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MN5F65FB Level 4 Work Based Experience Assignment

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Work based experience is analysed activities and duties performed by individuals in organization from which they attain knowledge. It is term that is used in order to analyse the time which is given by employees in organization. Employee’s work performance in organization is essential for determination of the purpose of qualified work performance. In this report, analysis of McDonald is done which has provided experience of hospitality industry along with the business constraints on work experience.

In addition to this, tasks and responsibilities involved in the work at McDonald's are determined and a place is formulated for work experience. Further, benefits of the proposed activities to the business and learner are also identified. This report will also specify requirements of placement conforming to related code of practice and systematic records for work undertaken to achieve experience. At last, progress is also monitored against the original proposal along with the evaluation of quality of performance. Reflection of learning and experience achieved at workplace is also reflected along with recommendations to increase the learning in organisation.

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Task 1

1.1 Evaluation of suitable organization that will provide industry experience

Organization plays an important role in development of individual experience within a specific industry. It helps in transforming theoretical experience of a person in practical. It tends to raise the opportunities for individuals to achieve experience and skills required for career development (Dearnley and, 2013). In this context, McDonald's is an American fast food retailer organisation which has its business operations in 100 countries across the world. It is a hospitality sector company which provide service to almost 69 million customers daily in their business outlets.

Hospitality Industry sector: It is the most emerging industry in present competitive business environment which has provided the best experience in service sector. In UK, McDonald's also it various outlets in different geographical regions. There are various departments in organisation which require qualified professionals and effective work experience. There are different work profiles that will be selected in order to develop professional experience and career such as Front desk manager, line manager, team manager, sales executive, sales trainee, production executive, management trainee, etc.

Development of career in hospitality industry offers a wide range of knowledge and diversified roles. McDonald's has also provided a vast experience of hospitality industry as it is one of the fastest growing organisations that has its strong brand image in market.

Restaurant business industry: It is also serves individual and provide them experience of production and services. It is essential for individual’s desires to achieve knowledge and skills to develop quality of food products and also needs to quality of service to customers. Moreover, this experience is also achieved by people in order to establish their business (Lindgren, Packendorff and Sergi, 2014). There are various job profile in restaurant industry which could be utilized to achieve best working experience such as seller, cash collector, banquet manager, hosting job profile and waiters etc.

In addition, there are various sectors which could be used by individuals to take effective work experience such as tourism, travel and automotive sector, etc. Thus, it can be said that various options are available to gain high level of experience.

1.2 Negotiation with work and academic supervisor as proposal for the work experience

For negotiating with working department and academic authorities, I need to develop an effective proposal plan that will show case my own knowledge and capabilities of working. This proposal will also determine the purpose of my career and way through which I will adapt difficult situations.


Name of organisation:

Job position:

Position to support my career: The position in sales trainee is the actual thing which I need to pursue in my career. I have desire to work and lead a sales team in hospitality sector enterprise with high dedication and motivation. It is identified that McDonald's fast food chain business is growing continuously in the present business environment. Being a professional, I have found that I can also start my best career from this field. It will provide an industry experience and proper capabilities to manage other team working in organisation (.Moon, 2013). There are various important aspects that will enrich my career and ways of analytical thinking such as authorities, work performance, responsibilities and following orders etc. All these aspects have provided various specific purpose to enhance professional development. Moreover, work experience not only support in highlighting professional problem but also the personal issue.

Key position in hospitality industry.

Selling products and services to customers.

Development of effective relationship with team members.

Providing support to front desk manager in various business activities.

Experience: I have also worked as management in fast food restaurant named Burger king which I have learned now to negotiate with customers with appropriate behaviour. Most of the things in Burger king are also performed in McDonald's because they are both competitors in hospitality industry.

There are various roles and responsibilities which I have performed in the organisation and it has also provided knowledge of selling products and meeting the sales targets for business enterprise. Supervisor also have various responsibilities like working with employees, monitoring progress, evaluation of employee’s work performance and providing suggestions to meet the set targets. Along with this, they have also provided authorities to develop the sales and take strategic decision towards customer relationship management.

