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Marketing Design and Innovation Sample

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Concepts of Marketing Design And Innovation

8279 Downloads I Published: 18 May ,2017

Marketing Design and Innovation of Nissan

Marketing provides the way through which it assist manufacturers to produce goods and services and also able to present their innovative product in front of its proposed customers in an significant manner. Further, in order to effectively identify the product in front of buyers the concept such as marketing design and innovation is proved as beneficial (Ferrell, 2006). In order to carry out the study researcher selects Nissan Company because the main reason behind the selection of the firm is due to its innovative features in car. Nissan first ever launched its self cleaning car technology concept that made it distinct from other competitors. In the current study it depicts about the characteristic of chosen product and services with the reflective portion. The selected product is  innovative because it provides customers a valuable feature for their car and it save their lot of time and cost.

Characteristics Of Chosen Innovative Product Or Service

Benefits and value derived by the clients from Nissan self cleaning car technique

The product introduced by Nissan is of distinct type which is “self cleaning car” which has been launched by Nissan for its clients that possess several benefits which are explained underneath. Self cleaning car is being considered as one of the most innovative concept in the field of auto mobile industry. Also, there are various advantages of technology that “self cleaning car” as launched by Nissan for its customers which has been assessed and it has been comprises of the following. As it helps in reducing cost of to the customer which they usually have to spend on the car wash (Fisher and Pride, 2006). Further, as per the analysis it has been evaluated that most of the clients in UK spend their earning in car wash and thus it cost a lot to them. Therefore, with an aim to remove this particular obstacle, Nissan introduces self cleaning car concept and it proved very beneficial. Thus, through producing Nissan car, buyers are able to eliminate their monthly spending on car washing activity. Also, Nissan application of super hydrophobic paint treatment that has allowed them to cut the cost of their production and labour requirement on car wash. However, such type of activity as compiled by the business can ultimately provide advantages to the buyers of the car (Luther, 2011).

Furthermore, this particular step tends Nissan to enable them and sale their car at low prices which inclines company to attract most of the customers towards the product. Thus, it provides two way benefits to buyers such as on one side buyers can purchase Nissan products at low cost while on the other hand company is able to attract most of its clients towards the product that leads to increasing the sales and profitability of business. Nissan's innovative self cleaning car was technology that helps in saving time and cost of people. However, in the current scenario it becomes difficult for any buyer to spend their precious time on car washing type activity which takes a lot of money. Thus, there are various businesses who provides car washing facility and charges high amount as it is the need of customers (Verganti, 2013). Thus, through assessing such concept Nissan introduces self cleaning car technology and it proved very beneficial for clients. Furthermore, it also provides benefits to those clients who fear to give their expensive car to outside businesses for washing. Thus, all these issues benefits the management of company to launch such a unique technology and attract customers in an effectual manner.

Although, value of the product can be created in the minds of clients by advertising the features of the product. However, Nissan has performed it in a successful manner and thus it is the reason why they have introduced very innovative concept in the features of its car range. But in order to assess the value of the business self car cleaning concept it uses customer delivered value model. Adopting such model helps business in identifying different costs and value that need to be included in business. Further, it provides total customer value and total customer cost that ultimately produces customer delivered value in business (Shaw, 2004).

Thus, with the help of this model business is able to assess its unique product value in regard to its customers in an effectual manner. Company proves to be successful in creating the value in the minds of customers through launching unique feature in the car range. Also, corporation has launched varied features that attracts the mind of clients and thus achieve success in business (Quilas, 2014). Additionally, Nissan has highlighted these self car cleaning concept that influences the customer towards the product. It demonstrates the feature of cost effectiveness, reducing price point along with showcasing the benefits of using cleaning car concept. Above all Nissan's super hydrophobic paint treatment has helped in creating the overall product value in the minds of its customers in an effectual manner (Doole and Lowe, 2010).

Uniqueness of Nissan's design elements such as shape, colour, design, imagination, relevance and usefulness

Furthermore, there are several new elements which has been assessed in the self cleaning car concept as launched by Nissan in the car range for its clients. Also, it has been explained by following points such as shape, colour, design, imagination, relevance and usefulness etc. Thus, self cleaning car consists of varied elements and also it is useful that involves unique design elements in the product (Wiess, 2014). Above all the main uniqueness that has been assessed in the product of an organization which is being related to its usefulness. Also, the product has its effectualness in both customer and producer point of view. However, Nissan's customers can be benefited in several aspects such as technology that helps them in saving time, which they mostly spend on car washing type activity and also its usefulness that can be measured by the buyer in terms of money. Also it has been evaluated that many customer in UK spend most of their money in car washing activity and thus it is considered as an expensive concern. Thus, in order to remove this barrier Nissan launches its innovative feature in cars i.e. self cleaning car concept and thus it attracts potential customers towards business (Hsu, 2011). It can be further discussed with the help of product life cycle in order to manage the product design and innovation. It is a process through which business manages the entire life cycle of a product ie. Self cleaning car concept and through design and innovation it manufactures new and innovative product so that goals can be attained. PLC integrated people, data, processes and business systems that provides a product information to companies and thus expand the operations of business. 

