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Principles And Purposes That HR Director Needs To Consider In A Communication Strategy

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Communication is the process of interacting with different people. When the HR director of Sport Love is going to formulate communication strategy than various principles are going to be considered as all of them are required to be followed for an effective communication strategy. All of them are as follows:

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Principles of communication:

  • Principle of clarity: While formulating a communications strategy the HR director should assure that the strategy is clear and all the employees of the organisations can under stand it easily. If there is lack of clarity in communication strategy than it will affect the whole communication chain of the business concern.
  • Principle of feedback: If HR director of Sport Love is willing to formulate an effective communication strategy than collecting feedback is very important. It is essential as it can help to figure out that strategy is formulated appropriately or not and it is able to remove communication barrier among managers and employees.
  • Principle of consistency: According to this principle, communication required to be consistent with the organisational plan and policies. The HR director of Sport Love need to consider this principle while formulating communication strategy as it is required to resolve provide appropriate information to the employees.
  • Principle of adequacy: It is very important for the HR director of Sport love to use adequate information while formulating communication strategy, if it is not followed properly than it will create confusion among employees and inadequacy will result in inappropriate decision making.
  • Principle of attention: For HR director of Sport Love it is very important to be attentive at the time of forming communication strategy. This will help to formulate appropriate and effective policy than may help to remove communication barriers within the organisation.
  • Principle of informality: Communication strategy is mainly formulate to make the communication process easy so that all the employees can interact with the top executives easily. But some times it is also very important to keep an element of informality so that employees point of view can be analysed on organisational strategy.
  • Principle of timeliness: According to this principle the HR director of an organisation required to formulate the strategy on time so that it can be implemented to enhance profitability and employee engagement.

All the above mentioned principles are required to be followed and considered by the HR director of Sport Love as it can help to effectively run the communication process within the organisation.
The strategy is formulated for specific purposes and following are the purposes that are considered by the HR director of Sport love while formulating communication strategy:

Purpose of communication strategy:

  • Main purpose of communication strategy is to remove the communication barriers that are faced by employees while interacting with managers.
  • Another purpose of this strategy is to make the communication process easy so that staff members can provide their valuable opinion that can be used while by the managers in order to implement a successful strategy.

Characteristics of effective listener and speaker during meetings

When a meeting is help by HR director or other members of an organisations than it is very important for all the employees and listeners to listen carefully as it can help to understand all the information appropriately. In Sport Love it is suggested to all the listeners and speakers to have certain characteristics as it is required to reduce communication barriers. All the characteristics of both of them are as follows:

Characteristics of effective listener:

  • Understands the speaker: The main characteristic of effective listeners is that they understand the facts that are discussed by the speaker. HR director of Sport Love is suggested to build this characteristic in all the employees so that they can understand all the information shared by the speaker.
  • Check body language of speaker: Effective listeners analyse each and every movement of the speaker that includes body language. They examine the gesture and posture of speaker and than determine that the speaker have confidence, hesitation and over confidence.
  • Ignore distractions: It is very important characteristic of an effective listener because it is very important to ignore the distractions so that the shared information and facts that are shared by the speaker can be understood appropriately.
  • Offer valuable advice: When body language is analysed by the listeners they offer valuable advice to the speaker so that they can make modifications next time. Their advice is very important for the speakers because it will guide them to make changes in their communication process.

Characteristics of effective speaker:

  • Confidence: It is very important for the speaker to be confident so that all the listeners can take interest in the communication process. If the speaker is not confident than listeners will loose interest. It is suggested to the HR director of Sport Love to build confidence in all the employees of the organisations so that they can easily communicate with each other and the top executives.
  • Authenticity: While a speaker is delivering speech it is very important to be authentic so that only valuable information can be passed to the listeners. This characteristic will result positively for the speaker because the listeners will get appropriate information regarding the factors that are mentioned in the speech.
  • Excitement: When a speaker deliver speech with excitement than it will also increase the excitement level of listeners but an excess of this element can leave negative impact. It is very important for the speaker but only then when it is in limit.
  • Specific: The effective speaker will always be specific and straight to the point about the information which is delivered to the listeners. It will help to always be connected to listeners. If a speaker is not able to be specific to the point than listeners will not listen and the information cannot be delivered to the listeners.

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All the above described characteristics of listeners and speakers are very important to describe the employees of the organisation so that they can interact with all the organisational

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