1.3 Business constraints on the work experience offered

Work based program of learning also consider that individuals will effectively take early actions where they need to increase and develop their skills, knowledge as well as professional career. Further, there are some specific limitations that limit the improvement of professional career and organisation's capabilities to offer program (Ife, 2012). In present context, I have also faced various business constraints which are faced by organisation and provide major industry experience. The range of these constraints is divided in various parts such as internal and external factors.

Requirement of fully trained employees: In McDonald's, management requires qualified and trained employees that will be able to perform their job and fulfil expected requirement. Further, it is very difficult to find experienced employees in present business environment.

Adherence to quality systems: It is also business limitation that individual needs to information about quality systems and factors that needs to be followed by performing business functions. I have also achieved understanding about these systems in previous training programme.

Health and safety considerations: McDonald's also requires that employee must have information and knowledge about health and safety regulation that needs to be followed at workplace (Corominas, Olivella and Pastor, 2010).

Limited staffing: Major business constraint which creates problems in management of problems which can be performed by organisation. I have faced difficulties in staffing of employees in sales positions.

Material cost: Maintaining cost of operations is also difficult for me as sales trainee but I have concerned with supervisor and also provided direction to other team members.





Non routine tasks

Measurement of sales

Analysing employee.

Monitoring and analysing cash collections

Consideration of weekly sales reports.

Review of customers feedback

Managing cost of operations

Considering expenses

Analysis of operating and non-operating expenses

Comparison of budget and present expenditures.

Allocation of budget for performing activities.

Team management

Monitoring employees

Review of team members

Comparison between expected and actual performance.

Providing suggestion to meet target and resolving problems.

Task 2

P2.1 – prioritise the tasks and responsibilities involved in the work experience

Work experience in McDonald for an employee can be regarded as very beneficial as it provides many learnings and makes the worker capable of accepting any challenge whatever comes with respect to job. Every employee is provided rotational work as he can handle any segment of work whenever required. Having a work experience within the organisation like McDonald is considered as very effective as seen for the future prospect (Savery, 2015). To pursue a good learning in the career every worker should be make a table so that it can get a view for prioritising the work in efficient manner.

Task Provided

Responsibilities given to handle such task

Rating the work according to priority

Operating Front Desk

Handling responsibilities to handle every operation, interaction with customers and mentoring the activities occurring in the organisation


Managing Crew Members and kitchen Staff

Particular employee and other crew manager


Managing accurate management of cash and handling cash counters

Chosen Employee and an accountant who is proficient for the given task


With the following table which has been drawn to keep a check on the importance and priority of every given task. Any employee can classify the task given according to priorities and various responsibilities associated with it. At McDonald there are specified and non- specified works given to workforce (Pritchard, 2013). Some tasks which are given can be like checking the cash counter and managing staffs and crew members in the best possible way and an efficient manner which is routine structure of it Whereas there are various problems which occur during normal functioning of every department are handled in efficient way such that it does not affect the functioning of whole organisation.

P2.2-Plan for the work experience

The plan is a structured format that helps to determine time taken by every employee to perform a certain task and the schedule of particular work given. There are number of works which are assigned to every worker during his life span of his employment within the organisation (Csikszentmihalyi, 2014). These plans help a trainee in probation period to learn various skills and learnings and play his responsibilities in the best possible way (Liyanage and, 2013).

Plan for the work experience

In a plan it is important to generate information related to the work which is given to employees and to understand the dependency of each work with each other.

Task Name

Duration of task performed

Priority of the task in terms of rating

Interdependency with other tasks

Customer Support and front desk handling

Every day start from 10:00am to 10:30 pm


On each tasks and activities of other crew members

Sales Staff handling and solving the problems associated with them

Daily in specific time schedule starting from 5 pm to 8 pm


Independent task

Reviewing cash counters and checking discrepancies

Mostly in weekends like Saturday and Sunday


Way of working of an accountant

2.3 Benefits of proposed activities to the business and learner.

From this professional experience, I have analysed that there are various benefits which I can achieve from hospitality industry. However, McDonald's is identified as international business enterprise which has various franchise in different countries (Glaser and Strauss, 2017). Further, working structure and methods to determine the functional system is also attractive for its stakeholder. Further, there are some which I could achieve by working as sales trainee at McDonald's.

