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Marketing Principles and Practice Level : 4 unit : 5

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Marketing is considered as most significant element for each and every kind of organisation ((Moriarty and et. al., 2014). With assistance of this, they will promote their items and services appropriately. Along with, entire function will be carry on significant way which aid to attain coveted targets and goals within limited period of time. Present assignment is based on case which is related to Apple Incorporation. It is much popular technological segment and providing best services to clients worldwide. They offer products and services to customers according to their needs and wants which enables them to maintain consumer base and brand image at marketplace. This project is going to highlight distinctive marketing facets and concepts. To attain desired objectives some strategies will be formulated by superior effectually. Marketing department share an effective relationship with other units; thus, overall work will get completed timely. Organisation has to utilize 7P's of marketing mix; thus, they will maintain position in market and in addition segment it effectively.

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Main Body

a) Key marketing concepts and terminology applicable in the Apple Incorporation

Marketing is termed as significant procedure which will include promotion as well as supply of items and services to their users (Hyndman and Athanasopoulos, 2014). Therefore, they will be able to satisfy their needs and demands in an effective manner. Marketing concept required to better understand by managers of a company so that they could perform better and deliver their message to target market world in better and signified manner. In relation to Apple Inc, they are having effective marketing method and they are providing products to clients through online, retail store etc. T

Organisational culture: Apple Inc is operating their business at international level; therefore, it is required for them to manage culture of company effectually. This assists them to take benefits from rivals at competitive world. Numerous kinds of issues are facing by them in macro environment. This has been analysed that this element will influence performance of workers and in this manner production will affected. They implement latest and innovative ideas; therefore, they will develop creative products. Steve jobs is termed as most significant personality because he developed culture of organisation by maintaining proper secrecy; therefore, entire data and information will be secure. It aids to diminish adverse affect; thus, they will attain coveted targets effectively.

Branding: With the help of this, consumers can easily recognise about products and services of an organisation which they are offering in market (Sheth and Sisodia, 2015). Apple has already spent great money pulling its brand name up in front of the world. Apple Inc is selling electronic products with unique features are helping them in hitting their targets in much more effective ways. Away from this, whenever they launches a mobile they spent a lot of money in order to promote it so that sales of new electronic item can be maximised. Apple's brand value at current moment is approximately in the amount of $154.1 billion. Along with this, branding strategy which is being used by Apple is helping them to catch eyes of consumers in huge numbers.

Product strategy: For this, they need to follow some standards so they will attain goals. Products of Apple Inc is much complicated; hence, they will confront numerous problems. They are using latest methodology and in this manner, they will achieve objectives within limited period of time.

Promotional strategy: With support of this, they will be able to aware customers regarding goods and in addition generate demands of it at marketplace (Lees-Marshment, 2014). There are many kinds of methods which will used for this, such as advertisement, personal selling and so on. Apple Inc is using conductive system; thus, they will promote their goods and services at marketplace effectively. They provide discount as well which help to increase their sales.

Target market segment:In context of Apple Inc, they basically focus on high class families as they are the only one who will afford to buy their products. They always want to buy those goods which are much trendy and innovative. It is must for an enterprise to alter their structure timely as this aids them to attain coveted targets and objectives timely. Company will classify market as per geographic, psycho-graphic, demographic and geographic. Apple target some countries, like Asia, America, Europe, Pacific, America and Africa. They are offering similar kind of items to their all outlets worldwide.

From above description, this will comprehended that Apple Inc will use various concepts of marketing and terminologies as it assists them to make their operations more effective. Thus, they become more able to accomplish their targets properly and in better manner as well. Through this profit could be enhance for long period of course so that derivation of suitable outcome suppose to become more suitable and effective in reference which define in accomplish suitable outcome.

b) Role of marketing strategies and programs in achieving Apple inc's objectives

Marketing strategies need to be developed by management; therefore, they will be able to attain mission and vision within limited time span (Nowak and et. al., 2015). Marketing planning is considered as a direction for staff members so they will compete their work effectually. Apple Inc uses creative methods into their products and this helps them to maintain reputation at marketplace. By following guidelines effectively, company will be able to finish work timely.

