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Information Systems Foundations Assignment

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This assignment defines about importance of Data protection Act, 1998 and the Equality Act, 2010 in order to furnishing effective values to someone which is sharing their critical information form one to another person's in relevant form. The computer misuse Act, 1990 defines about to protection of the data in computer in appropriate manner. Ethical and privacy issues are being arisen in the company in relevant form. Apart from it, this assignment also refer to how public, private and non-government organisation furnishing proper privacy policies in the companies in order to protect critical information of their customers effectively.

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Task 1

Data protection Act, 1998:This is an act which is most necessary for each organisation in order to effectively protecting their data at the workplace in efficient manner. This is a most popular act of United Kingdom in the country effectively. The UK's parliaments says, all information associated with each country's people must be in protection form and legally handled by them within the nation efficiently. This is designed by UK government in respect to giving proper protection of all critical confidential information which is stored in computers and other written files must be in sufficient manner (Debatin, 2011). The Act also defines about several things related to the data which must be in safer format in the company in relevant format. As per this Act, each individual have rights to control information of themselves in effective form. Most of the Act does not apply for domestic use in the country effectively such as keeping a personal address book etc. as per this act, anyone who is holding personal data of other must legally obliges to comply with this act effectively. So it is most crucial act as per modern requirements in the nation efficiently, there are numbers of issues are bing arisen in UK effectively because of various kinds of methods are being used by several of peoples in respect to sharing their critical information from one place to other place effectively. So as per this Act, they could share their data safely to others properly.

Principle of data protection act, 1998:

  • The data protection act, 1998; it defines about all processes and methods of sharing critical important information about to someone must be shard in protected form while sharing one to others this information (Fafinski, 2013). In case of UK nation, varied of cases could be seen, in which various types of hackers in the nation, unlawfully distracting the data and giving fault of them.
  • It also defines to become more protected against unauthorised and unlawful process of data sharing between tow and more parties in the country effectively. In case of accidental loss of data, person can face various serious damages in the country effectively. In UK country, varied of cases has been seen to licking cases of several data in the country efficiently from last few years.
  • This Act also furnish some important information about sharing critical data about anyone who live in the UK and wants to send data to other country's, it must be checked by territory protect rights in the country effectively to sharing illegal information to other effectively (Finn and Wright, 2012).

The Equity act, 2010:This act defines about provision of equality of each people at workplace while furnishing effective services to them efficiently. This is an effective legal framework which must be implemented by each organisation at workplace while doing various activities in organisation properly. This act also defines about each people in company must be treated equally and should have been given equal opportunities to gaining advantage in their lives in sufficient ways (Guitton, 2013). Each organisation need to make that all provision of access to goods, facilities, services and premises for people who is disabled at the workplace should be treated equally in the company while performing several functions of business in the market effectively.

(A) As per the Act, employees in the workplace ought to give equal chances in order to gaining proper competitive advantage in firm effectively. All employees of the company needed to given legally fair opportunities to getting more growth in company efficiently.

(B) Online service users also has been enforced by this Act in organisation effectively. All users of various online services must be given equal chances to utilisation of their services in sufficient form (Taylor, Haggerty, Gresty and Hegarty, 2010).

(C) Online consumers on the online platform must be given legally fair chances in relevant form in context of getting fair valuable product and services of companies which they are offering in the market effectively. Also, disable person must be given fair chances at online platform effectively.

Assistive technologies which is using by Disable person in UK effectively as following:

  • Hearing aids might improve the hearing quality of those persons who are suffering for hearing issues in their lives effectively. So this is the latest technological device which effectively helping low hearing disable person in the nation sufficiently.
  • Cognitive assistance, this is also most assistive technological computer tool which is utilising by those persons who is suffering form brain industry, this device helps them to understand various things effectively.
  • People with physical disability can utilise of Wheelchairs, scooters, Walkers etc. for transformational use form one place to other place effectively.
  • Some essential computer software program also assist disable person so resolving their various issues which occurs in day to day activities, such program as voice recognition program, screed reader program allow them to lean various things effectively.
  • Track your is also one of the useful devices which is using by disable person who is suffering form blindness in the country effectively (Whiteman, 2012). With the assistance of GPS technology, they can tract their current location and also share their location to other sufficiently.
  • Wander reminders, is also most useful device for those persons who is suffering from memory loss, this devices help them to remind some important things which is necessary for them most in order to execution of day to say activities sufficiently.

Computer misuse Act, 1990: Parliament of united kingdom is furnishing this effective rule of protection of crucial and important data which is stored in computer effectively. This act defines that, there are numbers of issues are being arising in case of protecting and misuse of critical data which is necessary for the business in relevant form. There are several unauthorised access are being arising in the market by various illegal factors in the nation, they are hacking various computers programs in the country and search through password in order to getting essential information which is needed for doing several illegal works in the nation efficiently. In UK, varied of cases are being arising in today's world relating to data misuse by several illegal factors in the market (Khalid, Shihab, Nagappan and Hassan, 2015). As per this Act, if a person has been caught to making of unauthorised access to several other computers in the country, then they must be given in order to resolving some issues in nation effectively. All the important data which is stored in the computer could be misused by anyone who wants to lick the information in case of doing illegal activities and serious crime in the country. So as per this Act, the government must be providing protecting internal function and safer program within the nation in respect to protecting critical data of each persons which is stores in computer effectively (Taylor, Haggerty, Gresty and Hegarty, 2010).

Ex: In recent days, BBC organisation in UK also have faced computer misuse of information at the workplace effectively. Police constable accessed that Lancashire Constabulary system 21, 802 times over 7 days to obtaining personal details of car crash victims to sell on to ambulance chasing claim firm. There is personal data of BBC organisation has been used by someone in the nation regarding to details about car cash victims efficiently.

