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Marketing Report for IMDA Tech (UK) Ltd.

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Marketing is identify as the management and study of exchange relationship. It is used to develop, satisfy and keep the customers. It is the effective activities which involved in the transfer of products from the seller and producer to the clients, including, selling, storing, shipping, advertising etc. Al these are highly required by the company. An individual presentation also a main part of this report which is essential for the organisation and single person to develop their performance (Bruton and Behan, 2015). This report is based on Group Presentation and its importance to the individual.

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Main Body

Group presentation is very good for me to increase my basic skills and knowledge about business tasks (Group Presentation, 2016). In this I can communicate all information in different ways such as addressing a meeting, talking to a group and briefing a team. With the help of proper presentation I am capable to achieve long term goals and objectives in limited time duration. This also assist me to attract large number of customers towards business products and services (Serdiuk, 2015). In during the presentation one of the strong point of my is to easily attract different number of employees who are setting in seminars rooms. I use different aspects in order to prepare presentation in effective way such nervousness channel, understand the material, organize the material, develop contact with the other audience, consider  applying a wireless pointer or mouse, empty pockets, accurately manage questions from the audience, avoid looking at the screen, embellish, don't read and use of humour in a effective manner. So it is good for me to easily introduced all information and data to the colleagues about the topic. In during the time of presentation, there are different issues which is face by me such as fall down technology, hesitation and many other. In this not contribute my exact amount of time, value and content. All these are highly effects on my performance and development in the organisation. I play important and critical role in understanding of key problems in the topic, creative and innovative use of strategies. There are different mistake which is create by me such as not preparing enough, not familiarizing yourself with the equipments and Venue, Ignoring audience, applying inappropriate content, being too verbose, using ineffective visuals, overcrowding text,speaking incoherently, presenting a lack of dynamism and avoiding eye contact (Serdiuk, 2015). In during the presentation I contribute my full dedication and affords in preparation of different sidles. In this I search on different websites on the specific topic. I also use different tools and techniques which are apply in the presentation.

In this used qualitative research approach for the collection of important information. This approach is mainly applied because the intelligence and data which are needed to identify the needs of presentation. Group presentation is more essential and significant for me to increase my basic skills and and ability which is helpful for me to maximise my growth and success. In presentation, there are different number of persons are present an effective presentation on various topic. So preparation is more important and significant for me to increase my knowledge base and attract large number of customers towards achievement of long term growth and success (Shatrova, 2016). All people are also contribute their full dedication and contribution in presenting effective and proper presentation. In the presentation, there are different slides which are divided into sub parts so it can be beneficial for me. Contribution of other persons are identified in different ways such as data gathering, slide design, analysis, interviewing, preparing and presenting. Some other persons involves little because of illness and many other. So it motivates the all employees which is essential to asses contribution of my and knowing the behaviour of group persons.

Group presentation is highly essential and significance for me to easily describe all activities and functions of business entity in an effective manner. In during the process of presentation I observe my weak and strong point which is helpful for me to increase my knowledge base and attract workers who are setting in conference room. All these are highly essential and important for me to attract large number of audience in order to prepare a proper presentation in a give time period. So it tun in the achievement of my personal goals and objectives in limited time period. With the help of this I easily solve all issues and problems in proper and systematic manner. 

So that in during the presentation I define my all skills and knowledge which is support me to attract different number of audience. It is highly essential and significance for me to maximise my knowledge base while applying different tools and techniques. Above all these are determine the my weak and strong points in the presentation process (Zappoli, Beysens and Garrabos, 2015). It is also essential and important for me to increase my personal and professional goals. In the preparation I put my full dedication and effort in developing one of the best preparation which is useful. My eye conduct is also good which is increase my confidence and motivation level. So that all are beneficial for attainment of predetermined targets and objectives in given time period. Presentation is one of the critical and main part of the each and every company to present their all internal and external information which is assist in the increment of sales and profit. It is also useful for the individual to increase the confidence level. It will support in achievement of desire goals and targets. 

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From the above mentioned report, it can be concluded that group presentation is one of the effective and main part of the people to maximise their performance and increase skills. It is essential for the organisation to define their culture, project, and many other information related to internal and external part. So that presentation is highly important for me to increase my presentation skills and quality.


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