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Marketing Strategy Assignment

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Marketing is a set of different activities, dealing and delivering the offers which value for the clients, customer and the society. It is the process of making the people aware about the different characteristics of the products. It plays an important role in the various activities of the business(Devasagayam, Stark and Watroba, 2013). Present report is based on Dell which is headquartered at US. The company sold devices for data storage, personal computers, cameras, software, etc. Dell is known for their innovations in the supply chain management as the direct sale model. This report covers the different marketing strategies which helps to attract the customers for the products of the stated company. Further, there is evaluation of the competitive advantage as compared to their competitors. In order to identify the performance of market there is evaluation of trends, growth of market, profitability, etc. Moreover, this also covers the different objective for increasing the volume of sales(Perry and Euler, 2013). Thus, there is segmentation, targeting and position of the product in the market.

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Environment Analysis

In order to identify the environmental factors which can impact on the working of Dell there is evaluation of the PESTLE analysis which is described below:

Political factors- There are many factors which are considered by the company or it can affect the operations. The political factor such as terrorism which can effect the operation of Dell as there are lots of attacks occurred in country as it has impact on the functioning of the company(Mahapatra and, 2016). Further, the company may be affected by the different activities of the pressure groups in order to emerging the economies for the advocating of interests of firms of local computers and it creates barriers for the company in the sort of tariffs of trade and the other instruments.

Economic factors- As the economic recession there is reduction in the interest rates which helps in improving the borrowing cost of Dell. The inflation rate also affect and it shows that if this rate is high as it affects the demand of laptops and it becomes low(Brahmbhatt and Acharya, 2016). The exchange rate of the currency is also a major factor which affects the business performance of Dell directly and importantly due to the global range of the operations of Dell.

Social factors- As there is increase in the purchasing power of the different countries so that it is considered that the people are willing to spend on the computer and other devices form dell and other competitors also such as HP, Apple, etc. further, the purchase of this product as to maintain the social status in the market(Solanki, 2013). Increase in the popularity of the products through different online websites as this not be ignored by Dell. The company also influenced by the other social factors such as changes in the attitude of the customers, opinion of the customers towards the electronic items and the demographic changes ad the perception of media and to target the customer segment for the welfare.

Technological factors- The factor of technology is the major as it affects the industry of computer and the new development and at a very fast rate(Strauss, 2016). They have to invest in the research and development and different innovations so that they are updated with the latest technology.

Legal factors- The laws regarding the practices of ethical business such as Foreign Corrupt Practices Act which required to be followed(Wu, 2014). Further the laws regarding the patents and copyrights ans the implementation of the laws is important to exist in the market. It also includes that the company must follow the accounting conventions in which they operates so that it helps the company to follow all the rules and regulations according to the government.

Environmental factors- The main concern is the climate of country in which Dell is operating as there are chances of overheat of the computers and the company have to deliver the processors and computers and manage the situation with the high temperatures(Barringer, 2012). Further, in order to maintain the competitive advantage the company produce the laptops and the equipments with the longer battery life as it helps them to run for the longer time period.

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Current market strategy and position of Dell in market

Dell is a varied information technology provider directly to the different customers as they cover a broad range of products an services(Shank and Lyberger, 2014). Is is important to carry out the different market strategies in order to create a large customer base in the market. There are different marketing strategies which are adopted by Dell company in which the main motive is to satisfy the customers as per their requirement. As Dell is a market oriented company so that they fulfil the needs and wants of the customers and their major focus is to deliver the new and innovative services which directly leads to customers(Hudson and, 2016). Further, product differentiation is another strategy which is adopted by the management of Dell as they create difference in their product and capitalize that in order to give an edge on the other competitors. With the help of product differentiation customer create a preference for the product and service and the other is that they are willing to pay for other benefits(Drake, 2014) .

In addition to this, the pricing strategy also helps to increase the huge customer base as the sales of the product is based on the convenient to all the people in the market. Website of Dell contains a broad range of pictures of multimedia and many charts of performance which helps in influencing the customers so that the strategy of advertising helps to increase the market of the company. As there is strong connection with the customers so that it plays an important role in the hardware and software industry(Ponte and Richey, 2014). The company also provide the distribution channel of their products that is they sell online which is a proper platform in order to grab large number of customers which helps to the overall growth and development of the company. Further, there is use of transactional marketing in which the different stores of Dell encourages their customers as there are various offers are provided to the customers which is beneficial for the organisation. The main aspect of the marketing strategy includes that it focuses on building the customer base and improve the relationship with their existing clients and new one with loyalty and trust(Fan and, 2013). They define their various features of their products to the consumers so that they can attracted by that and ready to purchase it. Thus, these are the various marketing strategies that are adopted by Dell which helps to enhance the level of performance of the company in the market.

