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Snap Fitness Marketing Mix and Business Plan Sample

21896Downloads1 I Published: 21 Apr ,2018

Introduction to Marketing Mix Plan For Snap Fitness

In the organization it is very important to to develop with an efficient marketing plan so as to promote with the products and services in the market. Thus, it becomes crucial for them to use with types and techniques of marketing so as to influence the people for the purchase of there products (Armstrong and, 2014). Moreover, it will help to increase the sales volume and revenue of the company. Further, in this report Snap Fitness company is been taken and an efficient marketing plan is been developed for the firm. It is a privately owned health and fitness club which is providing with its services in many places. Under this, several models and theories are been used to formulate with the plan.

Marketing-mix strategies

Marketing mix refers to the development of a plan which involve the process of putting right products at proper place and in adequate price (Dann, 2010). Thus it will ensure that the products chosen are as per the requirements of the people and are marketing in an efficient manner. Under this 4P's are been included namely product, price, place and promotion. The following are been determined in detail below:

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Product- Snap fitness club need to develop with the package system as per the requirement of the customers. Thus, they must formulate different types of packages with various services (De Mooij, 2013).

Price- The company need to go through with proper analysis to evaluate with the prices which other fitness institutions are been serving. This will help them to use the appropriate pricing strategies to attract large number of customers towards there organization (Sferle and, 2012). Further, for the newly developed packages they have give the option that people can pay the amount in several instalments. Thus, this practise provides with high assistance to the customers as they can pay easily. Moreover, they also provide with different discounts when they are paying whole amount at a single time. It is very important for the organization to set the prices as per the situation of the market (Marketing Mix – The 4 p’s of marketing. 2014). It means that if the demand for the services are increased than they must go for high pricing. But in the situation when people do not have money to eat at that time it but natural they cannot afford with high prices for leisure activities (Toften and Hammervoll, 2010). Thus in that case they must decrease there prices and provide with services at low price. This will help to attract large number of customers towards there organization.

Promotion- It is another crucial factor which help the company to attract the people by adopting various marketing techniques so as to attract the people to avail the services (Varey, 2010). For this, they can go for small event in which they can provide the information to the people about the services and the impact on there life. Like giving examples of the customers which were successful in reducing there weight by joining the Snap Fitness club. Moreover, they can distribute with pamphlets determining the details about the newly formulated packages and there offer prices. Thus, it will highly help in influencing large number of customers to avail the services and products of the institution (von der Heidt and Quazi, 2013). Further, following are the methods which can be used by the company to promote with there services and products in the market:

Media- They can use the media for promoting there activities. For this they can go for television advertisement, radio, social media sites etc. for attracting large number of customers towards there organization (Wymer, 2011.). In the today's time, it can be seen that internet is playing an important role in influencing the people to avail the services. Thus, they must develop with an attractive page on the social media page determining with there features and benefits which will make attract them towards the institution.

Personal selling- They must appoint with the people who can go personally to the potential customers to tell about the packages which are been developed by the company. This will help to communicate in one to one means which make the highest impact on the people (Lee and Kotler, 2011).

Using sales promotion methods- They can use several sales promotion techniques so as to attract the customer to avail with the services of the company. Under this they can include discount coupons, bonus packs, contests etc. which highly influence the people towards availing the services (Wallace and, 2014).

Public relations- It is important for the company to develop efficient relations with the customers so as to retain them in the organization and avail with there services. Thus for this it is very important to satisfy the people to a greater extent and help them to attain the services in a proper manner (Wood, Pitta and Franzak, 2011).

Place- It is very important factor as it will decide the popularity of the institution and its sales volume. Further, it is very crucial for Snap Fitness club to select with the outlet which is situated at renowned place so that it can cover wide range of customers (Sun, 2013). Thus, it must also make sure that it is been established in the middle of the city so that it can attain high popularity among the people so that the sales volume of the firm is been increased. Thus, the place must be properly managed and should influence the people to join the firm. Thus, they must also ensure that the outlet is been situated at the area where there are not much of other Fitness clubs so it will help them to wide range of customers towards there organization. In addition to this, they must also see the surroundings for the outlet as they must not be in the crowded place because it may disturb the families by the activities in the firm (Suplico, 2011).

Distribution channels

Snap Fitness club can use different distribution channels for selling with there packages to the customers. The following are the channels which cane be used by them are:

Online website- They can put the access of the newly developed packages on the official website of the company. It will provide greater assistance to the people as they can compare with the different available packages and can select with the most appropriate one according to them (Tălpău and Boşcor, 2011). Further, they can match the prices with other institutions so that they can get the best services at adequate price. They must go for Facebook page as in the current time almost all people are associated with it and follow the things which are shown on it. So it is important to create an attractive page or column to ensure bulk of people towards there institution.

Fitness club outlet- The customers can directly approach the outlet and can opt for the services which are appropriate for them. This will provide one to one communication with the people so that no misunderstanding occurs in respect to price and products (Rhea, 2014).

Events and seminars- The company must take part in different seminars and events which will help to provide with the information to bulk of people. They can perform the activities which attracts them to avail the services of the company. They must go in the malls (Nagasawa, 2014).

