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Sample on Research Project Hospitality for Hilton hotel

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Introduction To Research

Research can be considered as a systematic investigation that assists in drawing of new facts and figures so as to conclude with results. It entails for carrying out a thorough analysis as well as evaluation of studies done by authors so as to add to deeper knowledge of the researcher (Wilson, 2010). The given study has been conducted on hospitality industry. The given research proposal is based on studying the impact of consumer service on loyalty shown by the consumers in Hilton hotel.

The proposal starts with the description of the aims, objectives, research questions as well as the hypothesis. This is followed by discussing the Importance of the study followed by having an idea about the tools and techniques to be utilized for carrying out an in-depth research. The study will conclude by results and discussions where emphasis will be given on the overall findings that have been derived from the literature review section.

Overview Of The Study And Research Questions

The given research study is being carried out on the topic being what is the impact of consumer service on overall loyalty shown by consumers in Hilton hotel. In this regard, the formulated aims, objectives and research questions are as follows;

Importance Of The Study

There is a presence of varied factors that have contributed to the selection of the present research study. I have been quite interested in the area of hospitality industry which is all about dealing with the consumers in the best possible manner. It is the consumer service that defines the overall future of the hotel industry. If the consumer service is not good then it puts a question mark on the loyalty shown by the consumers followed by affecting the competitive advantage (Keiningham and, 2005). The issue is particularly significant for Hilton hotel as it is putting an impact on the overall work standards. Hence, customer service is a must for a hospitality firm. It basically acts as a link between the management as well the consumers. Hence, it is required to be provided to clients in the best possible manner (Sekaran and Bougie, 2010). If not, it is likely to make them dissatisfied thereby putting an impact on the overall satisfaction level. If this happens, consumers are bound to move towards other firms which are giving them quality offerings hence putting a mark on the overall loyalty quotient (Chelminski and Coulter, 2011).

Customer service for hospitality industry

Customer service in the hospitality industry refers to the process of making services available to the customers as per their requirements and needs. In other words, it is a series of activities that can help in enhancing customer satisfaction by providing them the feeling that the organization has met his/her expectations (Keiningham and, 2005). Caring for the needs and wants of the prospects and fulfilling them to the fullest is what will lead to their satisfaction. A good service to the consumers is all about bringing them back to the organization thus ensuring that they are satisfied and content with that (Brhn and Georgi, 2005).

Customer service in the hospitality industry is mostly provided by the staff or the personnel who are in direct contact with the customers and deal with them as well as work for the fulfilment of their requirements. They are aware of the basic requirements of the guests in the hospitality industry and thus work for the fulfilment of these. Thus, good customer service is all about managing the perceptions of the prospects and thus able to give them a positive experience at the place (Kang, 2006).

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Importance of good customer service at Hilton hotel

The hospitality industry in which Hilton hotel functions is that of high competition with large number of competitors who are in need of more and more number of customers Chelminski and Coulter, 2011). In order to earn profitability and generate revenue, it is the requirement of the hotel to retain its customers so that it can have a large customer base and have benefits of higher profits. Retention of prospects is also required by the hotel so as to sustain for long term in the market (Kenyon and Sen, 2012). Owing to this, there is the need to satisfy the customers to the fullest as this also has a number of benefits for Hilton Hotel discussed as follows –

Satisfaction of the customers – One of the most beneficial effects of customer service by Hilton hotel is that of satisfaction and contentment of the prospects. Until and unless personnel of the organization do not understand and fulfil the requirements and expectations of their guests visiting at the hotel, they will not be satisfied by the services provided. It is only when the staff members of the hotel works in interest of the prospects that make them satisfied and thus increases the chances for return.

Positive word of mouth – Making the customers satisfied with good customer service of Hilton hotel is not the only benefit of service provided to them. Another benefit of this is that it helps in spreading a positive word of mouth of the organization to others and in the society also (Kumar, Kee and Manshor, 2009). If the guests visiting the hotel do not find the services of the staff satisfactory then this would lead to a negative image of the organization while a good service will cause a positive image among others also (Brhn and Georgi, 2005). This will thus lead to more and more number of visitors to Hilton hotel.

Retention of customers – Another benefit of providing good customer service by Hilton hotel is that this will lead to more and more number of visitors coming back to the place. This means that the provision of effective service by the staff of the organization helps in making the customers visit the place again and again and make use of their services. This eventually helps in increasing and having a large customer base (Zemke and Bell, 2003).

Profitability – Another important benefit of providing good customer service by the Hilton hotel to its prospects is that of high profitability and revenues for it. It is through its clients and their usage of their service that brings in greater revenue and thus high profitability for the organization (Keiningham and, 2005).

Increment in customer base and acquisition – Apart from this, another significant advantage of providing good service quality to the customers is of increment in the customer base for the Hilton hotel. It is through the provision of good quality of services according to their requirements that helps the organization in acquiring clients and thus increasing their number (Hurley and Estelami, 2007).

Relationship between customer service and customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is about attracting the right and targeted customers, making them use their services again and again and thus bringing in more and more number of them. In other words, this is treating of people in the way they want to be treated. This is another form of retaining of customers and making them visit the place again and again and making them utilize the services provided by an organization. It is the loyalty on the part of the customers of the organization or brand that they would not switch to any other one in any condition and thus showing their trust as well as loyalty (Kumar, Strandlund and Thomas, 2008).