Analysis of Dell's competitive advantage

Competitive advantage is that property of the business that can have all over their competitors which can be gained by providing better value to the clients. In order to attract large customers as to provide the high quality services with low prices as this helps in generating more sales in the market. Dell company is a leader in e-commerce market of computer hardware as it leads the manufacturers of personal computer in US and the online sales(Kotler, 2012). With the help of efficient supply distribution system Dell is able to sustain the competitive advantage in the industry of computer over the different competitors. The company is able to achieve the profits as they are user of knowledgable for the information, web technologies, e-business and internet. The company also implement the just in time inventory system that operates in the 6 days inventory as they are able to generate the sales and increase in profits as they also reduces their investment in the expenses to maintain the inventory and warehousing which helps them in order to invest in other value added services. With the help of strategy of direct models as the customers are allowed to purchase the product online directly from the website of Dell. As the company concentrate on direct selling and so that cutting out the distribution channels(Zwerina, 2013). This helps in providing better services to the customers which is helpful for the enhancement of their business.

The e-commerce of Dell is the huge part of the competitive advantage as the infrastructure of internet is knowledgable and advanced as it helps to identify the demand and trends of their product so that it has gained a priority over the different competitors. With the help of superior supply chain management the company achieve their competitive advantage on the other organisation and they utilise the technology in order to interpret the information as they are able to identify the customers needs and requirement with the help of involving in the process of buying behaviour of the consumers(Ryan, 2014). According to the market performance of Dell as the company maintain its position in the market and the company was only seller to create growth as they built its business in the software. The company have its double revenue growth as they provide management in information and security strength involving the integration of application at enterprise.

In addition to this, the profitability index of Dell as it shows that the company make investment in research and development so that the customers can experience and there is increase in the sales in order to present the industry as a leading innovations and the growth. Dell is the fastest growing IT company and that is the best service provider in the market(Rosenbloom, 2012). Thus, the sales of the company is depend on their market performance and the people are targeted as they provide better services to their customers.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

The concept of segmentation, targeting and positioning is a basis for the strategic marketing. The market of the company produces a large number of products that is classified into the two categories software and hardware as it started with the personal computers as it is their initial segment in product(Lovelock and Patterson, 2015). In order to target various market segment as they design separate products and offers for the people so the company used the customer segmentation in the strategy of marketing. Further, various geographical area has the different pricing strategies so that the company provides products according to the desire of the customers. In demographics terms, the company main focuses on all the people including young generation and other people and do not bias in case of race and gender as hey are slight bias in the occupation, income and education of the different customers(Devasagayam, Stark and Watroba, 2013). The people of higher income group as they are able to buy expensive products as compared to the lower income group.

In addition to this, the targeting strategy of Dell includes two class of customers such as relationship customers and transactional customers. First, the relationship customers such as education sector, government and the large corporations as these people provide a huge amount of profit and benefits to the company that is supported sales representatives(Perry and Euler, 2013). The large share of the business is from the long term relationship in corporates that which the company developed customer specific sites and budgets as to provide them way in order to product design and the different service information. In case of transactional customers, the people are price sensitive as they are looking for low cost with quality in the particular service and the value products. There are some of the customers who prefer online buying as a means in order to fulfil their requirement and demands(Mahapatra and, 2016). The company uses latest technology in order to target customers as they upgrade the patterns of purchase as they needed little technical as payment by credit card. The segmentation is the major factor in the strategy of marketing and use the segments in order to understand the demands and requirement of market.

Positioning is defined as the place in which the brand occupies in mind of the people and differentiated form the products of the competitors. Positioning of the product in such a manner so that the customer gets attracted towards as there are so many competitors are present in the market. In order to increase in the demand of the products the company must make efforts for creating a popular image in the minds of different customers which is beneficial for the company and it helps to increase in the customer base(Brahmbhatt and Acharya, 2016).

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Marketing objectives and goals

There are some of the key objectives in order to increase in the brand awareness and other objective so that there are some of the objectives which are recommended as it involves the goals for the increase in the profit of the company.

Brand management-The efforts of marketing as their main aim in order to manage the proper aspect in the market for Dell. For reminding about the brand in mind of the customers as the company can simply use the images as a tool for the promotion of their brand in the market(Solanki, 2013).

Improve the relations with stakeholders- In order to manage the contacts with other people as the management of the company must maintain the proper relationship with the different stakeholders which helps to increase the investment in their company which gives benefit in terms of sales and profit of the company(Strauss, 2016). The profit is shared with the stakeholders which gives idea to them as they have different aspects form the company.

Enhance customer relationship- In order to increase the sales of the company, the management must maintain appropriate relationship with the customers which helps them in order to provide the different types of services after the sales also. This helps to increase in the level of performance of the company which is beneficial for them as they provide many services(Barringer, 2012). The customers are essential part of any business so that they have to maintain their relationship with them.