Vision of Apple Inc: They offer qualitative items and services to customers which help into their success and development. Along with, they will easily take benefits from contenders at marketplace.

Mission of Apple Inc: Company acquire those opportunities which are accessible for them in market. Some standard is set by them as they developed their own iTunes and iPods on their own Apple store.

On the other hand, some strategies are adopted by them on distinctive sectors and these are stated as beneath:

  • Effective product strategy: In recent time, there main rivals are Microsoft, Google and Samsung (French and Russell-Bennett, 2015). Different kind of items are provided by them to individuals, such as iPhone, iPad, Mac etc. Products which are offering by them is much innovative and unique in design. Along with, they modify goods as per requirements of people which assist them to maintain customer base.
  • Innovative unique element from ordinary: There are some products which cater them more success and growth in market. This comprises iMac iOS, Macbook Air, Modern iPhone series, i.e. iPhone 8, iPhone X. along with this, they are doing work on their design on continuous manner.
  • Effective communication system: Apple Inc is using simple language; therefore, they will be able to interact with clients in an effective manner so they will feel cosy. Sometimes they use technical terms but try to keep it more simple. This helps them to make conversation more easy; thus, they will convey their thoughts and ideas to customers easily. In this manner, they will improve market share.
  • Explaining product price in an effective manner: Along with, quality needs to be effective as this helps to keep up customer base effectively (Dolnicar and Ring, 2014). This has been analysed that, no client will compromise with quality as they are paying sufficient amount for this.
  • Enhancing experience: Apple Inc is a much famous brand so that they will easily gain trust and loyalty of individuals. Consumers will easily share their experience about utilized items and services (Kubacki and et. al., 2015). It assists them to maintain their image in market and this enables them to compete with contenders easily. Relationship with clients are much appropriate and this aids them to increase profits and sales.
  • Establishing magnetizing advertisements: But, they are give advertisement to attract persons towards their goods. Apple needs to analyse their competitors as well when they develop any new thought for marketing. Thus, this has been analysed that, firm uses advertising strategies to gain attention of numerous people towards them.

c) Marketing Concepts and principles that are used in Apple Inc's daily organisational problems

Marketing concepts and principles will include 7P's of marketing mix. It is required for manager of Apple Inc to comprehend to appropriately as it aids them into procedure of decision making. This will be understand by following description:

Product: Various kinds of goods offered by Apple Inc to their clients. They implement innovative techniques into items which help them to improve its quality (Aubin, Luquiens and Berlin, 2014). In this manner, they will be able to accomplish demands of individuals. Along with, some professional applications are providing by firm to customers, such as iOS, MacOS, tvOS, I cloud and so forth. They are offering items to individuals at distinctive locations.

Place:Apple Inc is operating their business business worldwide including United States, California, Pacific, Asia and Europe. America will classify further in two parts, one is North and another is South. Company is providing products to individuals online as well; hence, people will buy goods without facing any difficulty. In addition this, they cater products to some retail outlets because this is much convenient place for any individual to purchase item. Resulting, sales as well as profits of an enterprise will get enhanced. To attain better results, it is required for them to offer products and services to customers on time.

Price: This is termed as most significant element which will affect judgement of individuals regrading purchasing of any products and services. Certain strategies or policies will be formulated by manager as well (Challagalla, Murtha and Jaworski, 2014). It is fundamental for superior of organisation to implement new and innovative thoughts into products and services; therefore, they will be able to sell it to people at affordable price. This will increase profits and production of an enterprise. Hence, there are many types of strategies which will developed by Apple Inc, these are stated as beneath:

  • Price skimming strategy: As indicated by this, firm charged maximum amount from their clients which is high as comparison to rivals.
  • Premium pricing strategy: If brand image of an affiliation is effective then, they will easily charge maximum price from people. High valued item of Apple Inc is iPhone X, Home Pod.
  • Geographical pricing strategy: According to this, price of any item is set as per location and demands of individuals.