Customer loyalty is the result of customer satisfaction to a great extent and thus these two are related up to a significant level also. Good service to the customers is the root that helps in achieving and maintaining customer loyalty for the organization. It is through this that the customers visit the hotel again and again (Chelminski and Coulter, 2011). Making the customers satisfied helps in establishing positive and healthy relations with them. This can be done by sending e mails and greetings to them on occasions, rewarding them for choosing the organization that can fulfil their needs and expectations. Retention and building good relationship with customers by Hilton hotel means listening to their complaints and not breaking their trust and thus living up to their expectations (Riel and, 2013).

The last outcome of good quality of customer service by the hotel is that of customer loyalty. This is so as a satisfied customer happy with the services of Hilton hotel will visit the place again and again for the fulfilment of its needs and also spread a positive word of mouth for the organization (Brhn and Georgi, 2005). Continuous satisfaction of customers on all the visits by the staff of the hotel will eventually result in establishing and building of good relations with them and the organization should start keeping a database of its regular visiting prospects (Chelminski and Coulter, 2011). Offering discounts on regular visits as well as providing other benefits, would ultimately result in loyalty from its clients. This would inspire them to make use of the services of Hilton hotel again and again and also not switch to any other organization in the hospitality industry. At this point, when the customers would show loyalty towards the firm and prove that they trust in its services, it would finally lead to loyalty for the hotel. With this, thus, it can be said that it is the good quality of service to the customers that forms the basis of establishing and maintaining of loyalty from them in return (Lee, 2012).

Hypothesis Development

Hypothesis testing is all about proving or disproving the research question. In this regard, there has been a formulation of null as well as alternative hypothesis.

Ho: consumer service does not put an impact on client loyalty.
H1: consumer service puts an impact on client loyalty.

Research Methods

Research method entails for making usage of step by step approach for applying suitable techniques as per the study. For attending the formulated objective of research, there is a requirement to adhere with proper research design as well as methods which will act as the basis for the entire study (Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill, 2012).

Type of investigation

In this study, there will be a use of descriptive research so as to study consumer behaviour as a mark of improved client service as well as loyalty quotient. It will further aid the researcher towards finding an association between variables being consumer loyalty and service.

Research method

The given study will be based on making usage of qualitative as well as quantitative methods to make the report a fruitful one. Qualitative will help in descriptive analysis on basis of the viewpoints given by authors. On the other hand, quantitative study will assist in testing of hypothesis (Bryman and Bell, 2011).

Data collection method

Data collection can be regarded as a systematic technique for collecting, analyzing as well as interpreting the facts and figures that have been collected by different sources. Making use of a formalized data collection process ensures that the data that has been gathered is well defined and accurate for making decisions. The proposed techniques for data collection will entail towards making use of primary as well as secondary methods. Primary study will entail for making use of open as well as close ended question set so as to collect information regarding the consumer survey provided by Hilton hotel and how has it been impacting the loyalty quotient shown by the client.

The questionnaire can help in asking the consumers about the kinds of consumer service provided by Hilton as well as presence or absence of satisfaction level (Smith and, 2008). This will assist in attaining clarity about the problems being faced by Hilton hotel on account of lag in consumer service and how the impact is being faced on loyalty level. In the same way, there can further be a usage of secondary data sources in form of books and journals so as to know the views that have been given by different authors in the area of consumer service and loyalty.

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Sampling method

Sampling as a technique entails for selecting a subset from the entire population which will represent the entire consumer set. In the present scenario, the population to be selected is in the form of consumers visiting Hilton hotel. Hence, there has been a use of random sampling technique. The number of consumers selected for the study is 50 who visit different outlets of the hotels that are present in the UK. The technique is justified due to the presence of a large set of consumers followed by providing equal chance to the clients so that they are selected in the sample.

Accessibility issues

The accessibility issues likely to be faced by the researcher will be in the form of non willingness shown by the consumers to be a part of the survey session. Along with this, cost and time may likely put an impact on the answers given by the respondents. In the area of secondary data collection, the likely issues to be faced are in form of non access to certain websites.

Results And Discussions

After conducting the research, it can be said that H1 or hypothesis one is fulfilled as the customer service lays an impact on the loyalty of the clients. By proving the hypothesis as true, it can be said regarding the results of the research that it is the good quality of customer service that results in content clients. The results came out that meeting the expectations of the customers in the way they want and also providing of services more than their expectations is what makes them visit again and again to the same organization. This in result helps in establishment of good relationships with the clients and thus maintains them for a long period of time. By keeping a close contact with them and providing various benefits to the most visited clients at the hotel, it is possible to retain them for Hilton hotel. Thus this eventually results in the fact that building good relations with the clients helps in retaining them and thus having loyalty from them that they would not switch to any other brand or organization in the hospitality industry. At the end, it can be concluded that it is the good quality of customer service that forms the base and helps the organization in achieving customer loyalty to a significant extent.

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The report thus started with briefing out of the research aim, objectives as well as the questions that were based on assessing the impact of consumer service on the overall satisfaction depicted by the clients (Keiningham and, 2005). It further moved on to describe the view given by the author in literature review section so as to prove or disprove the hypothesis. This was followed by assessing the research based tools and techniques that are required to be followed for the given study based on Hilton hotel. From the above report it can be concluded that consumer satisfaction puts a huge impact on the overall loyalty level shown by the consumers Chelminski and Coulter, 2011).


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