  • Knowledge of performing sales operations: During this tenure, I will be able to identify various roles and responsibilities that needs to performed for achievement of sales objectives. There are various important business frameworks are required to be managed while working as sales trainee in business enterprise (Jones and, 2013). Working in organisation clearly provides understanding about the objectives of business that needs to be achieved by business employees which are thoroughly associated with business enterprise. As sales trainee in McDonald's I will also be able to achieve experience of hourly, daily and weekly tasks that needs to be performed by sales in order to effectively achieve the business objectives.
  • Significance of team work: It is the most important benefits that has been achieved by individual while in global business enterprise. Team work is analysed as group task that will performed by various team member together with an aim to accomplish the business objectives (Kolodner and Riesbeck, 2014). In organization, managers are required to have experience of managing coordination between team member so that they will influence towards accomplishment of common business objectives.
  • Identification of new measures: After team work, professional experience within an enterprise also provide capabilities to individual towards development of new and effective for performing business functions (Pérez-Escamilla, 2012). These important business functions are required to be managed by team members which can also play an important role in development of career in business enterprise.

Task 3

3.1 Fulfilment of specified requirements of placement conforming to related codes of practice.

In my working experience and business premises I have learnt different components of various tasks. It has not provided growth to my skills but also provided support in development of practical knowledge and experience (Möller and Raake, 2014). In McDonald's work based experience is identified as true learning that of planned business activity such as information of business exchange, distance skills of learning and the practical knowledge. In McDonald's there are must be specific requirement of particular job placements with an aim to create confirmation with the code of practice.

Development of business plan: In McDonald's, there are some many tasks which was assigned to me. For highlighting the problems and identification of the best effective plan I need to consider various different aspects such as handling and the proper compliance with the laws and legislation that has been developed by statutes (Walker, Walker and Ganea, 2013). I have been assigned so many tasks. In this, I have to consider the same important value point such as handling and proper compliance with legislations and other statuses. There are various other key business components which I need to consider while performing the job responsibilities.

Working time: Specific legislation related to working hours will be followee while working as sales trainee in McDonald's. There is also specific requirement to consider an effective business relations that needs to be considered by management. Role and responsibilities will be performed effectively in working hours to accomplish the objectives. Working time legislation act 1988 will be considered to analyse the laws.

Equal opportunities act: During my job experience in McDonald's I have not faced any kind of discrimination related to race, cast, gender and nationality. These practice are not performed in McDonald's and will be consider while working team members.

Confidentiality: This is an important business requirement which I have accomplished while performing the roles and responsibilities at workplace. In this context, As sales trainee I have also kept confidentiality related to information and all sales data will be effectively secured so that no problem will be faced by business enterprise.

3.2 Systematic records of the work performed.

Proper documentation of work accomplished by employee in organisation is required for management so they can also cross their own work. Organisation details contains wide variety of business details and in-depth analysis of task required to perform in the business process life cycle. In this context, various important books and maintained to manage and record the task which I have performed as sales trainee (Biasutti and EL-Deghaidy, 2015). Moreover, task which are assigned to team members will also be recorded for checking whether are performed as per requirements or not. There are various ways through which manager can records their work which they have performed in organisation.

Log book index: It is an important book that needs to be maintained by managers which contains regarding the job profile and work that needs to be accomplished within a specific time duration. Sales design and structure which are formulated will be mentioned will be in log book.

Cost sheet: These are also considered excel sheet which is prepared in computer to monitor the cost of operations (Kolb and Kolb, 2012). As sales trainee in McDonald's, cost sheet are regularly updates in which expenses which are incurred to carry out sales operations are specified in that report.

Schedules: These are activities and task which contains responsibilities which are delegated to team members in organisation are also mentioned. Task which are assigned to team members and specific time duration for completion will be maintained.

