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Effect of Learning Environment on Student’s Life

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Learning environment defines as the different physical locations, contexts and cultures in which a student learns. Although they have used various methods to study or gain knowledge such as schools, outdoor and indoor environment etc. All learning modes have diverse in the nature and has contained the some limitations and benefits (LEARNING ENVIRONMENT, 2013). The present study is based on learning environment which will define direct and indirect influence on student learning. It will include their level of involvement in the learning, sense of well being etc.

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Task 1

1. Framework define curriculum

A curriculum framework consider as a part of an outcome based education. The first step of the following framework is defining clear and high standards which can be attain by students. After this, curriculum aligns with the standards where the knowledge of learners assesses against the standards. Further when then standards meet then there is no achievement gap find. From the above stated framework, a curriculum related to study can be easily define (Fraser, 2015). It helps motivating the students to develop creative problem solving strategies and other skills that can easily support intervention as well as development of the learners in the future.

2. Things should be considered at the time of evaluation and modifying the learning environment

There are different things needed to be taken into the consideration during the evaluation and modification in the learning environment for the children. First is thinking over the needs of the child which includes warm, care etc that supports him to learn the things. In the past time, community and home were the learning area for the children (Wardle, 2016). But in the present time, it replace by the classroom where they get the opportunity to learn from different activities. Second thing that should be consider at the time of evaluating and modifying the learning environment is materials and equipment use for teaching to the children. The reason of this it helps the child to learn the things in the right manner. On the other hand, change in physical spaces can also give a new mode of learning to the learners. This is because when the learning space is comfortable then the child become starts of feel it like a home. It will increase his comfort level where he will ready to give huge efforts to learn the things (Clifford, 2012).

3. Ways by which learning environment modifications can be implemented

Allowing different seating patterns and configuration: From the research, it has found that different colours of light create a fresh perspective for the learners. With the help of this, it becomes easy to give a mental break to the children at the learning space. For this, the teachers should install the lamps at learning area during reading time.
By adopting the flexible materials and equipments of learning, the modifications in the learning environment can be implemented.
By promoting the foster creativity rather than productivity, the changes in learning environment can be easily executed (Jonassen and Land, 2012).
Further, by designing various learning programs, the different learning needs can be completed which will assist in implement the new modifications at the learning environment for children.
By eliminating obstacles in learning environment such as storage, noise, dividers etc, the new changes can be executed in learning environment.

4. Quality areas of the NQF that need to consider when promoting an appreciation of the natural environment

There are some areas quality areas of the NQF that will be considered when promoting an appreciation of the natural environment and these are as follows:

  • Educational program and practice
  • Children’s health and safety
  • Physical environment
  • Staffing arrangements
  • Relationships with children
  • Mutual partnerships with families and communities
  • Leadership and service management (Laurillard, Charlton and, 2013)

Task 2

1. Ways by which children and families help with the curriculum in early childhood education and care setting

There are some ways by which it becomes easy to consult with children and families regarding to help them in curriculum in early childhood education and care setting. These are as follows:

We can consult with children through We can consult with families through
Involving them into decision making process Mutual partnerships with families and communities
Listening their thoughts Making discussions of the issues

Task 3

1. Types of tools will help the educators to assess what children know, can do and understand

To determine what children know, can do and understand, there are different kinds of tools can be used which are as follows:

Graphic organizers: It will represent ideas, thoughts, knowledge and concepts of the children which they have been learnt during the study. This will allow the educator to organize thoughts and to promote understanding of the learner at the time of study (Hakulinen, Auvinen and Korhonen, 2013).

Review and reflection tools: This tool will enable the educator to review and reflect on children knowledge, progress and what they have been gain knowledge on a particular topic or subject.

Feedback tools: The following tool will help the educator to provide the feedback to the children on their work and performance level. It will include strategies by which the teacher will increase the knowledge level of child in an appropriate manner.

Observation: With the help of observation tool, the educator will easily capture and record meaningful information about the knowledge level of children in a particular time frame. The outcomes of this process will aid in developing different ways to engage child in variety of activities (Fraser, 2015).

Universal screening: By using universal screening tool, the educator will gather the data regarding what children know, can do and understand from a particular topic. This will be very helpful in measure the performance and current knowledge level of them.

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2. Points that should be considered at the time of observing children to assess their learning

There are five major things that should be considered at the time of observing children to assess their learning which are as follows:

  • Determine their interest level
  • Assessment of children development level
  • Strategies use by the children to learn the things and attain the goals
  • Observing children what skills they are practicing for completing the other works
  • Considering the personality traits of the children (Jonassen and Land, 2012)

By considering the above stared five things at the time of observing children to evaluate their learning, a right judgement can be made by educators towards the learning and knowledge of them.

3. Ways to gather feedback from families of children

By making call to the families, it becomes easy to gather feedback from them about their children learning. With the help of this, the current information about learning and knowledge of child can be determined. On the other hand, face to face meeting with the families, the issues face by the children during studying and learning the thing can be found out. Along with this, by distributing the questionnaire to parents of children, the information related to knowledge and learning ability of them may be effectively explored (Laurillard, Charlton and, 2013).

Task 4

1. Match the definitions with the terms

Are mixtures of children emerging knowledge, skills and attitudes to learning Children personal and social development
When children and educators learn together Inclusive education
The way educators build relationships, nature and support children, plan learning experience for children, facilitate earning experience and interact with children to expand their understanding about the world. Learning and development

2. On the basis of the outcome 4 of the EYLF, determines the way educator promote dispositions for learning

There are five ways which define how the educator promotes dispositions for learning and that are as follows:

  • Self motivation
  • Independence
  • Persistence
  • Communication
  • Curiosity


From the above discussion, the effective learning environment has motivated the children to learn the things. By changing in learning surround, the educators and families have supported their child’s to gain the knowledge on various subjects.


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