Also, the concept has its usefulness for the individuals that possess emotional relationship with their cars. Thus, this type of gesture reveals by the buyer when their purchased product is expensive. For instance, there are various people in UK who possess expensive car and thus they do not prefer to give their car to car washing company and thus Nissan providing self cleaning feature in car helps business to attract potential customers. However, the concept of self cleaning the car is launched by business in order to enable the clients to eliminate their cost on such activity. Furthermore, such concept has enables Nissan in terms of cutting the cost of labour and department which they need to establish for the purpose to carry the car wash activity. Further, the condition that tends to enable business to sale their product at lower price. It is because of this innovative technology that helps Nissan to make it distinct in the international market (Eliashberg and, 2008).

Along with this business has also applied its nano paint and super hydrophobic coat related technology to every colour i.e. light or dark. This concept also help business to prove its unique identity in design elements. Furthermore, through carrying out research it has been analysed that customer has the perception that business launches such type of features like self cleaning car concept and it is usually applied to the dark colours. Hence, Nissan overcome this misconception of clients through providing the feature of self cleaning car in every colour. The next element is being related to design and thus it is seen that Nissan has not directed varied efforts in terms to bring changes in the design element of the brand (Hughes, 2007). While, on the other hand business has also taken many step in terms of making the design of the product which has been followed usually. Thus, in that designing business applies nano paint and super hydrophobic coat technology which is also named as self cleaning car. Thus, in regard to this it enable business to distinctly assess its design element in front of their customers in an effectual manner.

Similarly, it has been analysed that the product feature launched by Nissan car matches the needs of customers and thus fulfil it in order to satisfy clients. Further, such concept has been launched by the business through showcasing the aspect of usefulness of product in terms of cost effectiveness and time saving etc. Also, the company has applied this action plan through targeting the emotional aspect of buyer. It has been performed by them through showcasing the features of product to those customers that tends to create their emotional and personal bonding with their expensive car. Thus, all the uniqueness of the design elements such as shape, colour, imagination and usefulness etc. helps business to attract clients and thus enhance the sales and profitability. It also assist business to provide  relevant product to customers in order to fulfil the needs and thus attain goals (Madsen and Pedersen, 2013).

The brand appeal in relation to competitors in contemporary market

Brand appeal is the process that assist business to attract, please or influence the customers towards the product or service. Due to this factor it enables business to create the competitive advantage for its unique product when compared to competitors. Furthermore, there are various competitors of Nissan such as Ford, Toyota, Chrysler and many more. In the current era of globalization market is not restricted within the national boundary and thus it directs their efforts in terms of presenting the products and services of business at international platform. In order to win the competition in global environment the concept relating to the brand appeal has been proved to be very advantageous (Motta and Schewe, 2008). It has been established by Nissan through showcasing varied features in their cars. Further, with the purpose to follow the concept of brand appeal management of Nissan it adopt the idea related to porters generic strategies. Through, applying this model it helps business to develop varied types of distinct brand appeal elements in its car. The brand pyramid is the model that states the steps through which customer established loyalty to purchase the particular brand. Thus, through purchasing the particular car business provide a unique feature to its customers which are not provided by any other company which is  self cleaning concept and thus it save a lot of time and cost of customers. It helps in creating a brand appeal among clients and increases the loyal customers in terms of revenue potential.

The first element is related to cost leadership strategy that has been created by Nissan through showcasing such type of changes in their car which is being related to eco friendly thought in their engines along with self cleaning concept. The main purpose of creating the distinct identity of its car in market is relating to the concept of environmental friendly technology in their engine. Thus, it can be performed by Nissan through reducing CO2 emission and thus reducing the pollution. This particular feature will benefit business in varied aspects that is on one side environmental friendly related brand image that helps business to attract the customers towards the product. While, on the other hand through providing unique features such as self cleaning car helps business to attract potential clients. Further, through developing eco perception tends business to enable organization in order to reduce the cost of production and thus allow business to sale the product at comparatively low prices with other competitors (Nesbitt, DeMoranville and McNally, 2012).

Furthermore, Nissan is the first company in the world that has used ultra ever dry technology for providing self cleaning mechanism to its car. Thus, they used both nano paint and super hydrophobic coat in their car that restrict the sticking of dirt, mud, oil and  other pollution particles on the surface of car. Further, this concept has proved beneficial for Nissan because it has allowed them to distinctly assess itself as compared to its competitors and attain desired results. Also, by using the self cleaning car idea business provides innovative features to customers and thus increases the emotional appeal in the minds of clients (Lin, Chen and Chiu, 2010).

