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MN5F12FB The Management Model Level 4

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This documentation defines about management model importance in Mercedes Benz organisation in order to manage its all departmental activities in the market in sufficient manner. Beside from it, this assignment also defines about relevant ethical issues which is facing by organisation at the workplace in order to making major decision in the company effectively. Moreover, this investigation also refer to challenges and benefits of working as a team in Mercedes Benz Company effectively.

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Understanding of management model:

This model defines about to several types of management activities which is being done in an organisation in proper manner. In case of Mercedes Benz, this model is proper applying by its professionals in the company in respect to managing all activities in the market in relevant form management takes places within a structure organisational setting with prescribed roles effectively (Gangwar, Date and Ramaswamy, 2015). Management models of the company assists the business manager in order to accomplishment of organisational goals and objectives in relevant form. An organisational model is also called organisational culture, its frameworks are also making some effective communication, authority, duties and resources allocation in sufficient form. Thes management model in Mercedes Benz describe about a model driven by organisation’s goals and serves as the context which processes operate and business in done in relevant form. There are numbers of activities being done by its various operational and management department at the workplace. The ideal of this model depends on the nature of the business in the industry and also its operational level of the business which is being done in the company effectively. The management model also determines about the numbers of employees needed and some essential required skills to them in respect to completion of various task in the company in sufficient form. In Mercedes Benz organisation, its management models includes several elements in the company effectively (Das and Evans, 2014). This model also defines about varied of manager in the company which may have control span of several employees in the company effectively. Management model assist Mercedes Benz business in order to proper functioning of its several departments within the industry efficiently. With the assistance of management model in company, Mercedes Benz organisation are being able to generation innovative ideas and management skills in the firm effectively.

Example on application of model:

In case of proper implementation of management model in the organisation, its professionals create a positive environment at the workplace in order to formation of long-terms and wide range of strategic picture of the company in effective form. They build a positive environment at the workplace in which its employees could grow in more efficient ways (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017). There are numbers of strategic management models are being used by its company’s professionals in order to gaining appropriate competitive advantage from the market in more relevant form. Strategic management assist Mercedes Benz Company’s manager in order to accomplishment of organisational desired success in relevant manner.

Department management model: In some critical situation of Mercedes Benz organisation in the industry, its professional often make efforts in respect to formation of proper strategic planning about appropriate management of its various departments in the company effectively. In case of making improvement in sales of the company’s product and services in the market, its marketing professionals need to make use more strategic marketing and promotional activities in order to manage its various department in the company in relevant form. The sales team of the company makes efforts to utilisation of online marketing alternative options in terms of making promotion of its product and services in the industry in sufficient form. So with the assistance of strategic management approach, its professionals could make directly impact on its various department in order to proper management of all activities in the business effectively.

Project management model: Some strategic management models could be used in order to proper execution of each plan in form of business projection effectively and also manage it in several terms in sufficient ways (Wheelen, Hunger, Hoffman and Bamford, 2017). This is often occur in Mercedes Benz organisation in such a way in which its professionals are not specifically specialist in the field. The company wants to execute direct sales in the company, in this case they need to get engaged with their suppliers and distributes in the market in respect to increase in the sales volume of the company in sufficient form. In case of implementation of proper projection in the company, they need to hire additional project manager in terms of managing all activities at the workplace and having proper research in the market effectively. If Mercedes Benz Company have its own experts in this fields, then it could increase the sales and reduce more expenses of the entity in industry efficiently.

Relevant ethical issues:

  • The business manager need to ensure that, it’s all employees are treating in effective form and ethically fair at the workplace. Manger’s decision ethically fair in towards their all employees in the firm effectively.
  • The organisation manger and leader must sure that, all employees are being given equal opportunity at the workplace in order to grow in the company efficiently. Inequality could reduce effective performance of the business in the market which can decrease the rate of profitability of the business in the market sufficiently.

Challenges and benefits of working as a team:

Varied of challenges are being faced by Mercedes Benz organisational team member while completion of each task in the team in relevant manner (Borkovsky, Goldfarb, Haviv and Moorthy, 2017). Team working is most effective way of working on specific task in respect to performing well in the company for accomplishing task effectively. Working with collaboration beneficial for each team member, because they have great opportunity to learn several new things while working in the team efficiently. The negative points is that, in several short stage, they face numbers of challenges in the organisation proper form.

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From the above analysis, it is concluded that, proper management model implementation is most necessary terms for Mercedes Benz organisation in order to completion of each business activity on determined time period. Moreover, this study also concludes about some ethical issues and some challenges and benefits of working in the team of the company effectively.


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