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Human Resource Management Functions and Organizational Structure

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Present report has been undertaken to know the impact of Human resource management on the selected company which is Mark and Spencer. M & S has been into retailing industry for more than 120 years and continues to do so. This report in relation to this company has been taken in order to make recommendations on their working and performance of employees with giving emphasis on the organizational structure of Mark and Spencer(Maitlis and Christianson, 2014). Further from the report a scholar will able to understand the company at a broad level focusing on the corporate culture and management styles followed by the firm.

Main Body

1.1 Organizational Structure

Since Mark & Spencer is big name in the retail industry and from many years it has been catering the needs of business with so huge base of customers over the years. Mark Spencer being the so old business also has to go for the structural changes due to some factors which were degrading their operations unit and they were not able to make necessary decisions due to the structure of the organization(Maitlis and Christianson, 2014). Thus, came the change and now employees throughout the business have more responsibility towards the business which is better for Mark & Spencer.

The kind of organizational structure company contains is a flat organizational structure this type of organizational structure has limited levels of management between administrative level and front-line employees. This structure is followed in organization to encourage employees in more decision making process.

Further this method is adopted by employees in order to make employees more attentive towards the operations of company and give their crucial contribution in uplifting the growth of the company. Also Mark & Spencer have adopted this method because the type of power culture that firm possess was not able to match it up with its new objectives(Dinh. and, 2014). Due to several management levels involved in decision-making process, the old structure was not a good fit for the organization.

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1.2 Corporate Culture at Mark & Spencer

Successful business is the one which makes its workforce happy at different times by inculcating the different methods such as they can give rewards to it heir employees and they can assure that every should have the party night at home, through giving bonuses. A good corporate culture not only makes people happy but also facilitates and motivates them to work efficiently and effectively to grow the business. Mark & Spencer has a amazing corporate culture as they know how to make there employees happy by giving the companies goodies and by sending them on the holidays and many more(Whiteley, Price and Palmer, 2013). HRM now days have raise its bar in providing the workers with great comfort ability and with this the techniques they have used have gained so many aplaud.

1.3 Management Styles Of Mark & Spencer

Every company follows a different set of management style which helps him in achieving the discipline at the workplace and which eventually will fed them in the way of achievement of desired aims and objectives. Further there are different management styles which are adopted by firms by looking at their structure. Mark & Spencer have adopted Laissez Faire as their management style because through it they allow employees to perform freely their tasks with a minimum of supervision and guidance, to give them a feeling of empowerment.

Mark & Spencer have been able to perform this management style in an appropriate manner as by having this style they have been able to inculcate good set of organizational structure into the business which is a great thing for them(Armstrong and Taylor, 2014.). Managements role is not limited to planning, organizing, controlling and staffing things that has gone beyond the traditional way of practices and now its broad. now management has to know the behavior of employees in order to make them work according to their potential and Mark and Spencer have been able to do this for a long time.

1.4 HRM Functions

1.Performance Management: One of the most important function of Human resource management is performance management. HRM is the key to measure the employees the employees performance over the course of the period. The time of the period can be any yearly , monthly, weekly. Generally HRM measures its employees performance monthly through a giving them the bait of incentive and bonuses on achieving a certain level and thus follows the performance of the employees and they measure each employees performance through the portals they have developed(Zhang and, 2015). In Mark & Spencer for measuring employees performance HRM of the company has done a lot and able to maintain their performance with good culture.

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2.Training and development: Giving a training is the most important element of recruiting process of conducted by HRM. Training is done in order to make a candidate eligible for performing the work which company has acquired him to do. Training of the individual is done just to make him aware about the facts that what methodology is been followed by them in making that people compatible to work(Piening, Baluch and Ridder, 2014). Development is also carried by the people of HRM only for the employees who are in organization and given the different role from what they are performing from many times. so in order to make them more knowledgeable about the new work it has been done.
CONCLUSION and recommendations


  • As per the report it has been concluded that, HRM plays important part in making a company's performance level to raise up and maintains a good corporate culture in making employees feel good at the workplace. Thus Mark and Spencer has also facilitated their employees with good culture and given them an opportunity to decide further operations of the company by their open management style.
  • Recommendation
  • For Mark and Spencer to be more productive in the future certain recommendations have been made by the writer as per his knowledge of the topic, they are:
  • Mark & Spencer should build a platform where everyone can interact with each other.
  • The company should have a measurable attitude towards the employees.
  • Company focuses on meeting the deadlines.
  • Effectively manages the organizational pattern of the company.

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