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Task 2

Definition of ethics:The ethics has fundamental principles to decent human conduction of each activities at the workplace effectively (Kim, Trimi and Chung, 2014). This is very essential quality of each human being in their lives in order to provision of equality to them in sufficient form. Ethics defines that, there are some particular ways of doing each activities at the workplace and way of thinking in about a specific issues by which, it could be resolved effectively in proper manner.

The importance of the right to privacy as an ethical principle:In case of right t privacy, which is the most crucial factor for each one in order to protecting their important and valuable information effectively. There are variety of legislative and government norms are available in the UK which furnishing appropriate privacy policies towards corporate sector in the country efficiently. Privacy is a limit in government power, as well as the power of private sector companies in the nation properly. The more someone who knows about essential information, can make crucial decision in our lives. Personal data could not be licked by someone which can decease our reputation in our lives in effective ways. Privacy about respecting an individual in the company in relevant manner (Menichelli, 2011). Each person has reasonable desired to keep private their critical information and this could not be licked by someone others as ethical principles describes about it. Privacy also enable person to making their reputation manage in the community effectively. Knowing about others' privacy is not necessary terms in order to making critical decision about judging someone in the life in effective ways. The right to privacy also required for maintaining appropriate social boundaries in communities in effective manner.

The meaning of privacy in the internet age:The meaning of privacy in the internet age defines about several important information which is sharing in digit life via internet must be in privacy form in order to protecting our information in relevant form. Internet privacy is the privacy which defines about to the personal data which is published via internet. This is a very wide range of terms in the UK which defines about variety of factors and techniques of technologies utilise for protecting each one data in relevant form. Internet privacy is also called online privacy which refer to the values by which transferring of data via internet can be safer format. Privacy violation and threats risks must be added in each website when it developed in the nation effectively (Newburn, ed., 2012). This could be utilised by each user of internet in form of protecting our private data at online platform in sufficient manner. There are numbers of privacy issues are occurring in the internet world in order to protecting private data of population in the nation efficiently.

The main threats to privacy online:Varied of threats has been occurring in privacy terms on online basis effectively which is as following:

  • Web tracking is one of the major threat for online basis while someone is browsing the web for any time in the country, tracker can track your site and gather important private information and could lick to other persons effectively.
  • Data collection is another major threat for privacy online in the nation. If you are sharing important data collection to another known person via internet using social media apps, third party cam track your data and licked to other person in illegal form (Quinn, 2014).
  • Lack of security is also another major issues for privacy of internet, there are several security options are providing by the government of the UK and several private website to keep private our essential data, but there is always threat to getting lick of our private data on online mode sufficiently.

What are Cookies:A computer cookies are simply known as the HTTP cookies, these are in several form such as internet cookie, browser cookie web cookie etc. the main use of cookies is that, it assist the website to keep tracking your visit and activity which has been done on which specific website by someone effectively.

  • How do they work:Cookies is formally works for keeping someone on track by website runner in order to recognise the exercises and activities has done you them on particular website in effective manner (Ryan, 2011.). In case of retail companies, they are mostly using this option in order to track the order and items which has been visited by its customers on its e-commerce website in effective ways. Different types of cookies are using keeping track of different types of activities in the nation in proper manner.
  • Legal and ethical issues:In case of using cookies by several online companies in the UK, there are some effective legal norms and ethical consideration keep in track which refer to raising of it n the nation effectively (Sharda, Delen and Turban, 2013). There are numbers of issues are being arisen about privacy of data, so each company need to use of this option as per legal and ethical norms in the country effectively.

What a privacy policy:A privacy policy of an organisation is a documentation which defines about how an organisation manage each of their customers, client and employees information gathered in its operations in sufficient form. Most of the companies is furnishing effective privacy policy which must be followed by each of its users in the company in sufficient form. Privacy is one of the most effective issues in order to sustaining in our life in more effective form in order to generating more effective form (Siemens, 2013.).

  • Public sector organisation:NHS England is a public sector business in UK and which is furnishing impressive healthcare and social care services in the nation effectively.
  • Privacy policies:We respect your right with regards to data privacy and data protection when you communicate with us through our vision website, offline program and events effectively (Siemens, 2013.).
  • Private sector organisation:Morrison is a private sector organisation which is furnishing effective retail services in the nation efficiently.
  • Privacy policies:Our customer's privacy is critically essential to us so we want to know exactly what kind of information we collect from you and utilise it effectively.
  • Non-government organisation:we take our duty to process your personal data very seriously. This policy explains how we collect, manage, use and protect your personal data effectively.

Comparison of privacy policies of each organisation: all these organisations are providing existing privacy policy within the organisation in effective form in order to generating more sufficient services in the company and also increasing trust of their customers on privacy of personal data of several clients in the country effectively.

Identification of difference between them and why these differences exist:

There are very little differences could be seen in these companies policies, all these companies are using personal valuable data of its customers in relevant manner in order to making execution of each activities in these companies effectively (Taylor, Haggerty, Gresty and Hegarty, 2010).

My website privacy policy:We respect our customer's personal accounts information on our website in effective manner. We use your critically information in context to processing our business activities further in relevant form.


From the above analysis, it is concluded that, varied of legal Act presented here in the website which furnishing effective values to the customers in relevant ways. Data protection Act, 1998 plays very essential role in order to protecting each one person's data in the company in effective form. Moreover, this assignment also teach me how an ethics and online privacy can reflect us to using of various internet websites in relevant manner.


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