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Important Role Of Network Assessment During Troubleshooting

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Introduction To Network Operating System

Network operating system can be defined as a computer operating system that is designed to support different workstations of computer. It mainly includes remote access, connectivity of network devices as well as storage of data with fell network security. There are different NOS used by organizations such as Artisoft's LANtastic, Banyan VINES, Novell's NetWare, and Microsoft's LAN Manager etc. The present report is based on the Medium sized company named as Cognizant. Company wants to establish a network system in Manchester, UK and also wants to span their network on two floors. Moreover, the overall planning and designing of the network connection is described in this report with the overall hardware and software requirements. For this purpose, remote desktop support is essential and it is quite essential for network manager to allocate the minimal amount of support. In addition to this, Cognizant can expand their business operations by setting their performance baseline as well as security and scaling aspects. Disaster recovery methods and security concerns are described in the present report as per the selected network operating system.

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Selection of NOS

As a network manager it is quite essential for me to develop a best network operating system for Cognizant through which company can expand their business operations effectively. There are different types of operating system some of which are open source or free of charge. It is the best way to provide a platform to company to operate different application software. With the help of the Network operating system company can easily manage all their network resources (Cheng and, 2011). There are different types of NOS such as:

Artisoft's LANtastic: This type of NOS Mainly supports a wide variety of computer operating system. These are the different computer operating system such as Windows XP, Windows NT etc. It is a user friendly NOS and people can easily go through its installation process. It also provides a chatting feature that allows all network PCs to communicate with each other. In addition to this, it is very easy and simple to maintain and it does not requires any extra cost for maintenance.

Novell's NetWare: This network operating system is totally based on the XNS protocol architecture (Hart, 2013). There are various desktops available in the market and it provide comprehensive support to all the system such as DOS, Windows, Macintosh, UNIX etc. One of the main feature is that it supports the open source and licensed both operating system.

Open Network operating system: It is an SDN network operating system for all the service providers. It was open sourced on December 5, 2014. It is basically architected for performance, high availability, scale out and well defined abstractions and interfaced. In addition to this, it can be stated that ONOS operating system comprises ON.Lab.

Microsoft LAN manager: LAN manager is a NOS that is designed and supported by the Microsoft and runs under the Microsoft OS. This system also supports a good multitasking functions as well as other OS such as DOS, Windows etc.

As per the given scenario, Cognizant uses ONOS (Open network operating system) is being used as it is a open sources and it is based on the software define computer network. It bring out the innovation and openness to the internet and cloud infrastructure with the help of the open source tools and platforms. It helps the company in establishing local area network and sharing all the information remotely. It also helps in distributing control platform for large scale networks and focus on the reliability and scalability.

Disaster recovery availability and security in context of NOS

Nowadays in any organization one of the major concern is to go through the best network availability. Disaster recovery can be define as a area through which company can go through the security planning of all of the negative events. All such negative events includes anything that puts an organization's operations at risk such as hacking, cyber attacks etc. At the time of using any NOS the major problem is faced by the IT director is some sudden damages such as physical damages to equipment like computer, routers as well as information loss. While using ONOS company can get secure and effective disc backups (Karsai and, 2011). In order to overcome with the problems of sudden damages IT manager need to adopt best backup plans so that they can keep their data secure. Managing and controlling the internal and external interrupts in the network system is define as a process of disaster recovery. Moreover, it can be stated that security is the major concern that company should follow and for this purpose they need to adopt various security controls in order to prevent unauthorized access. For this purpose, Cognizant has developed a disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

There are different types of NOS available in the market. As per the given requirements and considerations Cognizant has adopted ONOS. The operational need of company can be fulfill by adopting this system. They can easily go through the proper network implementation plan through which they can set up 30 and 40 computers on two different floors. This ONOS provides them high features on low maintenance cost (LAWRENZ, 2013). There are different service provider networks are available as WAN core backbone, Metro networks, Cellular access networks, wired access etc. In the present scenario, the disaster recovery practices for current NOS company can further use disaster recovery module. It can further managed by the database cloud backups as well as services. It is essential to recognize all the threats and issues that occurs. In order to prevent the damages a action plan should be developed. Security is the major concern of any company as they need to keep their data secure and protect. With the help of following several security issues company can manage all the damages and keep them secure. The ON.Lab is a non profit organization founded by SDN investor which brings innovative ideas from leading edge and deliver high quality service open source platforms. Due to the free availability it is quite essential to keep full security. For this purpose Denial of services (DOS) will be used when deserializing malformed packets in ONOS. When attackers try to exploit the DOS flaw they only need to be able to send malicious crafted packets through the switched controlled by ONOS. In addition to this, most of the SDN controller includes the host tracking as well as allow host to migrate between different physical locations in the network.

Detail plan of implementation of NOS

For the better implementation of the selected NOS it is quite essential for company to fulfill all the requirements such as hardware, software requirements as well as best backup methods and security policies that company should use. In order to install ONOS network operating system network administrator need to download SPRING-OPEN version of the ONOS controller source code. In order to run this on the Ubutnu Linux environment.

