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MOD003319 Foundations of MIS & CBT Level 4

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Every business needs to manage its data and information in order to manage its business operations. For this there are some software and applications used. It also provides ease in business operations with the help of data (Alejo, 2015) The main purpose of using this is to have smooth flown of operations.

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Every business requires effective software and application to maintain their financial and operational records. These software's and applications helps in managing entire business operations and providing ease in business efficiency. It also helps in providing training to employee and taking effective decisions. The Make Eat is an online business that runs on several applications and software. Also, they require database to store sensitive data and information. There are many types of application available to make east as described below :-

Word – Microsoft word can be used by Make Eat to make reports. It can also be used by them to store data and information of various companies. Besides this, word can be used to make table, charts, etc. it can be used in writing content for each dish.

Excel- Microsoft excel will be used by company to record daily transactions. It will record day to day sales and expenses that will be used to calculate profit or loss. By this Make Eat can analyse each month profit or loss (Morstyn, 2015) Along with this, customer data such as age, name, order number, etc. can be entered in this. By this it will be easy to identify which customer has ordered which item.

Power point- This can be used in developing effective and attractive presentations that can be used in promoting business in workshops or seminars. Also, it can be used in developing graphs, charts, tables, etc. from data. This can be used in presentations to show business performance. Moreover, these presentations can be used in providing training to employees.

Apart from these applications, Make Eat requires database software to store data. The data of customers, suppliers, etc. cam be stored in this (McCormack and Deacon, 2017) Database will help in retrieving data in case of data loss. For this they can use several database software such as

Database software is an electronic solution that allows user to access, reviews, enter data and information in rapid and logical manner. It is specifically designed to store, manage, extract, etc. data or information. Using various database software is called a database management system. Generally, these software are used for data communication, data presentation, data storage, etc. there are different types of database software that is used by company. It is mentioned below :-

Analytical – This software helps in gathering data from various database and analyses it. By this quantitative results are obtained that shows business performance. The data can be of employees, departments, etc. (Temple, 2017).

Data warehouse – It is mainly used in warehouses and give reports on data of different products. It

Distributed- This is used to control data and information from different locations. Usually, it includes cloud, LAN or network server. It is considered very safe as it based on data redundancy.

End user – Generally, it stores information that is used by one person. Example are Microsoft excel and spreadsheets.

External – In this information is accessed by number of persons via internet.

Operational – It this user can modify data in real time. Example is customer relationship management (Ridley, Jeffrey and Roberson, 2017).

For managing daily operations Make Eat can use Microsoft excel. It will be easy for company to maintain records for each day. Also, by using this it will be easy for company to know what operations are to be performed daily. Any change in operations will be updated by this.

The best software package that can be used by Make Eat is Microsoft excel (Temple, 2017). It will help in keeping track record of daily transactions. Each order given by customer will be recorded. This will make it easy for Make Eat to keep record of what items are ordered mostly by people. Besides this, installing this software requires low cost, so it is will be affordable for Make Eat to use this software package.

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This assignment highlights the different types of database software used by companies. Also, how these software helps in storing, managing data. Also, it helps in managing daily business operations. Besides this, it helps in analysing business performance that helps in taking effective decisions.

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