understanding of the advantages of the competitive nature.

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Opportunities and threat

As supported by Al-Refaie et al. (2016, p.49), opportunity and threat are two prime aspect in the operation of an organisation. The better support of the organization helps in the mitigation of the problems and the better management of the issues in the organization marks the smooth operation and better achieving of the competitive advantages in the organisation.
Opportunities of an organization are determined from the better managing of the situation and the objectives of the organization. The better management of the organization helps in the proper evaluation of the opportunities in the organisation.

The opportunities of the Iphone in the society are the considerable advancement in the technology. The advance technology helps in the better support of the organization and the smooth operation of the organization. It is evident that the smart phones of the APPLE are upgraded with the technology advancement, which acts as the opportunity of the Iphone under Apple.
Expansion of the organisation in terms of the terrain and all other geographical issues act as the opportunities of the organisation. The proper use of the accessories and updated form of the accessories in Iphone helps in the better support in form of opportunities. The opportunities in the organization also are related to the digitisation of the organization. The smooth operation of the organization in terms of the digitisation helps in the gaining of the opportunities of the organisation.

Threats of the organisation are correlated to the weakness the organisations possess in the operation.

The prime threat the Iphone faces is android in the society. The android is the most used platform in the society which helps in the better support of the operation in the managing of the work that is user friendly. It poses threat in the organization as the android platform. Lack of innovation in Apple posses another general threat in the society.

Opinion on the requirement for the success in the coming 2-5 years

As supported by Harris and Johnson (2016, p.120), the better management of the organisation and the proper achieving of the success is determined by the better employing of the time in the organization. The management of the time and the allocation of the proper job in terms of the organizational work help in the better management of the organisation. Apple needs to be more cautious regarding the knowledge, the organizational workers have. The knowledge of the organisation workers determines the smooth flow of the organizational operation in the coming 2 to 5 years. Growing of confidence and better managing of the actions in terms of the smooth development of the organization helps in the managing of the organizational work in future.


The support of the organizational smooth work is developed by the better managing of the resources. The better management of the organisation is determined by the better operation of the workers in the organisation. From the above assignment it can be evidently concluded the success of the organisation is better operated by the managing of the resources and the managing of the time in the organisation.


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