Hardware requirements: ONOS can also be described as a network controller which control all the data networks with the help of the adapter layers.

  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670v2 2.5GHz Processors - 10 real cores/20 hyper-threaded cores per processor;
  • 32GB 1600MHz DDR3 DRAM;
  • 1Gbps Network interface card;
  • Ubuntu 14.04 OS;
  • Time synchronization among cluster nodes using ptpd.
  • Routers
  • Switches (At the time of development of connection)

Software requirement

  • Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM; version 1.8.0_31
  • JAVA_OPTS="${JAVA_OPTS:--Xms8G -Xmx8G}"
  • onos-1.1.0 snapshot: commit a31e13471ee626abce2bc43c413fab17586f4fc3
  • Additional case-specific ONOS parameters

At the time of configuring ONOS network administrator should behave in a conservative manner. They need to propose two features that could be applied to ONOS i.e.:

  • Application authentication
  • Permission based accessed control

It is essential to have a proper IP address allocation for all the computers and servers as well as network printers in order to keep full security. For this purpose there are primary, secondary as well as virtual IP address configuration is done by the analyst.

There are some of the most common key attributes through which ONOS can be developed best for their service provider networks are:

Northbound: This section provides the network graph with the view of entire network.

Southbound: Well defined abstraction will be provided under this section in which discovery, configuration and programmability will be defined. Southbound enables ONOS to support the OpenFlow and a diversity of interfaced and devices.

Distributed core: It provides high performance, high availability and scale out.

This network operating system radically reshape the wide area network which provides network with the potential to deliver the performance, scale, availability as well as core feature that we value. For this purpose and for the practical implementation ON.LAB should be configured in an effective manner. Under this several steps are followed:

  • Development
  • Demonstration
  • Deployment
  • Distribute
  • Support

Security policy is the set of requirements which are required to set a path to a specific objectives. There are various security policies followed by company while implementing the NOS such as:

Password management: System analyst needs to go through the proper password management while using ONOS (Open network operating system) so that no one can hack the passwords easily. For the better password management some points should be followed by IT manager such as: Identification, authentication, multi-factor authentication, strong authentication. At the time of log-in user needs to provide his identity so anybody else cannot use it. Cognizant can easily keep all their customers and employee's data secure by providing them unique passwords (Hennessy, 2013).

Patch management: It is the best strategy adopted by Cognizant through which they can decide what patches should be applied on what applications. Successful patch management policies can help with security audits and compliance audits.

Further, the planning needs to be implemented for file server management. After adopting this network operating system there are various services provided by server such as chatting and e-mail server. After implementing this NOS company can access all the data remotely and easily communicate with each other on different floors. There are various other services provided that file sharing, modification in database as well as uploading the content in information system.

Plan and evolution of disaster recovery plan for ONOS

The disaster may be occur in the company due to external and internal factors and it directly impact on the networking system of the company. The plan should be in such type which run the company after human intervention or natural disasters. The following the plan helps the company to make a plan for recovery (Peterson, 2011).

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Implementation and configuration of NOS

In order to install ONOS proper installation process is followed by IT officer such as:

Driver Installation: All the hardware and software requirements should be fulfilled such as:

Hardware Requirements

  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670v2 2.5GHz Processors - 10 real cores/20 hyper-threaded cores per processor;
  • 32GB 1600MHz DDR3 DRAM;
  • 1Gbps Network interface card;
  • Ubuntu 14.04 OS;
  • Time synchronization among cluster nodes using ptpd.

Software requirement

  • Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM; version 1.8.0_31
  • JAVA_OPTS="${JAVA_OPTS:--Xms8G -Xmx8G}"
  • onos-1.1.0 snapshot: commit a31e13471ee626abce2bc43c413fab17586f4fc3
  • Additional case-specific ONOS parameters

Pre-Installation Requirement: Some of the pre-installation requirement are as follows: some supporting files are required such as:

  • Installation of Java, Maven and Karaf
  • Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS 64-bit
  • 2GB or more RAM
  • 2 or more processors
  • Java 8 JDK (Oracle Java recommended; OpenJDK is not as thoroughly tested)
  • Apache Maven 3.3.1
  • git
  • bash (for packaging & testing)
  • Apache Karaf 3.0.3

Installing ONOS Server:

  • After installing the Java building and packaging ONOS is required
  • Pacakging ONOS tar.gz or zip distribution
  • Running ONOS locally on development machine

Slecting IP Adress

$ export ONOS_IP=

Selecting ONOS app to activate

$ export ONOS_APPS=drivers,openflow,proxyarp,mobility,fwd

Starting ONOS

  • $ ok clean
  • Creating local cluster configs for IP
  • Setting up hazelcast.xml for subnet 10.1.9.*...
  • Staging builtin apps...
  • Customizing apps to be auto-activated: drivers,openflow,proxyarp,mobility,fwd...
  • Welcome to Open Network Operating System (ONOS)!
  • Running ONOS locally on the development machine
  • Deploying ONOS remotely using ONOS tools
  • Deploying ONOS using only the onos.tar.gz file

Evaluation of disaster recovery plan using testing method

In order to protect all the data and keep the overall data secure a disaster recovery plan is provided above for the Cognizant. In order to evaluate the disaster recovery plan there are several testing methods are used by the analyst such as:

Checklist testing: It evaluates the current and standard policies for disaster management. In order to control the disaster all the activities that are taken into consideration should be measured.