Promotion: There are numerous methods which will include into this, for instance advertisement, e- mail, posters, leaflets, pamphlets, banners and many others. This enables to increase profits and sales of an association (Huang and Rundle-Thiele, 2014). Superior of Apple Inc is utilizing many kinds of promotional techniques; thus, they will easily gain attention of numerous clients towards them. As a result, firm will easily obtain benefits from contenders at marketplace in an effective manner. If buyers buy items from clients on repeated basis then, it presents their loyalty and trust towards affiliation. This has been analysed that, if promotional methodology is using by an association then, this aids them to enhances sales and production of firm. Advertisement method will be utilized by an enterprise as a promotional strategies either online or offline.

People: They are most significant for an association because they play a significant part in marketing, production and distribution of items to their end users. CEO of Apple, named Steve Jobs is much important person as he implements new things into goods and services of company. Staff members of firm are much talented as well as skilled; hence, they will accomplish their work with maximum effectiveness and appropriateness. It aids them to maintain an effective reputation at marketplace. In addition to this, they will attain coveted targets and goals within limited period of time. This has been analysed that, employees are much significant resource who helps manager to achieve objectives in an effective and appropriate way.

Process: It will comprise overall process from beginning to ending; thus, final item will be rendered to clients within limited period of time (Onakpoya, Heneghan and Aronson, 2015). It is required for Apple to utilize latest techniques and methods to make working procedure more adequate. This will help them reduce unwanted cost and in addition wastage. In this manner, they will easily attain coveted targets and goals within prescribed time span. This aids them in improvisation of sales and production. As a result, they will increase their profits and market share effectively and efficiently.

Physical evidence: With assistance of this, value of products will be examined by superior of an enterprise. If any material is not much appropriate then, they will replace it from the appropriate one. This aids to provide most appropriate and significant experience to customers of Apple Inc. A watch is introduced by affiliation; therefore, they will get connected with consumers properly.

d) Relationships of marketing functions with other functional areas in apple Inc

Marketing division is fundamental for each and every kind of organisation as function of all units are associated with this. Therefore, they will be able to accomplish targets within limited period of time. Therefore, it is required to maintain proper coordination as well as cooperation amongst them (Truong, 2014). Marketing function of a company need to align with some other functions as well so that it could be enable and support business organisation to run smooth and in better frame as well. Business required to align their functions with each other so that chances of deriving better and effective outcome could become possible which facilitate and enable in deriving appropriate profit and targets could get accomplish in definite course of time as well. This project is based on Apple whom have to interlinked their marketing functions with other divisional functions of a company which facilitate and enable them to determine better and appropriate outcome and targets as well. Hence, it is a duty of manager to done such considerations properly so that profitability could be enhance as well as all targets suppose to get accomplish in define course of frame as well.