Meeting the requirement of customers- In order to enhance the sales of the company they have to fulfil the demand of various customers as it is important part of the organisation which is helpful in getting proper aspect that is related to the benefit of the company. The company also provide proper platform of the online marketing as they can easily purchase the various types of product from them(Shank and Lyberger, 2014). The product must be based on the quality of services that is provided by the customers and they have to consider all the desires of them.

Improvement in product awareness- The company must adopted different strategies in order to improve the brand awareness in the mind of customers. With the help of social media marketing, the company can promote their product to the different type of people in the market as it has been seen that they provide their product online also which is major benefit in order to give proper awareness through various online websites which provide benefit for the awareness opf the product in the market(Hudson and, 2016). This helps in raising the sales of the product as it is used by the young generation.

Gaining advantage over competitors- This is another marketing objective in order to enhance the performance of Dell in the market. The company must provide updated products and with the technological advancements as it help them to gain the advantages over their competitors who are selling same products. Further, the company uses different techniques which differentiate them form other as they should include the various aspects so that it gives them ideas to overcome their competitors(Drake, 2014).

Increasing market share- The company must adopted different tools and techniques in order to increase the sales as it leads to increase in the market share which is helpful in getting proper image in the minds of customers as it creates a proper segment in the market which is beneficial for the company.

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Marketing strategies based on the application of marketing mix of Dell

In order to understand the marketing strategies which are based on the application if marketing mix as there are different strategies which are based on marketing mix in context of Dell which is described below:

Product- The company started with the sales of telephones and then they shifted to the personal computers. Dell provides a wide range of products to their customers such as storage devices, notebook computers and desktop computers as they also extended their list by adding hardware and software of computer(Ponte and Richey, 2014). The direct relationship with customers is the main key of the business model of Dell and it provides proper advantages in order to increase the model of sales. In the computer industry the direct sales and the model of built order has achieved the performance in the market.

Place- The channel of distribution or place plays an important role in the marketing mix as this is one of the advantage of the the company. With the help of direct selling of the products as Dell uses a model of direct channel without the requirement of a distributor. In order to serve in the major market as the company manufacturer by the region and then operated their business. In order to provide more configuration variety to the different customers as the company is increasing the base units from their suppliers which is beneficial for the company(Fan and, 2013). The company also adopt the advanced technology in order to provide better services which is helpful in getting benefits from the various sources. Therefore, the company provides their customers an ability to make purchase at the lower cost of the computers so that all types of customers are able to purchase the products from them. The company select various locations which is based on the combination of the different factors such as transportation and market access.

Price- Price is also considered as an important aspect for the company in order to make purchase of the product or service. This is the sum of the values which is exchange by the customers for getting the benefits of a particular product(Kotler, 2012). On the basis of the expectation of the customers prices they provide the computer system at the low prices after cutting all the cost of manufacturing as well as the cost that is associated with the retailers and distributors. The company requires that their suppliers charge less from them as it affects the customers. Pricing is the main factor which can influence the buying decision of the customer as it directly affects the sales of the company. With the help of internet the company gets idea to understand the supply and demand in the market and it affects the changes in the promotion and prices.

Promotion- It is also an important element of marketing mix for Dell and it is essential to understand the idea to promote the products in the different areas so that it leads to increase in the sales(Ryan, 2014). There are different strategies of promotion which are adopted by Dell which includes advertising on internet, newspapers, magazines and advertisement on television of the products of Dell so that it helps to influence the large number of customers. In order to understand the requirement of customers they have to use the techniques of direct selling and with the help of approach of customer relationship so that they can maintain the competitive advantage in the market. The company is able to use different strategies in order to promote their product in the market which is beneficial for them to fulfil the requirement of the different customers(Rosenbloom, 2012). This is an important element in order to promote the product in the market and reach it to the appropriate customers.


From the above study it can be concluded that marketing plays an essential role in order to develop the product in the market. In this report, there are different strategies of marketing are adopted by Dell and as it helps to maintain their position in the market. Further, there is analysis of the competitive advantage of dell which helps to enhance the performance of the company as compared to their competitors. This also includes the performance which involves the trend and market growth of the company and so that it increases the profitability of the company. Moreover, in this report there is analysis of segmentation, targeting and positioning of the product which leads to increase the customer base. There are some of the objectives that helps to increase the awareness of brand in the customers. Thus, the different strategies of marketing which is based on the marketing mix of Dell. The company also provide different products as per the preference of the various customers as they satisfy their needs and requirement which is helpful in enhancement of the performance. Thus, marketing is the major concept in order to manage the performance of the company and provide different types of service to the customers as per per their requirement.


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