Simulation testing: System check for standards and original process execution comes under the simulation testing (Peterson, 2011). all the limitations or controlling of different resources are attained in this method.

Full interruption testing: With the help of this testing method overall remote condition of the network system is checked. It is quite costly test to implement and it requires high efficiency to complete the tasks.

With the help of the above given testing method company can easily go through the better disaster recovery.

Performance baseline for the Manchester branch

Network administrator can measure the working conditions of a network infrastructure, performance data and network metrics by using performance baseline approach. With help of this, network engineer can identify anomalies in day to day network traffic and understand the total network capacity of system. Network manager of medium size company can measure performance of network operating system with help of preparing a single performance chart based on various elements such as time-frame, memory pages, network interfaces and average queue length etc (Hart, 2013). It is essential to recognize all the threats and issues that occurs which help to improve the performance according to expected results. In order to prevent the damages a action plan should be developed. Security is the major concern of any company as they need to keep their data secure and protect. Network assessment is essential task for the organization to measure and analysis of performance of network devices and applications are used in developing network infrastructure at Manchester. Network manager of the company can use Protocol analyser and network diagram applications tools for troubleshooting and analyses of data traffic during the packets sent through different protocols. By using these tools, performance of network devices such as switches, routers, hubs can be measured in terms of buffer management, CPU, memory usage and throughput (Rosen, 2014).

Along with hardware devices performance of software used in networking system such as e-mail and Telnet on the basis of bandwidth usage in a proper way. Performance of networking system implemented at Manchester office can be measured ion terms of various factors such as cost, quality, time, reliability and speed of system in an appropriate manner. With help of network assessment approach and preparing performance balance line for the system , network manager of the company can overcome network related issues and helps company to review of existing network infrastructure and issues in form of statistical report so that network capabilities easily identified and network infrastructure can be set-up and implement at right time without any delay (Saltzer, and Kaashoek, 2009). By continuous monitoring and overcome differences present in existing and standards one, performance of NOS system can be improved.

Performance monitoring report

Performance monitoring report is prepared for displaying and monitoring the NOS system performance. It provides detail information about various areas concerned with memory available bytes, page file bites, system processor queue length, network interface, latency, bandwidth and capacity of network used in developing network infrastructure at Manchester office (Cheng and, 2011). Safety policies and disaster recovery system are prepared to overcome system failure related issues and boost -up the performance of the current system. Monitoring report is considering during control the operational performance and analysis of current inputs and output of NOS with standard one (Saltzer and Kaashoek, 2009).

By preparing the monitoring report, network manager of the company will be able to meet increasing network size and speed requirements along with manage all components used in current network system. Besides that testing and monitoring of NOS system is essential to detect the unwanted access in the network and secure database systems and file server (Microsoft tech-net, 2014). Network manager prepared proper documentation in which contains all information regarding to people involved in testing and network set-up, devices usage in system, monitoring tools use for measure network performance and issues arises in system and corrective actions taken to overcome those issues etc.

Describes the effective way to manage and monitor the performance of the network

Operational efficiency of Cognizant company can be measured with help of systematic evaluation of NOS system. Networking system can be upgraded through technology advancement and effective use of file server and network components in a right manner. By using different ways performance of the network can be measured that can be explored as follows that can be used for developing the report for monitoring the performance:

  • Packet transfer delivery between sender to receiver are checked in terms of acknowledgment received for each packet sending and receiving task.
  • By applying constraints and integrity, roles and responsibilities are assigned to network users associated with network (Microsoft tech-net, 2014).
  • For evaluating the performance of NOS, various performance measurement tools and testing principles are used in an appropriate manner.
  • Monitoring and controlling over devices both hardware and software are required to identify and overcome network related issues in a proper way.
  • By modifications in the areas in which system is lacking to meet the standard and expectations.
  • By following these guidelines, modification plan can be proposed and implement in a systematic manner (Cheng and, 2011).

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Network assessment play an important role in troubleshooting of existing system with issues can pose serious problems as well as implement NOS system within the organization in an effective way. From the research report, it can be concluded that monitoring and controlling of NOS system is required to execute network system in a proper way. The current study emphasized on the use of network operating system and file server services at the workplace. By using backup plans and operation control systems, disaster management and network security related issues were understood in a significant manner. With help of adequate resource utilization and proper implementation of NOS system, firm can set-up network infrastructure in a proper way.


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