3.3 revision of initial plan as required

In order to revise the plan, there is major requirement to analyse the changes that needs to made for improvement of roles and responsibilities which are required to performed within organisation. In this context, there are various roles and responsibilities which I have performed while working McDonald's which are also mentioned in plan. Further, there are some activities which have improved in plan after getting the feedback from academic and work supervisors. The initial plan of my working systems was mainly focused towards how I will be able to manage the responsibilities and functional. Further, for increasing the deficiencies there are various changes have been occurred in working schedule and further clients handling tasks which are also added in the plan.




Dependency on other tasks

Monitoring front desks



Independent task required to solve problems of sales and handling with customers.

Handling cost of operations



Team member's requirement and accountants in development of cost sheet

Systematic records of tasks performed.



Support of sales managers and supervisor to get experience of handling cash counter.

Sales performance analysis



Independence tasks to ensure the sales progress of outlet.

There are various methods have been identified through which improvement there are various improvement have been made within the organisation and also achieved major support team members in improving performance at workplace (Shaffer and, 2014). Through self performance appraisal, I will be able to analyse the improvement in my task performance and I will also task review from supervisors on my performance and to analyse the needs to improvements. While handling the sales staff, I will also analyse performance my team work and review of team members on suggestions which I have provided them to improve the tasks.

3.4 Suggestion for improvement and review these with supervisor.

There are various suggestion which I have provided for improvement and also reviewed the same with supervisors.

Considering that task must be assigned to individual who have expertise in performing those tasks.

Reason- It is always considered in McDonald that employees who have joined the organization for working in production department will provide tasks of handling the sales and operation. However, it is possible that such employees will lose their interest in the work assigned to them which will mainly influence and hampers their productivity (Shaffer and, 2014). Further, it is also considered that if that individual get another opportunity in other organisation in the field of their own choice and interest then they will not continue their job in McDonald. Therefore, it is important for management to hire right person on the right job who has the intention to retain in enterprise.

Hiring of new candidates and provided training: The main reason behind this improvement is new individuals are highly motivates towards their job and also desire to achieve experience in organisation. They will also work hard and apply their knowledge in their work in order to improve them within the competition where various other employees also work with them (Lonsway, 2013). Moreover, there are fresh mind and it is also easy to develop within their norms and culture of business enterprise so that they retain and desire to work within organisation.

In order to make improvement in functioning, I also suggest that new individuals should be given chance to work in organisation and more motivational training. In addition to this, new employees are very much connected with the latest technologies therefore I have recommended that new individual must be provided authority to contribute their new ideas to improve the sales and other functions.

Task 4

4.1 Monitoring progress against original proposal.

Monitoring of own performance implies to gathering and analysing various important information which can help to measure the progress on the aspects of own performance. Keeping records and monitoring activities will provide support in considering progress and development of sense of achievement (Lonsway, 2013). In this context, I will also need to analyse the quality of work I have undertaking in my work profile at initial stages and was delegated the responsibility to work such as controlling the cash counter, handling the customers problems and also monitoring sales staff in other fields.


Actual proposal

This wide range of initial controlling and experience of work has given me an understanding and the purpose of Handling front and customers in effective manner. It will provide support in development of positive and continuous behaviour with every person (Liyanage and, 2013).

The present and exact proposal which I have developed was related to getting knowledge with wide range of effective work experience. In present work plan, it was clearly states that I have to get understanding about ways to interact with consumers at front desk but there is requirement of improvement in working systems that will provide help to me in handling critical situations in appropriate manner. Through this, I will be able to fulfil role and responsibilities which are assigned by sales manager.

Analytical working experience is required to be generated by the support of cross checking in sales functional unit.

In actual plan, there are is requirements to generate skills and sophisticated work plan in my schedule.


Removing difficulties of sales employees and other sales supervisors also provide learning to maintain positive relationship with team members at workplace.

During the tenure of plan, I will get training regarding the ways to manage team members and situations as required demand.

4.2 Evaluation of quality of performance.

From this particular framework, I have realized that the actual results of my performance and efforts during the tenure of training programme. There are various important things which I have realized while working as sales trainee in McDonald's are mentioned below:

Meeting standards of hospitality industry: This is most important measure that provide clear understanding that individuals in organisation are required to measure their own performance while working in particular business sector or industry (Ife, J., 2012). In this context, at the time of training program, my superior has also established target for work they have assigned to me. Further, It was analysed that I have accomplished all the industrial working performing roles and responsibilities in terms of quality and measurement of work. Moreover, thing which I have observed during overall framework was that I have forced my self towards the high level where I desire to accomplish my own future goals.

