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Critical Analysis On Global Warming And Its Effect On Environment

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This project report contains critical analysis about different aspects like changes in climate that affect the farmers and travel industry in the economy. The main impact of climate change is global warming that deviates intense heat and spoil the crops that are grown by farmers. Global Warming also have an effect on the gross domestic product of economy.(Soni and Kodali (2011).The project report contains the study about the climate changes and their impact on the economy,impact of family breakdown on children the negative and positive effects and lastly deviance of young people residing in the organisations. Separation of children from their families and deviance of young people.

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Climate change

According to Bandyopadhyay (2011) it is examined that climate changes are occurring rapidly in the organisation. The impact of global warming will be mostly on the agriculture that badly affect the life of farmers in the organisations. Farmers are dependently mostly on the agriculture for their survival and for daily necessities of their livelihood. Global warming destroys the crops that the farmer grows and thus affecting the fertility of soil.

Climate change also affects the travel and tourism sector due to climate change people will not not move from one place to another, they will prefer sitting at home rather than risking their life travelling in change weather. Travels and tourism sector is the growing industry in the world and it constitutes about half percent of GDP in the economy.

People will try to adjust themselves with the changes rather than waiting for the situations to become normal. People will try to adapt all the changes according to their needs and their requirements. So that they can adjust themselves with the climate changes that are affecting their regular activities and spoiling the crops of farmers.

Farmers will chose to have those type of plants that will survive in the intense heat and that does not require much water to survive because of conditions of global warming prevailing in the economy. People will construct new houses for themselves as they had to adjust with the global heat and high temperatures in the economy.

From the view point of Borg (2013). it is inferred that considering the factors that leads to adaptation due to changes in climatic conditions. The rich countries which have much resources and money will take into consideration the negative aspects of global warming and the positive changes will be removed from the economy thus creating a positive and good impact of global warming on the economy is an indicator of half percent of Gross Domestic Product's in the economy.

The poor countries of the resources that does not have enough resources and money will be have the great effect and they will be suffering the losses to a great extent. Adaption will reduces the losses to some extent in the economy and the GDP rates will change from 5 percent to less than 3 percent in the economy but than also it will have a impact on the economy.

The real impact of GDP will be on the nations that are at the developing stage that needs efficient resources of the economy for their growth and development. More steps should be taken above the adaptation policy so that changes can be seen naturally.

Adaptation will have multiple advantages in the economy and thus it will serve many differentiated purposes in the economy. Cottrell (2011) The main advantages of adaptation will be that it will help the developing countries to boost the education so that people are not illiterate in the economy, health issues does not arise in economy thus will help people to lead a healthy life and the overall economic development of the economy.

From the view point of different researchers it is examined that the money spent on adaptation purpose will have positive changes for the growth of economy.
Family Breakdown and its impact on children

According to Dunlop and et. al., (2012) it is examined that children who are separated from their parents have an effect on the mental, physical, emotional, social and their health related activities in comparison to children's who are born in a family background and thus are living with their family. The different between the two different group is statistical significant that they are living in small size family and thus children who does have parents to take care have different experience about their life as compared to those with the infant families. The children who are living with their parents also known as infant are having different circumstances as to increase the risk of poor outcomes such as poverty in the economy, the conflict between mother and father that leaves a negative impact on the children and it directly affect their mental and social life, violence that takes form of fighting and thus having a negative impact on minds of children. Whereas the children who are separated from their family will not have these types of experience and thus it will not affect the health of children or may have the capacity to fight with the situation. The breakdown in family will have positive impact in this situation as compared with those children from intact family.

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From the viewpoint of Fairclough (2013) it is examined that transition in families place the children where the risk is more of having the negative outcomes. The children and adolescent have experience of enduring problems and most of the children's are benefited when it comes in the end with the harmful situations in families.
Example- There are conflicts between the parents when they don't want to understand each other and the conflicts sometimes turns into violence.
Long terms effects of the family separation in adults who have experienced the same situation in their childhood have problem with their mental and health conditions, they start consuming alcohol, their mind divert from studies and thus they have to face difficulty in relationships.

Breakdown in families is not a single aspect it includes a long term process that contains endless risk and protective factors that are interactive before and after the separation of family. The factors that are interrelated include parents conflict, effect of fighting on children, mental conditions of children and constantly changes in family structure those also includes living arrangements.

According to author Fairclough, N. (2013) it can be concluded that while there are negative effects of family breakdown there are also positive effects that children are aware about the situation that is taking place in their family rather than they are kept in dark side of the problem. The experience of fighting between their parents will help them to manage the changes that will be because of separation and thus they can become bold to accept these challenges and fight with them. Children positive adjustment also includes cooperation and support in separation of their parents, mental and physical health related issue of their parents.

Deviance of people


According to Grönroos (2011) deviance refers to the behaviour that deviates or travel away from their norm and believe of the society. It consider as abnormal situation of the people . It is said to be the unacceptable but mostly depend upon the context that are viewed by the differently to others. It said to be an action or behaviour that violates the social norms that result in crime or informal violation of the basic norms .


These are rules and regulation that a member and the society are guided. Social norms are varies from one culture to other culture. However the deviance of violation of social norms are characterized as any thought ,feeling or actions that are faced or performed by the member and social group for their values or rules .

Generally there are various deviances in terms


Due to strain generated by the culture emphasis on the wealth and the lack of opportunities to become rich that cause people to become innovators by involving in stealing and selling of drugs. Theses are mostly seen in the young people those teenagers.


The goals of the society are except which means achieving them by any means. The conformist are belongs to the middle class family who have access to the better education and attain monetary benefit through hard work.


It refers to inability to reach the cultural goals which embracing the rule at different point by losing the sight of larger goals in context of feel respectable. These are mostly found in dead end (Herbrechter 2013).


It is rejection of both the cultural goals and means, as drop out. It reject society legitimate to achieve the common goal of the values and believes. The true deviance as they commit to get rid of their burden about their family needs and desire.

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It has observed that the young people are getting more effected from these in various form like:

Self -Esteem

It has been noticed that positive self efficiency and self esteem id necessary for the healthy behaviour of the .These help the people to realise the mistakes they are done the attain the norms ans values to their work. The various sociologist has considered self esteem as important cause of social behaviour that protect the derogation of the society and the young people.

Self efficiency

The behaviour of the young people are based on certain activity that consist of smoking,hanging out purposelessly, drinking alcohol, taking illegal drugs, window shopping, doing homework and watching moves. Most of the time people are using the internet for their enjoyment which they take both the negative and positive points but the negative aspect are gather mostly (Palacios and Ynduráin 2012). The new ideas to bring excessive money by hook or crook are also being taken from the various sources. All the efforts have been made to overcome their social requirement.


This report contains the study about critical analysis of changes in the climate and its effect on economy. The global warming affects the activities of farmers it destroys the plantation of farmers. The growing industry that is travel and tourism industry is also affected by climate changes as people does not want to travel in bad climate when the risk of accidents are high. The effect of family breakdown on children they had to suffer a huge mental and physical pressure and thus dis-balances occurs in their life. The separation have both the negative and positive impact on the life of children. The deviance of young people their behaviour that deviates or travel away from their norm and believe of the society.


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