Collaboration with companies- In this Snap Fitness club can collaborate with different companies so that they can attain wide range of customers towards there institution. Further, as result of this all the employees of the company will join the club which will ultimately increase the sales volume of the organization (English and Kernek, 2010).

Agents- The company can appoint with the agents which can provide the information about the services to the people and influence them to avail the products and services of the institution. Further, they must be paid on commission basis so that they will take high interest in attracting large number of customers to the organization (Fullerton and Merz, 2012).

Partnership- Snap Fitness club can go for the partnership with other organizations so that they can expand with there business and provide with wide range of services and products to the customers (Armstrong and, 2014). For example, they can do partnership with some Spa and massage saloon so that people can enjoy with the services of massage and spa after the heavy workout in the gym. This will help to increase the sales volume of the company and can grow with high pace in the market.


Snap Fitness club is mainly segment the people on different basis which includes as per the demographic, behavioural, psycho-graphic and geographic segmenting. This will help them to develop with the services and products which will satisfy the customers to a greater extent (Dann, 2010). The following are the elements involves the segmenting factors:

Demographic- As per this, they segment both the people male and female which are in the age group of 15-45 years. The people who are students, working as part-time and full time jobs are also considered (De Mooij, 2013).

Behavioural- In this they segment the high class people who can afford to pay the money for there health and maintaining there body. Further, they focus on the individuals who are self-motivated and are keen to keep there body healthy (Jobber, D. and Ellis-Chadwick, 2012.).

Psycho-graphic- In this they play with the mind set of the people which means that they focus the people who are highly conscious about there health and wants to healthy physically in there busy schedule.

Geographic- They cover the area all across Australia whether the people are living rural areas or in big cities. This will help them to attain large number of customers towards the organization (Sferle and, 2012).


Snap Fitness club mainly target the people from colleges and high school students as they are the most anxious ones to develop there body and be physically fit. This will help the company to formulate with the marketing strategies which highly attracts them to avail the services of the organization (Toften and Hammervoll, 2010). Further, it is very important to consider the people and there needs so as to develop with the marketing plan as ultimately they are the end users which will use the services and increase the sales volume of the company. Snap Fitness club must be clear about the target people and provide them with the best services and products so that they can be satisfied to a greater extent. It is very important to target the customers as it will make clear to the company what services need to developed and how they need to be promoted so as to ensure that they can influence wide range of people towards there organization (Varey, 2010).


This factors is highly important as with the help of it the company can promote with there services and products to the customers in an efficient manner (von der Heidt and Quazi, 2013). They must adopt different techniques of promotion which have a great influence on the people to avail with the services. Further, for this they can use advertisements, distribution of pamphlets, online pages on social media sites, organizing small events etc. These all methods are highly efficient and will provide with high influence on the people to adopt with the services and products served by the people (Wymer, 2011). It is also important for the company to determine with the features and benefits of there services over there competitors so as to attract wide range of customers.

Evaluation and Control

After the implementation of the marketing plan it is very important to evaluate the plan and control it on the regular basis (Lee and Kotler, 2011). It is the core responsibility of the managers to check the performance of all the workers employed in Snap Fitness club. This will help to know the level of performance of every person so that they can develop with the measures to overcome the lack points of them. Further, they must also make modifications in the plan as per the recent situation availing in the market. Moreover, it is also important for the manager to keep a control on all the activities which are been performed by the firm so that they do go beyond the target of the company (Wallace and, 2014).


In this the company has used with Ganty chart which determines with the activities which need to be followed by the company to achieve its targets and objectives. Thus, it made on the basis of the month as to what activities are to be performed in a particular month.

The above chart determines with the activities which are been followed by Snap Fitness club to achieve with there objectives and goals (Fullerton and Merz, 2012). Further, in the month of January they introduce with the packages which are been developed by the firm. In this, they have developed the services and products for the people who are obese and are highly conscious about there health. For this, in the month of February and March they will appoint with different agents and other people who can sell with the services to the customers. Further, in march they will adopt with different promotional and marketing techniques which will help them to increase with there sales volume in the company (Suplico, 2011). In April, they decided to give an ad in the television so that it may influence wide range of people to attain the services. Further, in the month of May and June they will go for the NBN gold coast for the company. Moreover, with the upcoming months they will adopt with several type of promotional techniques which will help the company to attract bulk of people towards there organization and avail with the products and services to the customers (Wallace and, 2014). Moreover, they will adopt with different distribution channels such online sites, appointing agents, collaborating with companies, doing partnerships and many other which will help to enhance with there revenue and sales volume. Thus, it will ultimately help to achieve the targets and objectives of the company to a greater extent (Rhea, 2014).

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From the above report it can be concluded that it is very important for Snap Fitness club top develop with an efficient marketing plan so as to attract the people for availing the services developed by the organization. Further, for this it is crucial to analyse the market conditions in an effective manner so as to ensure that what the requirements of the people and the products they are expecting from the firm. Thus, they must adopt marketing mix in an efficient manner to formulate with the marketing strategies which highly assist the firm to cope up with the market. Moreover, they need to evaluate with proper segmentation, targeting and positioning terms so as to maintain the focus towards the achievement of the determined target. They must adopt with several distribution channels which will help them to enhance with the sales volume of the company.

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