Comparison between work performed and actual proposal: This is an important method which can be used by learner or individual in organisation to evaluate quality of self performance (Liyanage and, 2013). Along with rapid alterations in time and increasing requirement pushed me towards application of some change in own working methods and style. By making change in style of working in McDonald, I will be able to accomplish key objectives and meet expectations of superiors. It can also delegate me the analytical aspects, tools and skills to make judgements about the tasks and things instantly. Further, I will also achieve capability of finding problems before they will arise in work.

Getting feedback: Most important method that needs to be used for evaluation self performance quality while working in international level organisation like McDonald's. During my training period in McDonald I have achieved recognition and appreciation from top management for performance the task effectively and monitoring front desk. Further, manager have also provided me an appreciation in team meeting many time after considering and evaluating my capabilities to accomplish key roles and responsibilities and ways through which I have coordination with team members. Through this, I have analysed main potential of self strength and weaknesses which provide capabilities to analyse various important factors.

4.3 Learning which has been taken place during work experience using suitable reflections.

As per analysis, I have been appointed as sales trainee in McDonald's which is considered as international fast food chain in all over the world. During my probation period, I have come to realize that there are following I intent which I observed by the time. In this context, I have come to realize that there are following I intent which I have observed by time.

Analytical skills: While working international business enterprise, it is essential for individuals to develop analytical skills which provided support in accomplishment of task effectively (Walker, Walker and Ganea, 2013). IN my first week at McDonald, I have understood that I have to consider many problems and issues of team members in sales department . This major hurdle have also provided the wide range of analytical skills and increased my own quality of working style.

Time management skills: For completion of tasks in specific time duration, it is essential for individuals to develop work schedules. In training session, I have always learnt about accomplishment of in specific time duration and meeting deadlines. For this, I have developed an effective time management skills through proper scheduling and time management. McDonald's is required to serve large of number of people, therefore their working process requires proper time and potential in employees so that they will be able to perform the tasks (Kolodner and Riesbeck, 2014).

Strategically mind: At the time of third and fourth week, I have to face various problems like proper cash management and misuse of business resource by the other staff members (Moon, 2013). Further. There are various situation and circumstance in McDonald have provided learning of different ways which supports me to develop a strategical mind.

Managing authorities : In this context, I have observed various times where I have released my job responsibilities and delegated work in specific time duration. In 6th week, I have realized that The supervisor provide equal opportunities and urgent work to me, this situation provided capability to tackle down important issues in effective manner.

4.4 Recommendations on ways to increase work experience.

While working in McDonald's I have also realized that there would be various amendments in working systems for increasing the quality of experience in workplace. Multiple important tasks was assigned by supervisor due to which I have faced various problems but for development of good synergy within my working performance the superior only assigned the tasks in one manner (Kolb and Kolb, 2012). There are various important ways through work performance can be increased. It was found challenging to work in organisation which has its business operations at extent level and needs to serve large population every day. During my training session, I have realized that I was very effective in maintaining right data and analytical tasks thereof I should have data for mining and the analytical purpose.

Further, I was also involved in resolving various work related issues and management of employees. For increasing the work experience, I have to provide more focus on handling and resolving challenges along with development skills. There is also needs to identify various method to increase knowledge and skills of to manage team tasks. Senior manager in organisation was also not provided effective trading.

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During my training session in McDonald's I have concluded that this work experience has provided me ability observe things and other activities in and effective manner. Hospitality industry also plays an important role in effective manner. McDonald's is an American fast food retailer organisation which has its business operations in 100 countries across the world. I have also achieved various important skills which are required to work as sales representative inn organization. It has also provided opportunity to learn various essentials points like dedication, coordination , hard work and critical thinking etc. Further, working experience in organisation is identified as most effective and provide understanding business process that needs to be followed by organisation. I have also realized that there are various corporate things bas that would be helpful in development of career in hospitality sector.


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