  • Production and marketing Department: Production department of a company used to produce and manufacture products and services of a company. They have to be done their work in better and effective manner so that they could become able to manage and determine the better outcome. On the other hand, marketing division of a company used to facilitate and deliver the products and services to ultimate clients. Hence, there is a requirement of both these units to understand about them properly and align their work in better manner. Both these working require to determine their importance because without production division marketing department will not going to perform their work as well as vice versa. Marketing division gather the information from market world in better manner and deliver it to production function properly. This will assist producing department to produce high standard products and services so that better and definite results could be drawn. Apple need to understand such consideration properly so that they could maintain amend manufacture such kinds of products and services which are as per the demand of individuals. Along with this, marketing team need to deliver information about new product and services at market world. This will enable them to reach and expand customer base properly and enable Apple to gain trust and faith of their users as well. As Apple are one of major company whom used to deal in online section and advance technology consideration as well. Thus, they have to focus on their clients needs and demands properly for deriving better an effective outcome.
  • Human resource and marketing department: Business also have to focus on some other functions as well where HR play an important role to recruit and select such individuals whom have ability to perform task and duties properly. HR manager of a company need to determine such individuals whom have potential to manage their working properly which further assist them to motivate and made such efforts of associate so that better outcome could be derive for long period of course. Apple Inc. is a company whom have more interference in technological advancement need such number of employees which better know about digital world as well as capable to deal with any kind of change or alteration used to take place. Thus, HR manager need to perform their duty well and required to recruit a better marketing team which used to perform their functions properly. This could be assess through analysing the marketing position properly and fulfil such stances. Marketing division have to define their vacant job positions properly to HR manager of a company. This will enable them to gain such employees whom used to support in determine objectives effectively. Thus, HR manager and marketing team will used to align work side by side so that better and effectively targets used to accomplish.
  • Finance department and marketing department: these two department plays as signifiant roles in order to perform different functions of the organisation in stipulated time period. There are various types of strategies which are used by the Apple Inc which are implemented by the marketing and finance department in order to maintain effectiveness in the organisation. The finance department deals with the allocation of different types of funds in order to perform different types of function of the organisation in effective manner. Without proper arrangement of funds there is no operation of the organisations are performed. This department prepare budget of the organisation which are concerned with execution of the different project of the Apple Inc. There are various types of activities which are performed by the organisation like allocation of funds for the different department which are performing their function in the organisation. These activities aid to accomplish different types of task in proper manner. It leads to maximise the profit of the company in effective manner. There are large number of functions which a re ascertain by the organisation system. It is considered as the mos important assets of the organisation which helps to ascertain the goals and objectives of the company in stipulated time period. Marketing department plays signifiant role in order to accomplish different demand and desire of different customer and also put its effort in order to attain the goals and objectives of the organisation in effective manner. This leads to maintain the effectiveness in performing different types of activities in effective manner.
  • Research & development and marketing department: This department is related with the organisation of the different types of market research. These market research determine the need and demand made by the customer in the marketplace. R&D department of Apple Inc plays a significant role in order to proper supply of different products and services made by people. This leads to maintain the effeteness in performing different types of activities of the organisation. This department plays a significant role in order to accomplish different types of target which are assigned by the organisation. This department implement new and innovative technology in order to accomplish different types of activities in proper manner. As organisation have the single vision and mission and these department works according to the these vision and it helps to attain goals and objectives of the organisation in effective manner. The research department conduct different types of research and marketing department plays a significant role in order to implement those outcomes of the research which helps to produce different types of products which are manufacture according to the views given to the customer and this aids to accomplish different types working activities of the company in effective manner. It is indispensable to conduct research ad it concerned with the collection of relevant information which are aids to take effective decision in order to accomplish the demand and desire made by the customer. It also concerned with the supply of different product in stipulated time period.

From the above discussion it get evaluated that marketing functions have to align with other divisional functions of a company. This will assist them in deriving better and appropriate outcome so that beneficial results could be drawn. By cooperation of each and every single unit, management will going to accomplish their objectives in better and signified manner so that appropriate working and enhancement in abilities could be done. This will results in positive attribute so that define targets could be gain. Like if management want to enhance market with 10% then management need to align work with HR and production division. HR department used to select such individuals whom have potential to do better things where as they also perform work in order to recruit such employees at production unit whom used to produce and innovate the things properly.

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From above assignment it has been comprehended that various kind of marketing strategies will aid company to promote their products as well as services in market. They will use some creative techniques as this assists to gain attention of numerous people towards products goods. By determining needs and wants of individuals, an association will easily modify their items. This enables them to maintain their customer base and in addition market share. They have to target market; in this manner, desire of each person will get fulfilled timely. This has been analysed that, marketing functions are basically associated with other units. Hence, entire work will be finished within set deadline. Quality needs to be maintain by firm while manufacturing of items for people. As a result, requirements of individuals will get accomplished without any delay and they will gain maximum profits.

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