Further, Nissan aims to differentiate its product with that of its competitors and thus it uses hybrid technology in their cars. Hybrid engines are those which is powered by the combination of both gasoline engine and electronic motor. Thus, adopting such technology business aims to low emission and clean exhaust gas features type of brand appeal that has been done by Nissan. Additionally, it has been assessed that Nissan is directed in terms of launching its car in sports segment. Thus, such type of product creates the brand appeal and thus attract varied range of customers towards business. All these features such as hybrid technology, self cleaning car etc. involves in business in order to aid the brand appeal of business in international market and thus attain high sales and profitability (Wong, 2013).


The throughout journey of preparing this report was very interesting for me but at the same point of time I have face varied challenges for the purpose to prepare this report. The study also helped in in terms of improving the marketing design and innovation related product knowledge. The learning gained by me while preparing the module is that the process of preparing the module helped me a lot in terms of improving my knowledge. Further, it also helped me in terms of raising my level of confidence in relation to developing the concept of marketing. Thus, through preparing this report, I have analysed that application of varied types of concepts such as customers delivered value and porter generic strategy in regard to the Nissan company. Through analysing the customers delivered value model I have assessed the significance of varied types of value such as service, product, image and personal value and so on with reference to Nissan.

Also, the study helped me in developing my analytical skills and communication skills in an effectual manner. This is because before applying the model to the company I have analysed various types of books, journals, articles and magazines etc. which provides assistance to me in order to carry out the module in an significant manner. Through referring varied books is the main reason of improving my analytical skills. Furthermore, I have also assessed varied type of benefits through adding innovative features to car such as self cleaning car and hybrid technology launched by Nissan.  By assessing these advantages I have realized the significance of using application of this idea in car. Moreover, the case of Nissan has influenced me to make the selection of purchasing such type of car in future with innovative features. Additionally, the purpose is to analyse the concept of self cleaning car I have carried out an extensive research on the topic that helps me in enhancing my research based skills in an effectual manner.

Also, the study helped me in developing my analytical skills and communication skills in an effectual manner. This is because before applying the model to the company I have analysed various types of books, journals, articles and magazines etc. which provides assistance to me in order to carry out the module in an significant manner. Through referring varied books is the main reason of improving my analytical skills. Furthermore, I have also assessed varied type of benefits through adding innovative features to car such as self cleaning car and hybrid technology launched by Nissan.  By assessing these advantages I have realized the significance of using application of this idea in car. Moreover, the case of Nissan has influenced me to make the selection of purchasing such type of car in future with innovative features. Additionally, the purpose is to analyse the concept of self cleaning car I have carried out an extensive research on the topic that helps me in enhancing my research based skills in an effectual manner.

Also, it proves to be beneficial for me when I will carry out varied types of large project and research of the known company like Nissan. Further, the process of preparing this module has helped me in improving my understanding in relation to the uniqueness of the design element that has been found out in the product of the cited firm. It has been categorised in the following manner such as design, imagination, usefulness and relevance etc. that provide uniqueness to the product and thus it helped me in selecting the product at the time of purchase of car. In addition to this, the report also helped me to understand the concept relating to the brand appeal. Therefore, I have analysed such concept and used it in particular report in order to assess the organizational use of such concept and make the distinct image of brand with its competitors. Further, I have also assessed the porter generic strategies that helped me to gain knowledge and enable me to attain future goals. Through analysing such strategies it helps me in developing my skills because I can implement the particular strategy where I tend to get recruited in future. Overall it can be stated that I find out various kinds of improvement in my knowledge and learning related aspect.

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Furthermore, there are various challenges faced during completing the project. As there are various issues that have been faced by me while analysing the results of the project. It involves lack of the availability of appropriate information, limited time and also lack of financial resources etc. I have also faced different kinds of issues in generating the information related to innovative feature introduced by company to attract clients. However, the product selected by me is very unique and thus generating information about that was a little bit of difficult process for me. Another problem identified by me in relation to finance. For instance in order to generate authentic information I need to travel a lot and try to develop contact with the research department of company and thus it requires varied financial resources.

But through facing such problems and overcoming them I have tried to carry out the module in a significant manner. Further, with this I also faced time limitation as I need to complete my study on time. Through overcoming all these limitation it helped me in terms of improving my knowledge in regard to innovative and new features in cars. Through carrying out the report I have been able to analyse the unique concept of self cleaning car and thus reduces the cost of buyers. Above all through carrying out the study it helps me in improving my varied skills such as time management, communication and organizational related ability.


It can be concluded from the report that marketing design and innovation concept helps individual to market the unique products in market. Nissan introduces unique idea of self cleaning car concept and thus it enable business to attract customers from all around world because it helps in reducing time and money resources of individual. Through showcasing such unique feature in product it identifies the distinct image of product in market with that of its competitor. Thus, adopting brand appeal strategy helps Nissan to launch the unique features of self cleaning car in its product. At the end, reflective account has been shown so that it helps in assessing the skills developed in me and also the problems faced by me.


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