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Importance Of Leadership And Management In Hallmark Care Home

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Aspects Of Leadership And Management

Leadership And Management are both most important aspect every business and health care organization. In an organization, leadership and management control every part organizational practices and decisions. In the context of health care organization, leadership can be considered as a regulatory authority which takes all major decision regarding operations and activities of other organization in order to improve quality of health care services along with satisfaction of services user (Stashevsky and Koslowsky, 2006). Management and leadership both are interrelated concepts that determine several procedures and tactics to manage a range of organizational practices that will improve operational efficiency of management and organization with reference to health care services and needs of services user.

This  research project determines several elements of management practices with reference to Hallmark care home in Cardiff. It was founded 1997 (Hallmark care homes, 2015). This organization is generally  providing health care service with the help of relationship-centred approach to elder people. In this research, investigator presents major areas of research according to leadership practices. In next part, researcher determines research methodologies and prepares questionnaire to analysis  view of employees about leadership and management practices of organisation. In this research, researcher also considers several aspects such as graphs and chart to present finding and draw a valid conclusion.

Determining and validating appropriate areas for research

Hallmark care home in Cardiff is offering  distinct kinds of  services to old age people in the form of  life style, nutrition, residential care and nursing care. In order to manage distinct kinds of services with organization, the management has to manage several practices, operations and employees. In this, leadership is playing most important role in order to facilitate great services (Saunders, Lyon and Möllering, 2012).

The first thought while selecting the research study was to focus my research on various areas related to leadership and management procedures  that encourage the care home staff in order to improve the care provided to elderly people. I also though that by managers can develop positive and professional environment within business if they have the knowledge of leadership  (Gill, 2011).  
The area of focus will be to have a study on various organizational practices related to health care services. The research will also present overview about leadership skills, attributes and management system for assisting  managers so that they inspire trust among nursing staff, encourage creativity, enhance quality of services, improves effectiveness of decision making process, scheduling of various business  operations with the help of budgeting and self management affects morale of workers within positive way (Moody and Pesut, 2006). To develop social relationship with service users and old age people, management also gives greater importance to personal value development of staff member to increase efficiency of business operations according to needs of consumers and services users.

The core areas of research are explained below:

  • To analysis impact of leadership practices on productivity and efficiency of workers  
  • To assess importance of management activities to enhance service quality and development of social r Hallmark care home in Cardiff elations with service user
  • To identify effect on some creative and unique service of health of service user
  • To determine distinct kinds of management operation that will improve overall efficiency of organization.

On the basis of the above core areas of research, a researcher can investigate many types  of leadership activities that will improve efficiency of nursing and caring staff. It includes evaluation of motivational factor, designing training and skills development programs along with development of efficient incentive plans according to motivational factors of employees (Management team, 2013). The above areas also assist managers in order to identify several organizational activities such as assessment of needs of consumers, suggestion of staff, optimum utilization of resources and proper scheduling of activities that will service quality and develops good relations with elder citizens. With the help of above element, researcher can carry out detail study and assess impact of innovative and creative activities that will increase satisfaction level of consumers along with  effectiveness of health care process. Investigator can analysis significance activities of workers that improves overall efficiency and productivity of health care  unit by reducing cost, optimum utilization of resources and etc (Bak, 2011). All above elements are playing major in order to carry out different related activities.

Determining a suitable research approaches

In order to fulfill aims and objectives of research, researcher can adopt a range of research methods. According to topic, investigator considers both primary and secondary research methods in order to evaluate impact of management and leadership on health care practices of health care home (Singh, 2010). Both approaches are explained below:

Primary research: Primary research can be considered as quantitative researcher through direct survey with the help of questionnaire. In this research project, investigator develops questionnaire in order to collect views from employees about management and leadership practices of Hallmark care home in Cardiff. Primary research plays very important role to acquire distinct kinds of reliable information about perception of respondents (Adcroft and Willis, 2008). This research facilitates management of health care unit in order to improve quality of services and various other aspects of business entity.

Secondary research: It is another important approach which provides a range of information about topic and research objective. In this process, evaluator carries out detail study of books, online journals and other secondary data in order to get reliable information about leadership tactics and management practices of other companies for analysing quality of health care service within health care unit (Eales‐White, 2012). This process facilitates information from research and study of other researchers related to health care practices along with impact of different type of innovative services.

Developing suitable research questions

Research question is one of the most important aspect of research. In this process, investigator determines  researcher questions so as to fulfill the aims of research in order to collect accurate information about management practices of health care unit. The research question formulated for the study is “What role is played by Leadership and Management strategies in Hallmark care home, Cardiff”


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